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Sea Trout Secrets

Sea Trout Secrets is a fantastic in depth series about fishing for sea trout filmed in Denmark, possibly the best sea trout fishery in the world. For many fishermen the sea trout is a prized quarry - their lifecycle is yet to be fully understood, and they have a reputation as wily, hard fighting fish.

In the company of three expert sea trout anglers, and using underwater filming and aerial photography to illustrate the point, this 9 part feature series examines the different types of habitat and corresponding tactics needed for  anyone targeting these mysterious ocean-going trout in varying conditions. The series covers tactics and tips for both fly and spin anglers and is a must watch for anyone who enjoys fishing for sea trout.

Please note that this series is in Danish language with English subtitles.

In this final episode from the Sea Trout Secrets series, Claus Eriksen and Thomas Hansen fish for Sea Trout and Garfish with fly and spinner on the Danish coast of Fyn. Denmark is home to perhaps the best Sea Trout fishing in the world, and Claus and Thomas have spent their lives perfecting their craft. Moving through the inlets and shallow shorelines, the pair explore the techniques, strategies and tackle used in both methods throughout the seasons. At the route of their theories is an understanding of fish behaviour, which is evident in the incredible captures they make throughout the episode supported by insightful underwater footage. This is the most complete guide to saltwater Sea Trout angling out there!
Sea Trout Secrets 8 kicks off with a bang as Thomas is out for an early summer morning session and after finding some sea trout chasing sand eels and garfish he hooks into a cracking 6lb+ fish. He then shows us his 3 go to rigs for line through lures that he uses in different conditions and seasons. Thomas demonstrates his spin stop retrieve which he uses when fish are following his bombarda rig, and recounts the tale of when he used this on Odense Lake to catch a 96cm sea trout estimated between 9.5 and 11kg! Next we join Claus who starts by fly fishing for sea trout with surface lures. As Klaus explains, surface lures are unlikely to out perform sub surface shrimp patterns but this visual form of fly fishing is such great fun that is often worth a go if conditions are right. Klaus demonstrates his two main retrieves and lands several fish on the surface fly. Sometimes, fish will follow and miss the fly so he sometimes uses the surface fly to mark such fish and then change to a different fly to take them. Spring brings a worm hatch and the sea trout feed in the warmer shallows, as Claus shows us, with fish holding in 2-3 ft of water. Next Claus shows us the dropper system he developed which is interchangable and allows him to easily change droppers quickly. His friend further developed this dropper system which incorporates an ingenious twisted part of the dropper which prevents tangles when casting. In the final part of this film, the pair fish together in Autumn. Eel grass can be an issue at this time constanty snagging their hooks and fish won't take if the fly or lure has trailing weed on it so the pair show how they add weed guards to the fly and lure with spectacular success. Sea Trout Secrets 8 is another masterclass from expert sea trout anglers, Claus Eriksen and Thomas Hansen that will certainly help you when fishing for sea trout in the sea. Just login or register to watch      
In Sea Trout Secrets 7, we start fly fishing in late winter with Claus Eriksen on the Danish coast, near Fyn. Its February and the water is cold on the coast at around 2 degrees but its slightly warmer than in the fjords and as Thomas explains this can make all the difference when selecting a good location to target sea trout. He starts in very shallow water on a mussel bed and is soon into some nice sea trout but before long the fish lose interest. Claus explains every detail of his thinking to work out the correct tactic for catching these fish again, an example of why this series is such an excellent resource to learn from. Thomas Hansen then provides a masterclass on spin fishing for sea trout demonstrating how important it is to keep changing lures for continued hook ups and when the lures have run out, Thomas switches to a Gulp worm and continues to catch some lovely fish. Back with Claus on the fly, and its Spring and he explains how the behaviour of the sea trout can now be different with the fish often holding in small tightly packed shoals, so Claus likes a mobile approach covering plenty of ground to find them. As we head into Spring and Summer, tactics change again and Thomas and Claus guide us through more of their secrets for success. Sea Trout Secrets 7  is an excellent addition to the series covering successful strategy and tactics for both fly and spin fishing and aptly showing why Denmark is just such an incredible sea trout fishery. This film is in Danish with English subtitles To watch, just login or register
Claus Eriksen is a very experienced flyfisherman, and in this movie he shares his latest discoveries about technique, flies and tackle. There a numerous underwater recordings and we get closer to the sea trout than ever before. New technology has shown us exactly where to find the sea trout along the shore. We shall see more sea trout out there than we expect. Several sea trout following the fly and inspecting it closely. Claus shares his fishing strategies for sea trout during all four seasons – and put theory into practice. He catches many beautiful sea trout. A movie full of useful tips and amazing underwater recordings providing a new detailed insight into the secret world of the sea trout.  
Thomas Hansen shares tips, tricks and brand new techniques, both with bombarda and fly, and traditional lures. The underwater recordings in this are the best we have ever made. Numerous clips show the sea trout in their natural habitat. With new camera technology we are up close and see how the sea trout react to our lures. Thomas tells about his top trimmed fishing boat and shares tips and techniques on how to fish from the boat. The movie is packed with new tips and tricks, plenty of fishing action and fantastic underwater recordings which provide new knowledge about the sea trout’s behaviour.  
The experienced flyfisherman Claus Eriksen shares his knowledge, strategy, locations and tactics on a number of fishing trips during the spring on different locations. Claus covers all details and the camera is on all the time. Aerial photos show the different types of locations. The underwater footage is unique showing sea trout swimming in schools where Claus is fishing, sea trout chasing prey and detailed studies of the flies under water. The bonus material shows the tying of the flies used in the movie. An entertaining film with lots of tips and advice, great setting, action packed sequences and lots of great catches. The film is primarily on spring fishing for sea trout, but a lot of the advice given can be used year round.  
We have joined the experienced and extremely skilled fisherman Thomas Hansen on numerous fishing trips during the spring. Thomas elaborates on tackle, strategy and fishing techniques – and catches a lot of sea trout. With underwater cameras we have studied the lures and wobblers underwater, and Thomas provides lots of tips on how to fish them in specific situations. The same cameras show the sea trout’s underwater habitat and prey and we see sea trout swimming by unaffected. Even though the film is on spring fishing, much of the advice given can be used all year round. An instructional movie with beautiful sceneries, moods and action packed situations.  
This film is about flyfishing from the beach. We have deployed underwater cameras on the same locations we fish, gaining a unique insight into the underwater world of the sea trout. The cameras have caught schools of sea trout, prey and the current’s effect on the fishing. Stunning underwater photography shows the sea trout in its natural habitat, with the help of impressive clips by underwater photographer Lars Laursen. Through the underwater footage and two very experienced fishermen we gain new knowledge about the sea trout’s secrets. We have joined Claus Eriksen and Thomas Hansen on several fishingtrips during all four seasons on different locations. They share their wealth of knowledge in numerous tips and advice. With great catches, new knowledge and entertaining situations, this is a movie you have to watch over and over again.  
During fishing we have deployed underwater cameras on the locations we fish, gaining an unusual insight into the secret world of the sea trout – and saltwater fishing. The film is about spin fishing from the beach, and we join Thomas Hansen and other experienced fishermen on several fishingtrips. We fish through all four seasons and different locations. Watch the amazing underwater footage of sea trout on the very location as we fish. Watch sea trout following the lure and the catch of a capital sea trout. The film includes night footage of sea trout in the natural habitat and in depth knowledge about the sea trout’s prey. Watch lots of great catches and gain new knowledge. And instructional film that covers all the important details in strategy, tackle and fishing techniques with both lures and Bombarda floats.  
Thomas Mosgaard is a biologist, and he has a very deep knowledge regarding the behaviour of the seatrout and its holding spots. He has great experience catching seatrout in rivers, and we tag along as he fishes a number of smaller rivers in Jutland. Thomas especially puts emphasis on how to catch seatrout during the day hours – but we are invited along for some evening- and night fishing too. We fish up and down the rivers while Thomas tells us about fishing techniques and the holding spots that we come across. The film is about fishing spoons, spinners and wobblers – and how to fish them most effectively. We see a lot of dramatic and hectic fights with beautiful seatrout – and we are there when Thomas catches a strong salmon. It is a film filled with great tips and facts, intense fights and beautiful scenery along the rivers.  


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Very informative and interesting

12th October 2023

I picked up a few tips and tricks in this episode and I’ll be using them on the bank in springtime when the salmon and trout season opens.

Niall Rafferty

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