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Chew Valley Buzzers with John Horsey

In this instalment of Reservoir Masterclass, world class competition angler John Horsey shares his secrets fly fishing for Rainbow Trout in difficult April conditions on his home water, Somerset's Chew valley. Since captaining the England fly fishing team to victory on the world stage, John has learnt the ins and outs of this exciting water as a resident guide. Chew has gained a reputation for quality Trout, abundant natural food sources and more recently record shaking Pike, but storms have battered the area in the days prior. We follow John's thought process as he searches for the fish. Confident in his use of nymphs and buzzers, he emphasises retrieve rates, water levels, temperature changes and a deadly method of striking on takes. We learn how to examine the food in the stomach of the fish and understand their feeding habits to our advantage. Working through tough conditions, John enjoys a very successful days fishing, including a surprise visit from one of the bigger residents on offer at Chew Valley...

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What an angler!

11th September 2023

Had the pleasure of fishing with John, sit back and learn is all I’ll say!

Top guy too.

Great watch



4th September 2023

Brilliant. Really enjoyed watching one of the stillwater anglers in the world fishing a buzzer hatch. Wonderful camera work, and full of insight from John horsey on fishing buzzer nymphs lough style. Totally inspiring and I have been fishing for over 30 years. I wished there was more of it, but still really enjoyable. Thank you.


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