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Geobass is a series dedicated to the more adventurous side of fishing. Fly anglers Jay, Chris, Thad and Brian set out on a mission to find the most extreme Bass fishing around the globe. From Giant Largemouth in Mexico to powerful Black Bass in Papua New Guinea, illusive Golden Bass in Botswana and Rare Rainbow Bass in Nicaragua, these guys are pioneering in the world of fly fishing. Through capsized boats, Hippo attacks and cartel gunfire, this show never disappoints!
The Geo Bass team take a road trip to the backwoods of Mexico in pursuit of enormous Largemouth Bass on the fly. In their usual fashion, the guys have decided to fish in perhaps the most dangerous area in North America. Navigating corrupt police and gang violence on their journey, the boys arrive to the biggest bass lake in Mexico amid the country’s most prolific drug trafficking region. Boating through the structures close to shore and throwing big flies, the bites are hard and fast, and several members of the group soon connect with some of the biggest Bass they’ve ever seen. Just as things start looking up, they turn the corner to find fields of marijuana, and quickly come under fire from the Mexican drug cartel… stay tuned for part 2!
In part two of their Mexican Bass fishing adventure, the Geo Bass crew try to hone their skills fly fishing for huge Largemouth. After the dangers of their first trip, the team visit the Bassmaster Classic in Alabama to look for some advice from the pros. Once they’ve tied up some new patterns, they head for the newly stocked Lake Picachos to practise their skills within a submerged cemetery. Back on the big fish waters everything they’ve learned finally comes together when Jay finishes the trip with his biggest Bass ever.
The Geo Bass crew head for the remote waters of Nicaragua in this episode looking for illusive Rainbow Bass on the fly. None of them knew this rare and colourful fish even existed until they began their expedition, and it’s no wonder. They’re found only in the most remote areas of central America, several days of trekking and boating through crocodile infested jungle to a lagoon never before accessed by fisherman. After 3 days of clearing a path, hunting iguanas and experimenting with tackle, the boys finally make it through the jungle where some massive rainbows are waiting for them. This is extreme fishing!
In this instalment of their hunt for the world’s craziest bass sport the Geo Bass crew find themselves fly fishing for Golden Bass in Botswana. The Kalahari Desert may not be the first place you’d think the find good fly fishing, but newfound friend of the show Hunter’s heard rumours of big Goldens near the borders of Namibia and Zimbabwe. Exploring countless waters filled with Hippos and Crocodiles brings nothing but razor toothed Tigerfish and surprise Emerald Fire Bass, so spirits are low. On the last day, the crew get word of a lake filled with submerged trees, the kind of structure American Bass love. As soon as they arrive, the boys hook into some fish bigger than they could have ever hoped for.
The Geo Bass boys may have bitten off more than they can chew in this episode, as they head for the rainforests of Papua New Guinea to fly fish for the strongest fish in the world, the Black Bass. Although very little is known about this mysterious species, they’re famous for their incredible power and size. Known as an unlandable fish, it’s no wonder no ones ever tried fishing for them on the fly. From broken wrists, to overturned boats, everything that could go wrong on this trip goes wrong. When a black bass finally takes the lure, the 16-weight shark rod immediately snaps in two.


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