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Buccaneers & Bones – Season 5

In this star-studded fishing adventure, novice and professional fly anglers alike explore the remote flats of South Andros Island in the Bahamas, home to the best Bonefish sport on the planet. TV host Jimmy Kimmel, Actors Jim Belushi and Michael Keaton, Musician Huey Lewis and more learn the intricacies of the sport from angling legends Lefty Kreh, Bill Klyne and Oliver White. We learn the significance of this delicate species from the Bonefish and Tarpon trust, committed to conserving a threatened population vital to a community and its ecosystem. Buccaneers and Bones is a fun-filled look at the peak of fly-fishing sport.
In this Star-studded season premiere of Buccaneers and Bones, a team of celebrities and fly-fishing legends cruise the remote flats of the Caribbean in search of big Bonefish. South Andros Island is the largest land mass in the Bahamas, surrounded by some of the western hemisphere’s least explored waters. Rockstar Huey Lewis sets out with TV host Jimmy Kimmel, while blues brother Jim Belushi casts a line for his first ever fish. Up the coast, veteran anglers Lefty Kreh and Bill Klyn share the tricks of the trade.
The Buccaneers and Bones team of celebrity anglers continue their hunt for the big Bahamas Bonefish of South Andros Island. Lefty Kreh offers Jimmy Kimmel and Jim Belushi a masterclass in casting, but reaching these fish in high winds is no easy task. While Jimmy and Huey Lewis have fun catching crabs, Lefty and novelist Tom McGuane get their chance, but even the most competent fisherman can make mistakes! On the east side of the Island, it’s Bill Klyne and Oliver White that win the day when a group of massive Bonefish emerge from the mangroves.
TV host Jimmy Kimmel joins the Bahamas best fly fisherman on a hunt for the biggest Bonefish in the Caribbean, in this episode of Buccaneers and Bones. Joined by Oliver White, Jimmy learns the dangers of ocean predators while wading the flats of Andros Island. Legendary angler Lefty Kreh and Yvon Chouinard have trouble with picky fish, but when Yvon finally hooks his prize, a hungry shark moves in for the kill. Over by the mangroves, Jimmy has his eye on a ten-pounder cruising in the shallows.
This day on sunny Andros Island, Buccaneers Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Klyne, Tom McGuane, Huey Lewis and Yvon Chouinard enjoy better fishing than ever. While conservationist Bill searches for tailing fish on the east coast, Tom and Huey form a new friendship in search of their first catch. Storms across the Bahamas have triggered a crab migration, so Jimmy and Huey learn to cook traditional Caribbean stuffed crab. On a remote island, Yvon ditches the boat to wade the beaches, giving chase when one giant Bonefish moves in on the fly.
Bone fishing on Andros Island can be difficult at the best of times, but a passing storm has the fish acting strange in this episode of Buccaneers and Bones. While Bill and Huey pursue tailing fish between the mangroves of the east coast, Tom and Yvon wade the remote flats in the west, home to one of the world’s biggest populations of Bonefish. While Tom tells the tale of the catch of his life back at the lodge, movie star Michael Keaton does battle with the most powerful acrobat in the ocean, the silver Tarpon. In the midst of a messy night at the beachfront bar, Jimmy makes a cast off the dock for a Tarpon of his own.
Storms continue to threaten the trip of a lifetime in this episode of Buccaneers and Bones, as our celebrity cast learn the dangers of exploring the wild Bahamas. The guides are in on the action, as 70-year angling veteran Lefty Kreh shares valuable casting tips to deal with tough conditions. While Huey and Oliver dodge sharks on the flats, lodge owner Oliver tussles with a Bonefish of mythical proportions. Out at the sea, the show meets accomplished angler and Olympic skier Andy Mill hooked up to a giant Tarpon on the fly.
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In this season finale of Buccaneers and Bones, the actors, conservationists, anglers and businessmen enamoured with this wild and delicate species explain the importance of protecting Bonefish in the Caribbean. On the flats of south Andros Island, Yvon and Bill are reminded of the unpredictability of fly fishing, as a low-pressure system has the fish rattled. While Tom ventures up the coast alone, Yvon is pulled into the backing by the biggest fish of the week. It’s the final day of the trip, and while Huey and Jim have avoided the temptation of Bikini Island, Jim has yet to land his first ever Bone. Will he go home empty handed?


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