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Hooked on Fishing Series 4

Paul returns for a fourth season of Hooked on Fishing, a little shorter this time but just as sweet. His overseas trips this time include the stunning Seychelles in the Indian Ocean where he has some great Bonefishing on the flats and chases Sailfish and Tuna Offshore. Back in Alaska on the Alagnka and Paul learns how to catch late season Chum Salmon using a technique called woggin. He has another adventure in Argentina for those big Patagonian Sea Trout whilst back in the UK fishes at Avington Fishery for big stocked Rainbow Trout and goes afloat on Rutland Water.
Paul starts a new series of Hooked on Fishing at the Avington Trout Fishery in beautiful Hampshire in the south of England. Unlike many fisheries, here they rear and grade their own fish, ensuring that each one is fin-perfect and hard-fighting. Robbie Winram is Avington's director of fisheries and is going to help Paul make contact with a few of these specimens both in the Avington Lakes and on the nearby River Itchen.
Paul's off to Aragon in northern Spain, halfway between Saragossa and Barcelona. He meets up with Martin Walker, who has pioneered fishing for Catfish in these parts. Martin takes Paul to the mighty River Ebro, a huge piece of water containing a large variety of fish, including the European Catfish, which can grow to over one hundred pounds in this river. It is here, in Catfish country, that Paul is introduced to clonking.
Paul is in England’s smallest county, though it does enjoy a big reputation amongst trout fishermen. Rutland water, in Rutland is famous for its Brown and Rainbow Trout. This large reservoir can be quite daunting, so Paul meets up with one of Rutland’s best known angling guide's Dave Doherty. Conditions are looking perfect and Dave is confident that they'll find fish feeding high in the water so dry fly fishing is the order of the day.
Paul heads off to the coral atoll of St. Joseph, one of over a hundred islands sprinkled over 400,000 square kilometers of the Indian Ocean, that make up the Seychelles. This sport fisher's paradise is a world famous spot to catch world class Bonefish on the fly. These ghosts of the flats have to be stalked. They're very elusive and quick, but because St. Josephs' is completely uninhabited, the Bonefish are numerous and Paul has the expert guidance of Peter Petzer.
In pursuit of Wild Brown Sea Trout, Paul travels eight thousand miles to a bright and breezy Tierra del Fuego. In this Argentinian wilderness he meets up with fishing pal, Doug Linburn and river guide, Alberto, who take him down the River Grande. Paul is confronted by a barren, but beautiful setting, whose magnificence is only rivalled by the size and power of the Wild Brown Sea Trout.
Paul travels to the Alagnak River in Alaska. It's mid-August and the early Chum have already spawned and died, but fresh fish are entering the river all the time. This is what Katmai Lodge guide, Matt Heim, is going to help Paul catch. Fishing a Polywog or Woggins is a strange but effective method of catching the same fish as Paul finds out, when he teams up with another Katmai lodge guide Dan Dixon.
Badenoch and Strathspey in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, is an area famous for Salmon and Trout, but Paul has arrived here on the hunt for Highland Pike, which can be found in many of its lochs. To help him in this endeavour, he once again teams up with Dominic Moore on Loch Alvie where Dominic shows Paul a whole variety of methods that can be used to catch the king of predators. It proves to be a good partnership and the day produces many double-figured fish.
Paul is spending three days trolling and fly fishing for Tuna, Sailfish and a few more species off the islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. He is joined by fellow scots, Duncan McKenzie and David Campbell, both very experienced saltwater anglers. Together with skipper Ian Roberts and first mate, Nicky Elliot, they’ll help Paul in his offshore adventures.
It's early December and Paul is fishing on the west coast of Scotland. He's in the company of David Young, owner of the Killearn House Fishery. It may seem a little odd at this time of year, but the Rainbow Trout are still to be caught. In part two, Paul heads over to the east coast of Scotland to meet Gerald MacKenzie who runs the Loch Fitty fishery. It is well established, having been opened over 30 years ago. The days are short and the weather is cold, but the fishing is still great.
Paul meets up with Rex Bryngelson in Chile. Under the shadow of the great Andes Mountain Range, the two raft down the Cisnes River looking for Patagonian Brown Trout. Paul’s using a Hopper fly and it’s a great sight when the fish slash at the surface while the raft is traveling through rough water. This exciting biting isn’t restricted to the raft and a shot at fly fishing from the shore produces some more thrills.


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