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Buccaneers & Bones – Season 6

In this season of Buccaneers and Bones, fly fishing legends and celebrities alike chase big Bonefish on Grand Bahama Island. Featuring Lefty Kreh, Yvon Chouinard, Bill Klyn, Tom Brokaw, Huey Lewis, Jimmy Kimmel and more, we learn the ropes of casting, technique and the history of the sport. This season explores the conservation of an ecosystem and the important of these species to the Bohemian people. Light-hearted and informative, this show will have you fishing the flats in no time!
The Buccaneers are in new waters for season 6, as the crew fish for feisty silver Bonefish on the flats of Grand Bahama Island. One of the most famous fishing spots in the world, the Deepwater Cay resort is surrounded by white beaches, blue water and luscious reefs. While Bill Klyn and host Tom Brokaw wade in the mangroves, Yvon Chouinard hooks something big and jumps off the boat to give chase. Thanks to the success of the show, Tom and legendary angler Lefty Kreh discuss how the research of the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust have helped to understand and conserve this vital ecosystem.
At the head of every Buccaneers and Bones episode is veteran flats fisher Lefty Kreh. This old schoolers episode celebrates the founding fathers of fishing at Grand Bahama Island for Lefty’s 90th birthday party. While Bill Klyn and Huey Lewis cast a line for bonefish in the east, Lefty and Tom trade jokes on the dock.
Buccaneers Yvon Chouniard and Bill Klyn deploy different techniques to catch big Bonefish on the fly on Grand Bahama Island. To wade or not to wade, that is the question. While Yvon hunts from the beach, Bill ventures into more remote waters looking for big bones in the mangroves. After learning how to properly release a fish, we join Huey Lewis for some crab racing at the Deepwater Cay Lodge.
To catch a Bonefish, a Tarpon and a Permit on one day is the ultimate grand slam on the flats of Grand Bahama Island. Yvon is the only Buccaneer to have accomplished this feat, but Bill and Huey are determined to join the cub in this episode. Permit are scarce on the flats, making them the ultimate prize for flats fly fishers. Tarpon are no easier. Hooking them is one thing, but landing these giants is a nightmare. Bill and Yvon attempt to ease the pain bone fishing with Lefty in the mangroves, but the local sharks have another idea.
This episode looks at the buccaneers partnership with the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and their mission to protect an ecosystem. The Bohemian people owe their livelihood to the flora and fauna of the flats, and the implementation of science has transformed the way we view Bonefish. We look back at actor Zach Gilford’s Tarpon catch and the information gleaned from its tagging. Meanwhile, Lefty, Tom, Huey and Yvon try to prove that the big fish have returned.
Huey Lewis has a field day using his new skills to catch Bonefish on Grand Bahama Island. The music star’s been learning the ropes for years now, and it all come to fruition in a bumper haul casting from the boat. Meanwhile, Yvon Chouinard gets back to his routed wading the flats solo, but the fish are showing him who’s boss. When he experiments with some of his trout flies, the guides are shocked at the results.
Few have left their mark on the world of sport like Bernard ‘Lefty’ Kreh. As the patriarch of the Buccaneers, this episode is dedicated to a founding father of saltwater fly fishing. At 90 years of age, Lefty was an accomplished angler, casting instructor, fly creator, coach to the stars, and conservationist. We join Lefty and the gang fishing for bones and telling stories on Grand Bahama Island.


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