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Sea Trout Secrets 8 – Spin & Fly

from Sea Trout Secrets

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Sea Trout Secrets 8 kicks off with a bang as Thomas is out for an early summer morning session and after finding some sea trout chasing sand eels and garfish he hooks into a cracking 6lb+ fish. He then shows us his 3 go to rigs for line through lures that he uses in different conditions and seasons. Thomas demonstrates his spin stop retrieve which he uses when fish are following his bombarda rig, and recounts the tale of when he used this on Odense Lake to catch a 96cm sea trout estimated between 9.5 and 11kg! Next we join Claus who starts by fly fishing for sea trout with surface lures. As Klaus explains, surface lures are unlikely to out perform sub surface shrimp patterns but this visual form of fly fishing is such great fun that is often worth a go if conditions are right. Klaus demonstrates his two main retrieves and lands several fish on the surface fly. Sometimes, fish will follow and miss the fly so he sometimes uses the surface fly to mark such fish and then change to a different fly to take them. Spring brings a worm hatch and the sea trout feed in the warmer shallows, as Claus shows us, with fish holding in 2-3 ft of water. Next Claus shows us the dropper system he developed which is interchangable and allows him to easily change droppers quickly. His friend further developed this dropper system which incorporates an ingenious twisted part of the dropper which prevents tangles when casting. In the final part of this film, the pair fish together in Autumn. Eel grass can be an issue at this time constanty snagging their hooks and fish won't take if the fly or lure has trailing weed on it so the pair show how they add weed guards to the fly and lure with spectacular success. Sea Trout Secrets 8 is another masterclass from expert sea trout anglers, Claus Eriksen and Thomas Hansen that will certainly help you when fishing for sea trout in the sea. Just login or register to watch      


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