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The River Duel

This ten-part adventure follows the heated contest between friends turned nemeses Lasse Pauhe and Kimmo Puosi on the rivers of Lapland. Hailing from in Finland, these anglers put their years of experience fishing these rivers together to the test in pursuit of Salmon, Trout, Chub, Pike and all manner of local species. The show gives insight to the unique lure and fly styles of sport fishing used by Finish anglers on rivers like the Kokemaenjoki and the Torne. Through victory and defeat, this rivalry continues to demonstrate the beauty and prowess of a part of the world that’s criminally undervalued in the fishing community.
This season premiere episode of ‘Kilpailu Joella’; The River Duel sees Finnish anglers Lasse Pauhe and Kimmo Puosi compete to catch Rainbow Trout on the Kokemaenjoki River. Setting out on traditional Laplandic rowing boats, each man puts his trust in his own small self-made wobbler lures. Both are adopting a somewhat unusual method to better their chances of landing these fat river Trout. By fixing multiple rods, each with multiple lures to the boat and rowing up and down the swims, Lasse and Kimmo can each fish up to eight lures at a time. Both men are confident, but who will take home the crown?
In this episode of The River Duel, Lasse Pauhe and Kimmo Puosi are back on the Kokemaenjoki River in Finland to settle some unfinished business, fishing for Rainbow Trout, Sea Trout, Chub and Asp. It’s part two of Kimmo and Lasse’s lure fishing competition and this time the river is in perfect condition. The water is lower, which means more fishing spots, more fishing time, and hopefully more fish! While there’s plenty of Trout and Chub still to be caught, the boys have some extra species they need to tick of the list; Sea Trout and the lesser known Asp. After hours of perseverance, something heavier takes the lure…
In this episode of The River Duel, Kimmo Puosi and Lasse Pauhe enter the next leg of their fishing competition on Finland’s Kokemaenjoki River, trolling and fly fishing for Chub, Asp and Sea Trout. As the new day begins, Lasse and Kimmo face their demons of the previous evening when a monster Sea Trout slips the net. Not deterred, Kimmo heads out to once again troll lures behind the boat, while Lasse opts for a more delicate spey fly fishing approach from the boat jetty. After a very competitive session with Chub and Asp, the competitors host a fish cookout for the Kokemaenjoki locals.
Lasse Pauhe and Kimmo Puosi leave their usual stomping ground in this episode of The River Duel and travel to Svanstein, Lapland, competing for an Atlantic Salmon from the Torne River. Known as one of the most productive Salmon rivers in Europe, The Torne see’s runs of over 100,000 Salmon every year through its 400 kilometres of water. Trolling teams of lures behind rowing boats creates a good chance at one of these silver travellers, but can Kimmo and Lasse make it through the Pike, Perch and Ide to hook into the real prize? Not long into the trip, tensions begin to rise…
Lasse Pauhe and Kimmo Puosi are back on the banks of the Torne River in Svanstein, Lapland for this episode of The River duel, fly fishing for big Finnish Salmon. Before the duo begin their competition, they visit the sonic Salmon counter near the Korpiksoki Dam. Here they witness some of the 100,000 Salmon that run the river each year, some of which reach close to 1.5 metres long! Encouraged by their findings, Lasse and Kimmo decided to fish directly upstream of the counter in the Korpiksoki rapids, this time ditching the usual lure trolling for a traditional fly fishing approach from the bank.
In this episode of The River Duel, Lasse Pauhe and Kimmo Puosi go all out to achieve their goal of a big Finnish Salmon on the fly, as they visit the Kalix River rapids. After missed opportunities on the Torne River, our hosts travel north to employ the expertise of their friend and local expert Joonas. The Kalix has been producing fresh fish thick and fast, so before they cast out, Joonas gives a tour of his secret weapon fly box. In perhaps the sketchiest fishing spot on the river, stood on top of a tumbling waterfall, the boys finally get the fishing session they’ve been dreaming of.
In this episode of The River Duel, Lasse Pauhe and Kimmo Puosi travel to the Kokemaenjoki River to compete to catch summer time Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout. Located in Nakkila, Finland, the Kokemaenjoki is a 120-kilometre river home to all manner of fish species. In the lower reaches below the many dams, legendary runs of migratory game fish are able to spawn, so the crew set out for the Nakkilankoski Rapids. While Kimmo uses his signature method of trolling plugs behind the boat catching Chub and Zander, Lasse gambles at the chance to land a Salmon on the fly.
In this episode of The River Duel, Lasse Pauhe and Kimmo Puosi share the boat with some special guests, doubling down to catch Sea Trout and Rainbow Trout on the Kokemaenjoki River in Finland. It’s the end of May, which means it’s prime time for Sea Trout on the Kokemaenjoki. Kimmo is currently in the lead with a 2-0 score, so Lasse is praying his single fly approach can outfish kimmo’s team of 16 lures! After little success in the morning, local fishing newbies Anne and Maria join the cause. Soon after, Anne quickly proves that the women’s touch in fishing is just as real as they say.
Kimmo Puosi and Lasse Pauhe brave the elements in this episode of The River Duel, as they fish for Rainbow Trout, Sea Trout, Salmon and Pike on the Kokemaenjoki River in Finland. The water is low but oxygenated by the rain, which means the fish are more compact and hopefully easier to catch. Sticking with the lure trolling approach to cover water, the boys head for a new fishing spot, the Arantilakoski Rapids. After the Rainbow Trout come on the feed, Lasse is still trailing behind in the competition. He’s hoping for miracle, perhaps catching two fish on the same hook could even the scoreboard?...
In this final episode of The River Duel, Lasse Pauhe and Kimmo Puosi put it all on the line to catch the final all-important Salmon from the Torne River in Swedish Lapland. The Torne is known for its huge runs of Salmon, so it’s the perfect place to settle the score. Lasse and Kimmo pull out all the stops and head for the lower reaches, where the depth and width of this huge river can hold thousands of Salmon at one time. The scores are close and one fish could decide the outcome of an entire season of competitive fishing. Finally, Kimmo hooks into perhaps the Torne’s most acrobatic Salmon, but it only counts if it makes it to the net!


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