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Our New Releases playlist serves up the latest fishing films, videos and TV series as they are released on Fishing TV, the world's largest collection of professionally produced videos aimed exclusively at the angler. Our channels cover Fly Fishing, Saltwater, Carp fishing, Predators, Coarse and Match and Conservation. You'll find all kinds of videos including adventure, hints and tips, documentaries and instructional based programming.  New Releases provides an easy way to keep up to date with all of the latest content. By logging in, you can also add videos that you like to your Watchlist and watch them later at your convenience.

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A Year in The Life follows 6 anglers as they visit some of the world's premier fly fishing destinations. We begin with renowned UK river angler and journalist, Paul Proctor as he introduces us to his favourite Icelandic River, the Minnivallalaekur. The Brown Trout here can grow to prodigous sizes with fish to 20lb caught every season, often on small dry flies, and this fact makes it the world's best trout river in many fly anglers eyes. This spring fed river boasts an incredible midge population and this is what these huge trout predominantly feed on. After landing a couple of stunning fish, Paul moves to the Laxa River, which depsite being more famous for Atlantic Salmon, can offer some incredible dry fly fishing for Brown Trout too. Next up, we join fly fishing instructor and guide, Mark Windsor on the stunning Christmas Island for some high quality saltwater fly fishing. As Mark explains, Christmas Island is a large island and has a huge amount of fishable coastline which pretty much guarantees that anglers are fishing virgin water. Trophy sized Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Trigger Fish, this island has it all inshore, as well as a huge variety of offshore species like Tuna, Wahoo and Sailfish. Mark lands a nice GT before showing us how to catch Trigger fish which is one of his favourite species on the fly. We then visit New Zealand's South Island where Paul Proctor gives us a great overview of the range of fly fishing there, before latching into a nice 7lb Brown on a small backcountry creek. Paul explains his approach to fly fishing here and what it takes to be successful and we see him put this into practice several times. Music mogul, Duff Batty is in Ascension Bay in Mexico and explains what makes this place so special for fly anglers. Local guide, Manuel Chac catches a stunning Bonefish in the Mangroves before discussing his true love, the Permit which also reside in the area. In fact Acension Bay, makes a claim to be the Permit capital of the world and offers agood opportunity to catch these illusive fish. Back in England, we meet Charles Jardine discusses his love affair with Chalk Streams. Fly Fishing Instructor, Gilly Bate explains how the water clarity makes fishing these streams such a unique experience and what draws anglers from allover the world to fish rivers like the Test and the Itchen. Charles is on the River Frome in Dorset, a beautiful and wild chalk stream, famed for its sizable Grayling and Charles doesn't let us down, catching a stunning 2lb plus fish. A Year in the Life is a visual treat which shows off some of the world's top fly fishing destinations, through the eyes of renowned anglers and is highly recommended.
Giants Among Us tells the story of a great Canadian, Rick Hansen, and his dedication to saving the White Sturgeon of BC's Fraser River. Acipenser Transmontanus, “Sturgeon beyond the mountains”, the White Sturgeon is no ordinary fish. With an armour plated body resembling a large shark, it can reach twenty feet in length and live up to 150 years. A prehistoric relic of the dinosaur age, their species has survived for millions of years. Now, in a timeframe of less than its own lifespan the Sturgeon has been designated a species at risk. Global warming, habitat loss, over fishing and pollution have all played a part in the Sturgeon’s struggle for existence. This rare giant is now in urgent need of help and it may happen that just the right man is on the way. Rick Hansen's incredible journey and accomplishments are now known throughout the world. His contribution to spinal cord research, immeasurable. Certain aspects of his life, however, are much less well known. It is here that two seemingly unrelated stories connect. Rick is the co - founder and honorary chair of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society. Perhaps the many fishing trips with his father and grandfather are part of this story. The childhood thrill of catching a Sturgeon an indelible memory. Unbelievably, a Sturgeon that lives in the Fraser River today could have been born in 1867, the birth of our country! It would be 90 years old in 1957, the year of Rick Hansen's birth. Canada’s centennial in 1967 was a shared 100th birthday for our great nation and this incredible fish. Today, at almost 148 years old, that same Sturgeon swims silently in the murky depths of the Fraser. Drifting in a small boat from almost 50 feet above, Rick Hansen knows his old friend is down there, and wants to help.
Ocean exploration is a romantic notion that reaches out to the adventurer in all of us. From an early age people dream of exploring the farthest reaches of Earth – uncovering history and ancient stories, witnessing the true beauty of nature while discovering the raw essence driving that simple word, ‘exploration’. ‘Big Fish Big Adventure’ is an 8 part original Australian-made series featuring an exploration charter company ‘Big Cat Reality’ that caters to the desires of open-water fishing enthusiasts and adventure seekers, introducing them to some of the most beautiful, still unexplored fishing destinations the world has to offer. The series offers adventure, reveals Queensland’s long-lost maritime history, undersea life, the thrill of extreme fishing and ocean exploration. Captain James McVeigh, seasoned mariner and once commercial diver who has spent his life on or under the water, takes his clients to the furthest reaches of the reef, chasing their ‘fish-of-a-life time’. James and his crew deliver a true adventure experience, which, as the real adventurist knows, means facing down an unforgiving sea, and Mother Nature’s ability to throw the unexpected at them, at any time. This is what it means to maintain a charter business supplying high end experiences while navigating the spectacular waters of the Coral Sea. The fish may be big but the adventure is bigger. This series represents the truth of ocean charter work alternating daily between relaxed lounging, battling big fish, tales of high adventure played out on the sea floor, racing storm fronts and re-discovering some of Queensland’s seldom seen seascapes. This is Big Fish Big Adventure.
The Striped Bass is almost certainly the most revered and sought after saltwater species in North America, and this epic, near 3hr film delves deep into the subject of angling for these hard fighting fish. Following a group of 'striper' lifers, the film starts in the spawning grounds of Chesapeake Bay where expert anglers, the Tylers are looking for their first fish of the season. As sunset arrives, they finally find the fish they have been looking for and a big striper is boated to kick off the film in style. Further up the coast we meet Jo Shastray, a New York city firefighter and fishing boat captain who is equally obsessed by these fish. He explains how the currents and tides of New York harbour provide excellent opportunity to target stripers, and what an amazing backdrop we see as Jo does just that in front of the Manhattan skyline at night. As the water warms and fish migrate, they can be sighted up and down the coast and targeted out in open water and the Tylers show just how to find and catch these fish. We meet legends like Lefty Kreh and Bob Popovics who are both addicted to catching stripers and have played a hefty role in the development of fly angling for them. Greg Myserson also shows us how its done, fishing a worm hatch in Rhode Island, and he should know whathe's doing as in 2011 he became the IGFA World Record Holder for Striped Bass with a huge 81lb fish. We follow the migration up the coast culminating at Montauk where hoardes of anglers arrive each year to find stripers in what could truly be called the surf fishing capital of the world. We also join Pink Floyd's Roger Waters in Montauk as he fly fishes 'the blitz' where thousands of stripers hit bait on the surface and the action is relentless. This is a must watch film for saltwater anglers providing an incredible insight into the Striped Bass fishing scene, along with plenty of information about how to successfully target these amazing fish.    
The Texas Team Trail is one of the most popular Bass circuits in the States, regularly attracting fields of over 200 teams. In 2019 it was unlucky to be on the receiving end of some awful weather, causing the rescheduling of the season opener at Sam Rayburn Reservoir and raising doubts over the staging of a couple more. Despite all this the pairs of anglers were as competitive as ever, desperate to come out on top no matter what the conditions. The qualifying events were at Lakes Travis and Texoma as well as two at the legendary Sam Rayburn, all leading up to the season finale Championship weekend at Belton Lake, renowned for its double figure Bass. To watch Texas Team Trial 2019 now, just login or join
The Sam Rayburn Reservoir is arguably one of the best Bass fishing lakes in the States and The Texas Team Trail was scheduled to visit it twice in 2019. The February event had to be postponed because of severe flooding, so it was moved to coincide with the meeting in mid May, taking place on the Friday, with the second, totally separate competition taking place the day after. It seems that the weather just doesn't want to play ball this year as one of the pre-fish days was interrupted by a hail storm unloading rocks of ice the size of tennis balls all over the lake. On their early morning arrival at the ramps for event 1 the teams are greeted by strong winds and heavy rain. The tournament officials are happy to give it the green light, so with their waterproofs about to be well and truly tested, it's game on. The consensus is that with all the rain there won't be any topwater action with the fish moving out to a depth of 14-20ft. But despite this there are going to be some big Bass caught and there will be some heavy bags at the end of the day. To watch 2019 Sam Rayburn Bass Tournament now, just login or join
The IFA Redfish Tour is regarded as one of the top series of tournaments of its kind in the States and is certainly the most popular. It hosts a number of qualifying events in 5 regional divisions across the south east of the country, with teams vying to make it through to the Championship Final at the end of the season. In 2019 this was held at Venice in Louisiana, considered to be the best Redfish destination in the world. Most of the qualifying competitions are one day events where the teams of two anglers are looking to bag the heaviest total of two fish. Sounds easy, but all states impose a slot, outside which fish that are too small or too big must be put back. So the largest fish that count are either just under 27 or 28 inches, with the heart breaking realisation that something slightly bigger than this won't count. Anglers will try a variety of patterns, looking for something that works on the day, but generally they like to sight fish in clear water where they can see and cast to the shoals of Redfish. The IFA Tour also includes events for kayak fishing, sponsored by Hobie and in this series we include the season finale Championship from Grand Isle, Louisiana as well as the Hobie World 8's, the world championships from Gold Coast Australia. To watch the 2019 IFA Redfish Tour now, just login or join
Trout Grass
This is a remastered version of Trout Grass, a fascinating documentary that charts the transformation of bamboo from a hardy species of grass into a meticulously crafted split-cane fly rod. Shot on location in the lush forests of Southern China and the majestic rivers of Montana, Trout Grass captures the allure of craftsmanship, and rivers as well as the notion that fishing is about much more than catching fish. We follow, master rod builder Hoagy B. Carmichael from his home in Montana, to the mystical bamboo forests of China which have supplied him his raw material for over 40 years. Some fly anglers are devoted to bamboo, preferring it to modern day materials like carbon fibre and we learn why it has such a following and why anglers feel more connected to rivers when fishing with these special rods. In China we see how a bamboo importer has to sort through thousands of poles find the right ones for fly rods, whilst in Montana we see how master builder, Glenn Bracket constructs one of these revered rods. Trout Grass is a fantastic fly fishing documentary and a must watch for anyone interested in split cane bamboo fly rods. To watch just login or join  
Follow the highlights of the 2019 National Walleye Tour featuring the four biggest events of the year. We start on Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh, Wisconsin where the largest field in NWT history, 166 teams of pro and co anglers have assembled to compete for the largest purse ever. Unseasonably cold weather means they have to try everything in their repertoire. The second stop is at Marinette on the Bay of Green Bay, part of Lake Michigan offering a huge area of water to fish, most anglers head north where there are some very large Walleye to be found. The third stop is at Sault Ste Marie in Michigan, it sits on the St Mary's River that runs the short distance between Lakes Superior and Huron, so the fishing opportunities here are almost endless. The tour comes to an exciting climax with the Tour Championship, this year held on Devil's Lake, North Dakota. 87 of the top placed anglers of the season take part in the first two days, with ten of them qualifying for the day 3 showdown where the Championship trophy and Angler of the Year will be decided. To watch highlights of the 2019 National Walleye Tour now, just login or join
This series covers the highlights of the 2019 Collegiate Bass Fishing Series, in particular its 3 biggest events. Starting with the Championship, which is the culmination of the 2018-19 season held on Pickwick Lake, Alabama. Defending champions Cole Floyd and Carter McNeil are hoping to make it an unprecedented two in a row and School of the Year will also be decided. A new season gets under way and we feature two of its most important dates, the Big Bass Bash, where the largest single fish of the two days wins and the AFTCO Open held on the beautuful and ever popular Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas. As always the collegiate kids take it just as seriously as their pro tour heroes. To watch 2019 Collegiate Bass Fishing Series now, just login or join
With Fishing and Hunting Texas - Series 2, Clark Wendlandt is back with some more great Bass fishing action from his home state. The three times FLW Angler of the Year is now a veteran of the pro circuit and one of its most accomplished members, so he's got plenty of experience to lean back on when he's offering up tips and advice. The subjects he covers in this series include deep water Bass fishing, fishing in grass, which bait for which situation and how to fish on a new water. He visits some of his favourite lakes in Texas, including Choke Canyon, Brandy Branch and Sam Rayburn reservoirs. He delivers his tips clearly, in a way that's easy to follow with a few insights into the mind of a pro angler. All the time finding it impossible to disguise his love and passion for the sport. To watch Fishing and Hunting Texas - Series 2 now, just login or join
Hosts, Ladin Langeman and Steve Ronholt return for another action packed series of Fishing with Ladin. Showing off their fly fishing skills, they fish numerous locations in Idaho, Montana, Washington and British Columbia. Equally at home fishing rivers or lakes, they make some stunning captures, catching some real trophy sized trout wherever they go.  Their obvious passion for fly fishing and for the fish they pursue is infectious and there's plenty to admire and learn from whilst watching them in out these wild locations. To watch just login or join


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