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Hooked with Paul Young

Hooked with Paul Young features 10 great episodes that really pack a punch if you like fly fishing in particular, with some memorable moments. This series includes Paul chalkstream fly fishing with actor and presenter Bernard Cribbins on the River Test as well as the infamous moment in Alaska where Paul to his surprise and embarrassment had his rod pulled from his hands by a big Chinook Salmon. There's also trips to Iceland's famous River Ranga for Salmon and to the Moy in Ireland, accompanying some great episodes from Scotland too.
Fishing legend Paul Young chases Brown Trout on the fly in this episode of Hooked in the king and queen of chalk streams, the River Test and River Itchen in Hampshire. The gin clear waters and abundance of life in England’s premier chalk streams represent some of the best fly fishing sport in the world. Paul learns the art of upstream dry fly fishing from the local guides that dedicate their lives to the Test, analysing the insect life, casting techniques and watercraft necessary to catch big brownies! Paul is also joined by fellow actor and fly fisherman Bernard Cribbins as he fishes a beautiful stretch of classic chalk stream water.
Paul Young can barely hold on to his rod in this episode of Hooked, as he fishes for the biggest Salmon in the world on Alaska’s legendary River Alagnak. Alaska represents some of the best game fishing in the world with Salmon runs into the millions, including Sockeye, Chum, Silver and the mighty King Salmon. The show visits Katmai Lodge, a favourite of sport fisherman around the world, for the peak of the salmon run in July. Paul encounters hectic fly fishing for Sockeye and attempts to catch Grayling and his first Char on the dry fly, before encountering one of the biggest Salmon of his life! This episode showcases the absolute epitome of freshwater game fishing.
Paul Young goes fishing for big predatory Trout and Pike in this episode of Hooked, in the wild and beautiful Scottish Highlands. First stop is the renowned Loch Awe, the home of almost every British record for the first species on the list, the illusive Ferox Trout. A massive brownie turned cannibal; these monsters have been known to grow in excess of 30 pounds. Paul’s ghillie for the day, Alistair ‘Aya’ Thorne, knows this only too well. British record holder of the time, Aya is a founding member of the Ferox 85, a group of scientists dedicated to catching and studying the species. After fly fishing the River Don of Aberdeenshire for spring Brown Trout, the show travels to another famous Loch, Loch Lomond in search of big Pike. This episode gives a look at the expansive beauty of the Scottish Highlands, and the monsters that lurk beneath.
In this episode of Hooked, Paul Young samples the array of fishing on offer in Ireland's County Mayo. From the sea to the estuaries and pools of the River Moy, this area of Ireland is steeped in fishing heritage. Paul fly fishes the famous Ridge Pool running through the centre of Ballina, overflowing with fresh, silver Atlantic Salmon. Just off the coast of Killala Harbour, ocean species like Ling, Plaice, Turbot and Conger Eels can be found in abundance. Paul then learns the local methods of catching beautiful, fresh sea trout in the Moy estuary. This episode of Hooked represents the rich history and variety of fishing available in Ireland.
Paul Young is back in his home country of Scotland on the infamous River Esk and River Spey and fishing for big Atlantic Salmon. These rivers are renowned worldwide for their runs of Atlantic Salmon, particularly when chasing the ultimate quarry of the sport, the springer! Paul begins in early May on the Morphie stretch of the Esk to demonstrate a classic Scottish technique, spinning with floating Minnows. The real success comes when he visits the picturesque Brae Water stretch of the mighty Spey, fishing the fly to encounter a fish that most anglers only dream of. These beautiful landscapes and techniques showcase the essence of Scottish Salmon fishing, an experience every fly angler should aspire to.
Paul Young travels north in this episode of Hooked to go fly fishing for big Icelandic Salmon and Brown Trout. The geysers and volcanos serve as a dramatic backdrop to some of the best game fishing in the world, making Iceland a true angler’s paradise. Paul begins fishing for aggressive Brown Trout in the shallow backwater streams of southern Iceland, encountering specimens most only dream of. The show then visits the River Ranga, where stocking programmes have created an immense run of Atlantic Salmon. Fishing the fly through waterfall plunge pools, Paul tries catching the large hen fish necessary to birth the next generation of Ranga Salmon. This episode is an insight to everything that gives Iceland its reputation as a mecca of fly fishing.
Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Perch are the quarry in this episode of Hooked, as Paul Young samples the lakes and reservoirs in his home country of Scotland. Growing in popularity, Stillwater fly fishing offers easy access to plentiful, hard fighting fish around the UK. Paul begins on the famous Lake of Menteith near Sterling to introduce a beginner to the art of loch style fly fishing, before float fishing for big perch on Pitfour Lake in Aberdeenshire. After visiting the local fish farm at Howietoun Lake, Paul heads to Carron Valley Reservoir to fish for the stunning stocked brownies it produces, using the age-old method of traditional Scottish wet flies. These waters are a perfect example of the scenic day ticket fisheries available in the UK.
The magnificent and remote Faroe Islands are the destination in this episode of Hooked, as Paul Young goes fishing for Salmon, Sea Trout, Cod, Flatfish and more. The Faroes are comprised of 18 islands in the middle of the North Atlantic that, while dependent on commercial fishing, have a relatively untapped potential when it comes to the sport angler. Beginning in the island of Sandoy, Paul fishes brackish lochs with traditional Scottish wet flies for Salmon and Sea Trout, with an unexpected surprise! After shore fishing for Flatfish, the show joins some local working fisherman in search of dinner, boat fishing with lures beneath the cliffs to encounter big Cod and Haddock. These islands represent the rich fishing culture that has supported this area of the world for generations.
Paul Young goes across the pond in search of Salmon in this episode of Hooked, as he goes fly fishing in Nova Scotia, Canada. This part of the world has a reputation as a heaven for game fisherman, with big, beautiful rivers and the fish to match. Paul begins on the Margaree River on Cape Breton Island, before heading to one of the most prolific Salmon rivers in Canada, the Miramichi. Fly fishing for these hard fighting fish fresh from the North Atlantic is a pinnacle of sport fishing that most anglers only dream of. Seeing a Salmon leaping out of the water as your reel screams into the backing… it doesn’t get much better!
Paul Young travels north to the Outer Hebrides in this episode of Hooked, as he goes fishing for autumn Sea Trout and Grayling. The Hebrides are a group of islands off the coast of Scotland that remain a true wilderness, a perfect destination for the purest game fisherman. Paul begins fly fishing brackish waters in Lewis and Harris, before drifting boats through the lochs for feisty Sea Trout. Hooked then moves inland to the River Tummel near Perth. Usually a prolific Salmon river, autumn brings a new quarry, as Paul uses float trotting methods to catch the lady of the stream, the Grayling. This episode showcases the wildness and quality of fishing available across Scotland.


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22nd January 2024

Great fishing from Paul

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