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Fishing with Ladin Series 5

Ladin Langeman, Steve Ronholt and friends are back on the water for the 2020 season in this fifth series of Fishing with Ladin. Whether it's the clear mountain streams of British Columbia, or the deep lakes of Washington state, the boys are here to showcase some of the best Trout fly fishing destinations that North America has to offer.
Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt are in for another trek in this episode of Fishing with Ladin, as they visit the Boise river to fish for Rainbow Trout and Whitefish. A tributary of the famous Snake River, the south fork of the Boise sits in the remote mountains of Idaho, the perfect place to fish for wild Trout. After spotting a promising pool deep in the canyon, Ladin and Steve attempt to match the little flies hatching on this cold November day. But when you’re fishing clear water and tiny dry flies, it’s never easy getting a fish to the bank…
Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt join friends on a small river in Bozeman, Montana to fish for Trout and Whitefish on the fly in this episode of fishing with Ladin. It’s September, and the terrestrial flies are hatching. After a morning of fishing nymphs below indicators and Steve getting broken off by a big fish, the Trout go off the feed and the action slows. But suddenly, as the evening hatch commences, the bites come fast when the hosts switch to more natural patterns.
Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt go to new lengths to the fish for Cutthroat Trout in this episode of Fishing with Ladin, as they hike out to the Wigwam River in remote British Columbia, Canada. Ladin begins the session fishing nymphs below indicators, and quickly manages to lose some massive Cutthroats. After switching up to the dry flies as the day heats up, the fish come on the feed and the boys get ready for a bumper session on one of the country’s most beautiful Trout streams.
In this episode of Fishing with Ladin, host Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt travel out to British Columbia, Canada in search of back country Cutthroat Trout on the Wigwam River. The Hike out is nothing short of stunning, but especially dangerous. The reward however is certainly worth it. The clear blue water and jutting boulders are the perfect habitat for these Trout, especially when the flies are hatching. Casting dry flies into the deep pockets, Ladin and Steve’s catches just get bigger and bigger, but as they soon discover, they’re not the only ones in the river trying to catch…
In this instalment of Fishing with Ladin, Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt visit the famous Little Blackfoot River in Montana to fly fish for Trout and Whitefish. It’s June, but there’s still a little snow on the ground in high altitude Montana. Ladin kicks off the session with a nice brownie on a big terrestrial pattern, but when both men can’t seem to stop losing fish, they switch to smaller nymphs and indicators. After a long cross country hike into the higher reaches of the river, the boys get stuck into some Rainbows, Cutthroats and even whitefish.
Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt are back on the still waters in this episode of Fishing with Ladin, fishing nymphs from the boat for big Trout on Hebden Lake in Montana. Montana is rightly known as one of the ultimate destinations for fly fishers, made clear as the boys arrive to stunning, mountainous scenery and a flat calm lake. It’s June, so Steve and Ladin fish Chironomids, a pattern that imitates the larval stage of hatching flies in the summer months. It doesn’t take long for beautiful Browns, Rainbows and even Whitefish to come to the net.
In this episode of Fishing with Ladin, hosts Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt go fly fishing for Rainbow Trout on Amber Lake in Washington. It may be springtime, but the boys arrive to a cold, rainy day. Unsurprisingly, the Trout are reluctant to move into the shallows, so our hosts head out to deeper water on the boats. By searching the lake and drifting chironomid patters, Ladin eventually locates a big group of Rainbows, and the action comes thick and fast!
In this episode of Fishing with Ladin, Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt hike out to Skookumchuk River in British Columbia to fly fish for Bull Trout and Cutthroats. Clear water, steep mountains and big, wild fish, the Skookumchuk is classic Canadian fishing! Ladin begins fishing the dry and manages a couple of small cutties, but when the hatches begin to disappear, Steve experiments with the streamers. Not long later, he hooks a surprise Bull Trout, one of his biggest ever!
Host Ladin Langeman heads for Small River in Idaho in this episode of Fishing with Ladin, joined by co-host Steve Ronholt and fisher friend Larry Harding in pursuit of Cutthroat Trout. As well as being one of the countries best Cutthroat streams, Small River sits among picture perfect Rocky Mountain scenery. Drifting nymphs and dries from the bank, the crew make their way from pool to pool of crystal-clear water. After some nuisance Whitefish, the cutties slowly make an appearance, and Steve finishes the day with a beast of a Trout!


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