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Pure Fly NZ Series 3

Pure Fly NZ is back with a spectacular 3rd season bringing you the hottest fly fishing action from New Zealand in 8 feature length episodes. As well as the usual fare of monster Brown Trout and Rainbows from the backcountry of the North and South Island, the team also enjoy some spectacular saltwater fly fishing for Kingfish and Trevally. They also visit the now world famous, Jurassic Lake in Argentina where the Rainbow Trout grow to gargantuan sizes and are readily caught fly fishing. The cinematography is of course brilliant in this series with the stunning New Zealand landscape but there's also plenty of invaluable fly fishing advice from some of the best fly anglers in New Zealand. Enjoy!
Pure Fly New Zealand is back to make every fly fisherman jealous, as Chris Sharland and Cory Scott trek out to the North Island Backcountry to fish for big, wild Rainbow Trout. Fishing this area is no picnic, as the duo quickly find out, but half a day of hiking through the mountains later and the reward is an almost untouched paradise of blue rivers and huge wild bows. Stalking with small dries and nymphs is the only way to trick these clever trout, and with a bit of hard work, Chris and Cory get a chance at some real specimens. This is fly fishing at its purest.
The Trout just keep getting bigger in this episode of Pure Fly New Zealand, as Mike Kirkpatrick and Hans Kreuer go fly fishing for trophy Brown Trout in the rivers of North Canterbury, New Zealand. Not only is the beauty of this area quite literally straight out of a Lord of the Rings movie, but it’s one of the premier places in the world to catch wild Brown Trout over the magical ten-pound mark. After running through the specialised tactics of how to hook and land these monsters, Mike and Hans head upriver to sight fish with nymphs. Visually exciting and incredibly rewarding, this really is fly fishing nirvana.
Pure Fly New Zealand leaves home in this episode, as producer Nick Reygaert and Craig Rist fly out to the famous Jurassic Lake in Argentina to go fishing for massive Rainbow Trout. Officially named Lago Strobel, Jurassic Lake was given its nickname by fly fisherman worldwide for good reason. The combination of crystal-clear water, abundant food and remote location make for perhaps the biggest, healthiest and most numerous wild Rainbows in the world. Nick and Craig start off in the lagoons and streams that surround the area, before heading to the main lake to try sight fishing for the big one. This episode showcases perhaps the best fly fishing sport in the world.
In this episode of Pure Fly New Zealand, the team demonstrate the plethora of winter fishing opportunities available on the South Island, as they target Brown and Rainbow Trout. Known for world class summer sport, winter fishing is often neglected in New Zealand. Rene Vaz and Cam Forsman use spey tactics to target Rainbows on the massive Clutha River, before switching it up and fishing the tiny spawning streams of the Rotorua region for big Browns. Elsewhere, Nick and Chris Reygaert fish for Rainbows on the big lakes in the mountains. This episode proves that no matter the time or place, New Zealand always has something to offer.
Three Kings
Pure Fly New Zealand switches it up in this episode, as Anto Hall and Jeff Forsee try fly fishing for Kingfish, Trevally and Snapper around the Three Kings. The Three Kings are a group of islands around fifty kilometers off the northern coast of New Zealand. The clear water and steep cliffs make for not only an incredible setting, but a perfect environment for all manner of big sport fish species. As the crew pull up to the spot they quickly realise they’re in for the session of a lifetime, with the possibility of a huge Kingfish on light fly tackle. New Zealand certainly isn’t just for Trout fisherman.
It’s Cicada season in New Zealand and the fish are ready to eat, as Andrew Harding and Peter De Boer go fly fishing for Brown Trout around Wellington in this episode of Pure Fly New Zealand. In true New Zealand fashion, it takes only a twenty-minute drive from the city of Wellington to find a fishing paradise on the Hutt River. As the Cicadas fall from the surrounding trees, dry fly action for these big Trout makes for incredible sport. After great success on the Hutt, the pair go deeper into the back country of the Tararua region. As every fly fisherman knows, a big Trout on a dry fly is about as good as it gets.
In this episode of Pure Fly New Zealand, Ronan Creane and Jeff Forsee travel around the magnificent lakes of the Mackenzie region in search of Brown and Rainbow Trout. The fishing opportunities in this area of New Zealand are endless. Despite setting out on the boat to fish deeper waters, Ronan and Jeff notice fish moving in barely six inches of water in the shallows around the lake. Wading in the tributaries and streams, the stalking action is explosive, and the pair soon find themselves hooked into some real beauties. This kind of fishing requires the highest level of skill, but if you’re up to the task, the rewards are outstanding.
In this episode of Pure Fly New Zealand, Hannah Clement and Sharna Parker go fishing for a serious prize, a trophy double-figure Brown Trout from the rivers of the South Island. A plague of mice across the west coast has grown these fish to monstrous sizes, and after Hannah’s success on the river the previous year, Sharna hopes to join her in the trophy ten-pound club. Trout this size are smart, illusive and difficult to land, which is precisely why they’re the most prized fish in fly fishing. Two friends on the trip of a lifetime… this is the essence of fishing we all aspire to.


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