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Buccaneers & Bones – Season 7

Season 7 invites viewers on a star-studded journey into the heart of marine conservation and angling adventure in Belize. Join celebrity anglers such as Micheal Keaton, Huey Lewis, Liam Neeson, Jimmy Kimmel, Lefty Kreh, Zach Gifford and Jim Belushi as they traverse the pristine flats and vibrant coral reefs of the remote Turneffe Atoll, uncovering the secrets of elusive species like Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon. From the thrill of landing trophy catches to the solemn duty of protecting fragile ecosystems with the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, each episode offers a captivating blend of excitement and enlightenment.
In this Season 7 premiere of Buccaneers and Bones, the celebrity fishing crew sets sail for Belize's Turneffe Atoll, a haven of over 250 square miles teeming with marine life. Conservationist Bill Klyn and actor Michael Keaton begin wading the crystal-clear shallows, pursuing the elusive bonefish and permit. Amidst breath-taking coral reefs, they encounter a saltwater angler's paradise right at their doorstep in the Caribbean basin. As Bill tags bonefish, the season delves into the urgent conservation efforts surrounding these cherished yet threatened species.
Roll Call
In a heart-warming episode, the crew joins forces to celebrate the vital conservation work of the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust in Belize. Lori-Ann Murphy guides Zach Gifford on an unforgettable journey, marking his first Belize Bonefish capture. Meanwhile, Jim Belushi and Jimmy Kimmel receive casting wisdom from legends Lefty Kreh and Oliver White. Witness the passing of knowledge as young anglers ensure the ecosystem's future. Jedi master Liam Neeson ignites the season with a profound connection to nature. And watch as presenter Tom Brokaw takes a shot at landing a true trophy Bonefish. It's a testament to teamwork and dedication in preserving our precious marine habitats.
In this enlightening episode, the Buccaneers delve into the significance of the flats ecosystem in Belize and around the globe. As Huey Lewis navigates the coral-strewn flats in pursuit of formidable Bonefish, the spotlight turns to Bill Klyn, who unexpectedly hooks into a new species, unveiling the ecosystem's diversity. Local conservationists shed light on the crucial role fish play in sustaining the area's economy.
Michael Keaton and Huey Lewis embark on a daring quest to conquer the elusive Belize Permit. Known as the ultimate challenge among flats species, the crew tackles breaking waves with crab flies, invoking the wisdom of a late legend's secret fly box. As Huey faces a permit predicament and Michael discovers a pod of fish, the reality of Permit's escape prowess becomes starkly evident. Yet, hope arrives as Yvon Chouinard joins the fray, offering a beacon of expertise and determination to turn the tide in the anglers' favour. It's a high-stakes battle against the flats wiliest adversary.
In a tribute to the hero of the show, the Buccaneers shine a spotlight on the beloved Bonefish as a species. Revered as the wisest and most elusive of fish, Bonefish also boast fighting prowess beyond any other fish in the world. Bill Klyn's early triumphs along the beach hint at the thrill awaiting. Delve into the vital role bonefish play in their ecosystem, underscoring their significance beyond the sport. As the episode unfolds, the discovery of the rare golden bonefish, unique to this Belizean atoll, captivates actor Michael Keaton, offering a glimpse at perhaps the most desirable trophy in the world.
The spotlight turns to the awe-inspiring Megalops Atlanticus, known as the Tarpon, reigning supreme over the flats of Belize. This ancient giant, renowned for its acrobatics, stands as a pinnacle of angling achievement, rivalling even the esteemed bonefish. Join Michael Keaton, actor Zach Gifford, and Olympic skier Andy Mill as they re-visit their most memorable catches. Delve into the innovative conservation efforts of the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, including a ground-breaking GPS tagging system designed to safeguard these prehistoric treasures, ensuring their legacy endures in the shimmering waters.
Journey back to iconic locations from previous seasons in search of the ultimate Bonefish fishing destinations. What’s better, the vast schools of Belize or the Bahamas' legendary trophy giants. Relive thrilling moments as Jim Belushi, Michael Keaton, Bill Klyn, Huey Lewis, Jimmy Kimmel, and other luminaries showcase their greatest catches. Through their experiences, uncover the critical importance of preserving these unique habitats, highlighting the delicate balance between conservation and angling pursuits.


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