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Keep up to date with the Fly Fishing Channel with our Fly Fishing New Releases playlist which features all of the latest fly fishing movies, videos and TV shows available. Whether you're looking for fly fishing instructional videos, adventure films or documentaries this should be your first stop on Fishing TV. We feature content from all over the world, from the manicured chalk streams of England to the wilds of New Zealand, so you'll find every type of fly fishing here.  We regularly update Fishing TV with new fly fishing material so keep checking back here or sign up to our email newsletters for the latest fly fishing new releases.
Black Hole Sockeye - Another episode from Paul's recent trip to the ATA Lodge on the Alagnak River in Alaska. Here he heads 4 miles up river with local guide Megan McGee to the Black Hole, named not because it is murkily deep, but because it is so full of holding Salmon that the shoal appears as a huge dark shadow under the water. And every variety you can think of seems to be here, the Pink Salmon, that only visits every two years, Chum, Chinooks and of course Sockeyes. The Sockeyes are probably the best for eating, so Paul saves one and Megan's brother Jacob shows how to grill it over a wood fire beside the river. To watch Black Hole Sockeye now, just login or register
In this first episode, Orvis guide, Tom Rosenbauer introduces the basics of fly fishing. From the origins of fly fishing to how inexpensive it is to get started, this video is a fantastic introduction for anyone deciding to give fly fly fishing a try. After discussing the basic tackle you'll need, Tom shows us some simple knots such as the Clinch Knot and Surgeons Knot that will allow you to set up your leader and attach a fly. Tom explains the Rod/Line Weight system which allows rods to be matched to the perfect line weight, ranging from 1 to 12, with 1 being the lightest and 12 the heaviest and details the kind of rods and lines you'll need for targetting different species in different environments. Orvis casting instructor, Pete Kutzer then demonstrates the fundamentals of fly casting with a single handed rod showing us the correct grip you need before learning the most commonly used cast, the Overhead Cast. Pete then shows us the Roll Cast, particularly useful when you have a restricted back cast, before discussing handling and shooting line. This episode is absolutely perfect for beginners to learn the basics of fly fishing. To watch, just login or register
The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing is fantastic tuition based series introducing the fundamentals of fly fishing for all kinds of species, in all kinds of waters. Its purpose is simple: to demystify fly fishing, make it fun and clearly demonstrate it is both accessible and affordable to anglers. Author and Orvis pro, Tom Rosenbauer hosts the series and provides in depth instruction on numerous different fly fishing situations in both fresh and saltwater. The series sees Tom visit some stunning fly fishing locations across the USA meeting up with local guides and experts and fishing some magnificent water. As well as traditional fly caught species like trout and salmon, Tom also shows us how to fish for species like Bass, Pike, Musky and Carp. 2 saltwater episodes show how us how to fish for shallow water species like bonefish and bigger offshore species like Dorado and Tuna. Each episode gives a great rundown on the gear and tackle you'll need for each situation and is full of handy tips to get the most out of each trip. Orvis Casting Instructor, Pete Kutzer provides some excellent casting tutorials introducing every kind of cast you'll need. The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing  is excellent for beginners and novices but there's  plenty too for the more experienced fly angler to enjoy and learn from. To watch just login or register
Join Jon Haas aka "Hoss" as he goes Off the Grid, fishing in some of the worlds best, but remotest locations. His ethos is to try and support fisheries that operate in a sustainable manner, taking care of, or trying to reinvigorate their fish stocks. For example in Guatemala he visits the Rewa Eco lodge that allows their guest anglers to fish for Arapaima on the fly, on a catch and release basis, as this helps them tag and then monitor the seasonal movements of the fish, a project that has seen a massive increase in Arapaima numbers. Similarly in his native Oregon he is fly fishing for Winter Steelhead, attempting to catch a migratory brood hen that can be used by the hatchery project to produce thousands of new stock fish that are then safely released into the river system. Jon doesn't just fish in a location, he takes an interest in its culture and people, so giving the whole experience a meaningful context. To watch Hoss Off The Grid now, just login or register
Trout in a Box
Trout in a Box is a lovely short film by Stephen Haggard, who in the 1960's was a keen fisherman and was once given a taxidermied trout by his father as a birthday present. The case was  lovely, bow-fronted with a neat gold border. The inscription read; ‘TROUT - Gwendreath Fach Weight. 1lb 9ozs.’ The fins seemed full and youthful, the flank was gold with black and red spots, the back blue and olive. Sixteen inches long, it’s a very good trout, but hardly exceptional. But the angler so loved his little river, the Gwendreath Fach, that he memorialized what he believed was its best trout. It's important to note that he gave the trout immortality, but not his or herself, for there is no captor’s name on it. Our trout was caught on May 3rd 1914, so Stephen went to Wales in May of 2014 and fished the little river a hundred years to the day, to see if he could somehow duplicate the feat. And well, he certainly captured all the glory of the Welsh countryside in mid-Spring; Bluebells blaze under the glorious fresh green of beech leaves; the furrows of a recently-plowed field steam as the sun heats them; a young foal chases its mother in a daisy-studded meadow, birds sing, frogs call; and of course, lovely rivers and trout. Trout in a Box is a charming short film, with stunning Welsh countryside and a even a poem by Dylan Thomas! To watch just login or register
Wildfly brings you some of the best freshwater and saltwater fly fishing action from Africa and beyond, with a variety of incredible challenges and adventures. The team target a wide mixture of species from the stunning Blue Tigerfish from Tanazania, to Largemouth and Smallmouth Yellowfish in South Africa to Triggerfish and Giant Trevally in the Seychelles. The Wildfly team are expert fly anglers and bring the action thick and fast whilst the drone and underwater photography really shows off  some of the most incredible and beautiful fly fishing locations you're likely to find anywhere. To watch, just login or register
Avington Trout Fishery in Hampshire, UK, is renowned amongst fly anglers as the home of giant trout. Situated near the world-famous chalk stream, the River Itchen, the fishery was founded in the 1960s by former NASA scientist, Sam Holland, who had a unique vision to create a fishery full of large trout. The three lakes and carrier stream he built benefit from being chalk stream fed, and the water clarity in the lakes is therefore incredible. Fishing there successfully requires a stealthy approach, seeking out and stalking the leviathan trout that reside there. Nearly 50 years old, the fishery is a mature and beautiful haven for wildlife and a special place to spend a day fishing. Over the years, Avington has been fished by thousands of anglers and has been THE venue for fly anglers to try and potentially catch a UK record trout. Four years in the making, this amazing film charts the story of Avington Trout Fishery and shows off Avington in all its glory. Stunning underwater photography, some fantastic fishing action and of course some very big fish make this a must watch! To watch just login or register  
Sea Trout Secrets 8 kicks off with a bang as Thomas is out for an early summer morning session and after finding some sea trout chasing sand eels and garfish he hooks into a cracking 6lb+ fish. He then shows us his 3 go to rigs for line through lures that he uses in different conditions and seasons. Thomas demonstrates his spin stop retrieve which he uses when fish are following his bombarda rig, and recounts the tale of when he used this on Odense Lake to catch a 96cm sea trout estimated between 9.5 and 11kg! Next we join Claus who starts by fly fishing for sea trout with surface lures. As Klaus explains, surface lures are unlikely to out perform sub surface shrimp patterns but this visual form of fly fishing is such great fun that is often worth a go if conditions are right. Klaus demonstrates his two main retrieves and lands several fish on the surface fly. Sometimes, fish will follow and miss the fly so he sometimes uses the surface fly to mark such fish and then change to a different fly to take them. Spring brings a worm hatch and the sea trout feed in the warmer shallows, as Claus shows us, with fish holding in 2-3 ft of water. Next Claus shows us the dropper system he developed which is interchangable and allows him to easily change droppers quickly. His friend further developed this dropper system which incorporates an ingenious twisted part of the dropper which prevents tangles when casting. In the final part of this film, the pair fish together in Autumn. Eel grass can be an issue at this time constanty snagging their hooks and fish won't take if the fly or lure has trailing weed on it so the pair show how they add weed guards to the fly and lure with spectacular success. Sea Trout Secrets 8 is another masterclass from expert sea trout anglers, Claus Eriksen and Thomas Hansen that will certainly help you when fishing for sea trout in the sea. Just login or register to watch      
In Sea Trout Secrets 7, we start fly fishing in late winter with Claus Eriksen on the Danish coast, near Fyn. Its February and the water is cold on the coast at around 2 degrees but its slightly warmer than in the fjords and as Thomas explains this can make all the difference when selecting a good location to target sea trout. He starts in very shallow water on a mussel bed and is soon into some nice sea trout but before long the fish lose interest. Claus explains every detail of his thinking to work out the correct tactic for catching these fish again, an example of why this series is such an excellent resource to learn from. Thomas Hansen then provides a masterclass on spin fishing for sea trout demonstrating how important it is to keep changing lures for continued hook ups and when the lures have run out, Thomas switches to a Gulp worm and continues to catch some lovely fish. Back with Claus on the fly, and its Spring and he explains how the behaviour of the sea trout can now be different with the fish often holding in small tightly packed shoals, so Claus likes a mobile approach covering plenty of ground to find them. As we head into Spring and Summer, tactics change again and Thomas and Claus guide us through more of their secrets for success. Sea Trout Secrets 7  is an excellent addition to the series covering successful strategy and tactics for both fly and spin fishing and aptly showing why Denmark is just such an incredible sea trout fishery. This film is in Danish with English subtitles To watch, just login or register
This series features  12 feature length instructional fly fishing films with legends such as Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Cathy and Barry Beck and saltwater fly fishing expert, Bob Popovics. As well as being excellent fly anglers, these legends were also expert fly tiers with a host of well known patterns in their repetoires. They'll teach you how to tie and fish with some of these stunning fly patterns plus you'll learn beginner and advanced fly casting from top fly fishing instructor Lefty Kreh . These films were shot in the early 2000's and therefore provided in Standard Definition only. To watch this series, login or register now


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