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Untamed Anglers – Iconic Fish

In this rip roaring new series,  Untamed Anglers hosts James Stokoe and Ripon Khalique,  travel the UK  in celebration of some of the most iconic freshwater fish species to be found on these shores.  There's a little friendly competition between the two hosts so they enlist the help of some of the UK's top anglers including the like of Hywell Morgan, Peter Cockwill, Charles Jardine, Rob Hughes, Marina Gibson and Alex Jardine to help maximise their chances in each location. From the wild lochs of Scotland, to the clear Chalk streams of the south, the competition never fails to bring out the best of this beloved sport.
In this season premiere of Untamed Angler, die hard fisherman James Stokoe and Ripon Khalique throw down on the prestigious southern chalk streams in pursuit of Trout. Joined by legendary fly anglers Hywel Morgan and Peter Cockwill, James begins on the River Dunn, a tributary of the world class River Test. As big brownies begin to rise, Peter takes the rod for a masterclass on fishing a spring hatch. Over on the River Kennet, after teasing out his first dry fly Trout, Ripon teams up with Hywel to go head-to-head with James and Peter as the Trout come on the feed. Finally, the boys finish up on the ultimate giant fish water, Dever Springs in Winchester, where a Rainbow of monstrous proportions settles the score.
In this instalment of Untamed Angler, James Stokoe, Ripon Khalique and Hywel Morgan head north to Scotland for a Pike fishing showdown on the renowned Lake of Menteith. This massive lake near Sterling has a history of monsters, so master Pike angler Dan Essox lends a hand with our predator fishing novices. After a failed attempt, James and Hywel ditch the fly rods and get to work with the lures, casting big soft plastics along the shoreline. The next day, the boys go head-to-head in search of the biggest and longest combined bag, and Hywel hooks into something big!
Ripon Khalique comes into his element in this episode of Untamed Angler, as he, James Stokoe and Hywel Morgan join Rob Hughes at Baden Hall Fisheries in Staffordshire in pursuit of Carp. As a multiple-time world champion angler and captain to the England Carp team, Rob is a valuable player in this contest. The boys arrive to a summery lake bubbling with surface feeders, but when they prove stubborn on the top, Rob employs a sneaky change of tactics to get a bite within seconds. As the sun goes down, the real competition begins, as the boys fish through the night to build a massive bag of hard fighting Carp.
It’s James Stokoe’s chance to show his skills in this episode of Untamed Angler, as he joins hosts Ripon Khalique and Hywell Morgan on his home water, the River Tyne in northern England chasing big, wild Salmon. These fish are illusive and difficult to catch, so the show welcomes an army of Salmon experts in the form of Barry Ward, Emma Jackson, Philip Plant, Andrew Jackson and Marina Gibson. James visits the river hatchery, for an insight into how his beloved Tyne’s been nurtured into the best Salmon fishery in the country. As the competition heats up, James and Ripon’s teams split up and compete to catch the biggest Salmon in the river on fly’s and spinners.
In this instalment of Untamed Angler, James Stokoe, Ripon Khalique and Hywell Morgan visit the renowned River Wye to compete for specimen Chub and Barbel. The show’s joined by young coarse fishing prodigy and Drennan Cup Finalist James Champkin, charged with the responsibility of landing James his first Barbel. While Ripon and Hywell start off trotting maggots with floats and feeders, the two James’ opt for a quiver tip approach, both of which bring some serious sized Chub to the bank! Further upstream, the game fisherman in Hywel shines through, as he inexplicably can’t stop catching grayling!
In this season finale of Untamed Angler, hosts James Stokoe, Ripon Khalique and Hywell Morgan head for the southern chalk streams to fly fish for beautiful winter Grayling. The show is joined by Grayling guru and god of game fishing, Charles Jardine and local chalk stream guide,  Simeon Hay. Simeon kicks off the session on the River Itchen at Fulling Mill with a crash course in watercraft, sampling the insect life and matching the hatch. After Hywell helps a bewildered Ripon tie his first fly, the boys head for the Broadlands beat of the iconic River Test to finally settle the score of a whole season of competitive fishing!


Rated 5 out of 5
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Rated 5 out of 5
3rd March 2024

Fantastic watch! Not just entertaining, it is also educational. A fishing programme that ticks all the boxes in my opinion.

Robert Cornwall

Educational, funny and a must watch!

Rated 5 out of 5
3rd April 2022

Years of footage crammed into 6 action packed episodes with all the best angling experts.

Jonathan McGee

Great watch

Rated 5 out of 5
22nd February 2022

Enjoyable to watch and great fishing

Adam Turner

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