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Keep up to date with the Fly Fishing Channel with our Fly Fishing New Releases playlist which features all of the latest fly fishing movies, videos and TV shows available. Whether you're looking for fly fishing instructional videos, adventure films or documentaries this should be your first stop on Fishing TV. We feature content from all over the world, from the manicured chalk streams of England to the wilds of New Zealand, so you'll find every type of fly fishing here.  We regularly update Fishing TV with new fly fishing material so keep checking back here or sign up to our email newsletters for the latest fly fishing new releases.
Ladin and buddy Steve, return for a 3rd series of Fishing with Ladin, and are once again seeking out some of the best fly fishing opportunities in the North West US. They return to British Columbia and seek out some more Cutthroat Trout in the regions crystal clear waters, as well as fishing in the rivers and lakes of their native Washington State. Montana is also a favored destination, often meeting up there with Larry Hardie who seems to know how to find fish at will. You can expect plenty of action and some laughs along the way from these passionate fly anglers.
The Orbigo river runs through the province of Leon and is well known as one of the great fly fishing rivers of Spain, famed for its stunning Brown Trout and fantastic dry fly sport in the summer months. In this beautifully shot film, local angler Oscar Caroide introduces the river, showing us how he fishes it over a 2 day session. He's fishing in the Summer which means almost exclusively with dry flies as the weed growth makes nymphing difficult at this time of year. CDC upwinged patterns are the order of the day and Oscar shows us some wonderful stretches of the river and what it takes to be successful in catching the larger specimens. The film is in Spanish with English subtitles
A Year in The Life follows 6 anglers as they visit some of the world's premier fly fishing destinations. We begin with renowned UK river angler and journalist, Paul Proctor as he introduces us to his favourite Icelandic River, the Minnivallalaekur. The Brown Trout here can grow to prodigous sizes with fish to 20lb caught every season, often on small dry flies, and this fact makes it the world's best trout river in many fly anglers eyes. This spring fed river boasts an incredible midge population and this is what these huge trout predominantly feed on. After landing a couple of stunning fish, Paul moves to the Laxa River, which depsite being more famous for Atlantic Salmon, can offer some incredible dry fly fishing for Brown Trout too. Next up, we join fly fishing instructor and guide, Mark Windsor on the stunning Christmas Island for some high quality saltwater fly fishing. As Mark explains, Christmas Island is a large island and has a huge amount of fishable coastline which pretty much guarantees that anglers are fishing virgin water. Trophy sized Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Trigger Fish, this island has it all inshore, as well as a huge variety of offshore species like Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish. Mark lands a nice GT before showing us how to catch Trigger fish which is one of his favourite species on the fly. We then visit New Zealand's South Island where Paul Proctor gives us a great overview of the range of fly fishing there, before latching into a nice 7lb Brown on a small backcountry creek. Paul explains his approach to fly fishing here and what it takes to be successful and we see him put this into practice several times. Music mogul, Duff Batty is in Ascension Bay in Mexico and explains what makes this place so special for fly anglers. Local guide, Manuel Chac catches a stunning Bonefish in the Mangroves before discussing his true love, the Permit which also reside in the area. In fact Acension Bay, makes a claim to be the Permit capital of the world and offers agood opportunity to catch these illusive fish. Back in England, we meet Charles Jardine discusses his love affair with Chalk Streams. Fly Fishing Instructor, Gilly Bate explains how the water clarity makes fishing these streams such a unique experience and what draws anglers from allover the world to fish rivers like the Test and the Itchen. Charles is on the River Frome in Dorset, a beautiful and wild chalk stream, famed for its sizable Grayling and Charles doesn't let us down, catching a stunning 2lb plus fish. A Year in the Life is a visual treat which shows off some of the world's top fly fishing destinations, through the eyes of renowned anglers and is highly recommended.
Running the Coast
The Striped Bass is almost certainly the most revered and sought after saltwater species in North America, and this epic, near 3hr film delves deep into the subject of angling for these hard fighting fish. Following a group of 'striper' lifers, the film starts in the spawning grounds of Chesapeake Bay where expert anglers, the Tylers are looking for their first fish of the season. As sunset arrives, they finally find the fish they have been looking for and a big striper is boated to kick off the film in style. Further up the coast we meet Jo Shastray, a New York city firefighter and fishing boat captain who is equally obsessed by these fish. He explains how the currents and tides of New York harbour provide excellent opportunity to target stripers, and what an amazing backdrop we see as Jo does just that in front of the Manhattan skyline at night. As the water warms and fish migrate, they can be sighted up and down the coast and targeted out in open water and the Tylers show just how to find and catch these fish. We meet legends like Lefty Kreh and Bob Popovics who are both addicted to catching stripers and have played a hefty role in the development of fly angling for them. Greg Myserson also shows us how its done, fishing a worm hatch in Rhode Island, and he should know whathe's doing as in 2011 he became the IGFA World Record Holder for Striped Bass with a huge 81lb fish. We follow the migration up the coast culminating at Montauk where hoardes of anglers arrive each year to find stripers in what could truly be called the surf fishing capital of the world. We also join Pink Floyd's Roger Waters in Montauk as he fly fishes 'the blitz' where thousands of stripers hit bait on the surface and the action is relentless. This is a must watch film for saltwater anglers providing an incredible insight into the Striped Bass fishing scene, along with plenty of information about how to successfully target these amazing fish.    
Trout Grass
This is a remastered version of Trout Grass, a fascinating documentary that charts the transformation of bamboo from a hardy species of grass into a meticulously crafted split-cane fly rod. Shot on location in the lush forests of Southern China and the majestic rivers of Montana, Trout Grass captures the allure of craftsmanship, and rivers as well as the notion that fishing is about much more than catching fish. We follow, master rod builder Hoagy B. Carmichael from his home in Montana, to the mystical bamboo forests of China which have supplied him his raw material for over 40 years. Some fly anglers are devoted to bamboo, preferring it to modern day materials like carbon fibre and we learn why it has such a following and why anglers feel more connected to rivers when fishing with these special rods. In China we see how a bamboo importer has to sort through thousands of poles find the right ones for fly rods, whilst in Montana we see how master builder, Glenn Bracket constructs one of these revered rods. Trout Grass is a fantastic fly fishing documentary and a must watch for anyone interested in split cane bamboo fly rods. To watch just login or join  
Hosts, Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt return for another action packed series of Fishing with Ladin. Showing off their fly fishing skills, they fish numerous locations in Idaho, Montana, Washington and British Columbia. Equally at home fishing rivers or lakes, they make some stunning captures, catching some real trophy sized trout wherever they go.  Their obvious passion for fly fishing and for the fish they pursue is infectious and there's plenty to admire and learn from whilst watching them in out these wild locations. To watch just login or join
This season of Icelandic Tails sees guests from the UK fishing on some of Iceland's top rivers for Atlantic Salmon and Arctic Char.  Actor and fishing presenter, Robson Green kicks off the series in style before joining up with friend and fellow actor, James Murray. Robson has a trip to remember catching his personal best Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout on fly, and James also breaks his Icelandic duck. Father and son, fly fishing pros, Alex and Charles Jardine travel to a remote area of Iceland and subdue some huge Arctic Char in the rugged and isolated landscape that is the Black Desert. Marina Gibson fishes with with her mother, Joanna, and makes the most of tough, low water conditions to catch some nice Atlantic Salmon including one monster that she'll never forget. We meet 2 fascinating women, in Tiggy Pettifer who works tirelessly for the Atlantic Salmon Trust and 94 year old Illa Black who has been fishing on Big Laxa for the past 33 seasons. Once again, we witness what a fantastic country for fishing truly is and with drone and underwater photography, this series is true spectacle for the avid fly angler. To watch just login or join
Meet Ladin Langeman, a larger than life and keener than mustard , fly angler from Washington State. In this series, Ladin travels through British Columbia, Washington and Montana seeking out some truly stunning fly fishing locations. Teaming up with his brother in law, Steve Ronholt the pair are equally at home fishing on rivers and lakes for both trout and salmon species. We start this series in British Columbia where the pair fish the famed Elk River and its tributaries, catching some stunning Cutthroat Trout which grow to prodigous sizes there. Down in Montana, Ladin and Steve fish on the beautiful East Gallatin and St Regis Rivers for Rainbow and Brown Trout, and in Washington, they take on some Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout in stillwaters. Always keen to tell the viewer what tactics they're employing, these two rarely fail to deliver the goods. To watch just login or join
Pure Fly New Zealand returns for an action packed season 2 showing off the best fly fishing New Zealand has to offer. Each episode follows a new set of expert anglers as they explore the varying river systems and lakes of New Zealand's North and South Islands looking for trophy Brown and Rainbow Trout. Spending 3 or 4 days at each location, sees the anglers really getting the most out of each fishery and enables them to target the best fish around. As you'd expect, there's some stunning scenery on show in a real mix of locations from the alluvial plains of Southland, to the inaccessible gorges in the Easter Cape and the myriad of river systems on the Western Coast. Most unusual is fishing the team encounter in the McKenzie Canals where the trout can reach gargantuan sizes and we see fish up to 30lb! Pure Fishing NZ really brings it in this epic 2nd series and will have you drooling in no time. To watch just login or join
As soon as you start watching the Fishing Cabin, you know that you're in for a different kind of fishing series. Presented by twin brothers, Asmundur and Gunnar Helgason, aka Asi and Gunni, the series follows them around the angling mecca that is Iceland and experiencing the best fishing the country has to offer. This largely involves fly fishing of course which is something that the pair are quite at home with, but there's a couple of sea fishing episodes too where the pair are quite obviously a little out of their depth but eager to learn. The main Icelandic fish species are all represented here including Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, Arctic Char, Cod and Saithe. You won't find too many in depth tips and tactics or tuition in this series, its much more about the love of fishing that these larger than life brothers have and the obvious enjoyment and fun they have in fishing together. The scenery, as you'd expect from anything in Iceland is breathtaking and there's plenty to enjoy from a fishing point of view too, but most of all just watching these two fishing together is more than enough to keep anyone entertained. To watch just login or join
French film maker and Hardy Pro, Gregory Dolet returns with his follow up film to Blue in Tuna on the Fly, with Patagonian Waters, a wonderful exploration of the remarkable fly fishing in Patagonia.  Here he travels to the Chilean Andes as a guest of Geoffray Begard and Jean Domange, who are establishing their new fly fishing lodge on the banks of the Rio Simpson. Its a stunning mid sized river with the incredible backdrop of the Andes, but it doesn't mean the fish are easy and Gregory has a tricky first day until spotting and perfectly stalking a truly magical Chilean Brown Trout. After fishing some of the smaller tributaries for the abundant brown and rainbow trout, Gregory tries his hand at the King Salmon which also reside in these emerald green waters. As you'd expect, big grasshopper patterns are the way to go for the trout, as the windswept steppes push these abundant terrestrials onto the water making for some electric dry fly fishing. This is a fantastic film with the same stunning cinematography as his previous venture and if you hadn't thought about putting Patagonia on your fly fishing bucket list, you certainly will after watching this. The film is primarily in French with English subtitles. To watch, just join or login now
The River
The AuSable River, Michigan is regarded by many as the one of the finest trout rivers in America. In this beautifully crafted film by Robert Thompson, we meet just a few of the anglers who have been captivated by its mystique, its legendary hatches and its fickle brown trout. We also meet some of the people who have devoted their lives to the preservation and conservation of the AuSable river as a truly wild fishery. Its history includes disputes over stocking and catch and release, the birth of Trout Unlimited and its battles with the large corporations over mineral rights and pollution. You can see why the river's devotees have been so passionate about taking care of such a special place, its hatches have become things of legend and folklore, the season opening "Hendrickson" mayfly quickly followed by the "Hex", attracting anglers from all over the world, hoping to hook a hungry, giant Brown Trout. To watch The River now, just login or join


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