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Fishing with Ladin Series 3

Ladin and buddy Steve, return for a 3rd series of Fishing with Ladin, and are once again seeking out some of the best fly fishing opportunities in the North West US. They return to British Columbia and seek out some more Cutthroat Trout in the regions crystal clear waters, as well as fishing in the rivers and lakes of their native Washington State. Montana is also a favored destination, often meeting up there with Larry Hardie who seems to know how to find fish at will. You can expect plenty of action and some laughs along the way from these passionate fly anglers.
Its a lovely August day and Steve and Ladin are fishing a stream in British Columbia and hoping for some dry fly action with the native Cutthroat Trout. With nothing moving, they start on nymphs and Steve is first to hook up into a hefty Cutthroat which takes his size 16 Pheasant Tail. Moving upstream, they spot a riser and Ladin tempts it with a Purple Haze dry fly. There aren't many fish rising but they are certainly looking up as the pair continue to catch good sized Cutthroat throughout the day in the 12-16 inches range. As the day ends, Steve catches a huge Cutthroat in shallow water that puts up a strong fight and even gives Ladin a soaking as he backtracks quickly to film it.
Its early season, and Steve and Ladin are in Eastern Oregon fishing some lakes on the Justesen Ranch for hard fighting rainbows. They're fishing in single man boats and Ladin starts things off with a Rainbow Trout on a Purple Leech pattern. Steve quickly follows up with a Rainbow of his own as the fishing hots up. Steve decides to use a weighted Pumpkinhead Leech and after twitching it back, finds a slightly bigger 16 incher with it. The fish aren't huge, being mostly in the 1-2lb range but are certainly plentiful and willing to take their flies. Ladin then gets a good fish on but runs into trouble as he has a knot in his fly line and is unable to reel the line in properly and so the trout wins the battle. Steve wins the day with a superb 23 inch fish. More stunning rainbows follow but Ladin still has that lost fish on his mind as the day comes to an end.
The guys are in Montana fishing Flint Creek on Spencers Ranch and decide to make an early start. As the sun comes up, Steve strikes first with a nice Cutthroat taken on a Purple Chubby dry fly just off a seam on the far bank. Ladin then spots a rise and covers it, landing another nice Cutthroat after a hard fight, again on the Chubby. Their friend Larry joins them and also gets into the action landing a small Brown Trout. Steve finds a nice riffle and casts a streamer through it, taking a lovely and heavily spotted Brown Trout. Moving downstream they find a nice bend in the the river which seems to be holding plenty of fish and both Larry and Ladin also find Brown Trout on nymphs and streamers. Further downstream, Ladin persists with the streamer and catches a stunning Brown Trout, the biggest so far to end a brilliant day in Montana on Flint Creek.
Its a warm June day and Ladin and Steve are fly fishing on the Spokane River in Washington State searching for Rainbow Trout. Its a big river here, so they are just looking for small holes and back eddies where fish may be holding out of the main flow. Ladin gets into a nice Rainbow but it throws the hook as it jumps back into the main current. Ladin then gets off the mark with a 10-12 incher before Steve lands a bigger Rainbow Trout of around 16 inches. Continuing to work a seam about 10 yards out, both anglers continue to catch throughout the afternoon. As evening rolls in, the pair move downstream and see one or two fish rising. Ladin casts out but misses 2 or 3 rises to his Chernobyl Ant before finally connecting with, and landing a nice fish. Steve takes a turn in the same spot and again misses a couple of fish before finally getting into one and ending a superb day on the Spokane River.
The guys are back on British Columbia fishing for Cutthroat Trout on Sheep Creek. Steve kicks things off by dead drifting a size 16 Pheasant Tail through a likely looking pool but the first fish falls off. They move upstream looking for more good water and Steve lands a small Cuttie, again on the nymph. Ladin is having less luck, catching Whitefish and losing a Cutthroat so moves again and finds a Cutthroat on a size 16 Prince Nymph under an indicator. The fish aren't big here as you'd expect on a small clear running creek like this, but they are certainly plentiful, and both anglers continue to enjoy the day's fishing. They head upstream and find a much deeper pool and both anglers work it with nymphs, and Ladin gets into the best fish of the day, a stunning Cutthroat, around 16 inches.
Hegben Lake is a man made reservoir in South West Montana and often regarded as the best stillwater in the state for fly fishing, so Ladin and Steve are full of anticipation as they start their day's fishing here. Its June and surprisingly it's snowing but regardless, they take to their single man boats and Ladin gets into a fish quite quickly on a Red Chironomid under an indicator. Its a stunning Brown Trout and a great way to kick things off. Steve isn't having such a good time, hooking 3 nice fish in quick succession but losing them all. All comes eventually though as Steve finally nets a lovely brown around 18 inches. The day seems to get better and better as both anglers continue to catch good Brown and Rainbow Trout on their indicator set ups.
Its a chilly December day and Ladin and Steve are joined by their friend Larry Hardie for a fishing session on the Yakima River, a tributary of the Columbia River in Washington State. Larry makes an excellent start with a stunning 20 inch Rainbow. With recent rains, the river is higher than usual so Larry suggests a San Juan worm under an indicator is the best tactic and both Steve and Ladin take advantage of the advice. Ladin is plagued by Whitefish as usual before landing a nice Rainbow a small weighted red midge nymph. The fish continue to come into the evening to their nymph and streamer patterns ending a great winter session on the Yakima River.
Its mid Summer and the guys are in Montana with Larry Hardie and fishing a nice clear water creek. Larry runs a nymph along the far bank under an indicator and lands a big Cutthroat around the 18 inch mark. This is quickly followed by Ladin replicating the feat and landing a similar sized Cutthroat using a duo nymph set up. Knowing there are fish in this riffle, Steve decides to tempt them with a team of dry flies, using a Yellow Sally and a PMD emerger and it isn't long before he is able to land one of these Cutthroat. Spotting a rising fish, Ladin also switches to a dry and successfully lands another chunky Cutthroat. There seems to be a never ending supply of fish in this run and the guys continue to enjoy incredible dry fly sport in the crystal clear waters.
Ladin and Steve are in Washington State and fishing on Fishtrap Lake in Spokane County. The lake is 200 acres, deep and narrow and well stocked each year with Rainbow Trout fry which keeps the overall population at a healthy level for the visiting angler. They are fishing in small boats with electric motors and Steve is the first to strike landing a small Rainbow on a Leech pattern. He switches to a Chironomid pattern under an indicator with immediate success landing another 10 incher. Ladin spots a fish rising in a bay and heads over to cover it, The fish take his Chironomid pattern and he has a good fish on this time. A long battle ensues before Ladin finally nets a big and beautifully marked Rainbow Trout. As they head back to the lodge they notice a small waterfall and decide to have a cast. Steve trolls the area with a Black Woolly Bugger and hooks a lovely 3-4lb Rainbow Trout. In the second part of the show, they head to Clear Lake in Washington and enjoy some more fantastic sport with Rainbows.


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