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Our New Releases playlist serves up the latest fishing films, videos and TV series as they are released on Fishing TV, the world's largest collection of professionally produced videos aimed exclusively at the angler. Our channels cover Fly Fishing, Saltwater, Carp fishing, Predators, Coarse and Match and Conservation. You'll find all kinds of videos including adventure, hints and tips, documentaries and instructional based programming.  New Releases provides an easy way to keep up to date with all of the latest content. By logging in, you can also add videos that you like to your Watchlist and watch them later at your convenience.

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French film maker and Hardy Pro, Gregory Dolet returns with his follow up film to Blue in Tuna on the Fly, with Patagonian Waters, a wonderful exploration of the remarkable fly fishing in Patagonia.  Here he travels to the Chilean Andes as a guest of Geoffray Begard and Jean Domange, who are establishing their new fly fishing lodge on the banks of the Rio Simpson. Its a stunning mid sized river with the incredible backdrop of the Andes, but it doesn't mean the fish are easy and Gregory has a tricky first day until spotting and perfectly stalking a truly magical Chilean Brown Trout. After fishing some of the smaller tributaries for the abundant brown and rainbow trout, Gregory tries his hand at the King Salmon which also reside in these emerald green waters. As you'd expect, big grasshopper patterns are the way to go for the trout, as the windswept steppes push these abundant terrestrials onto the water making for some electric dry fly fishing. This is a fantastic film with the same stunning cinematography as his previous venture and if you hadn't thought about putting Patagonia on your fly fishing bucket list, you certainly will after watching this. The film is primarily in French with English subtitles. To watch, just join or login now
The River
The AuSable River, Michigan is regarded by many as the one of the finest trout rivers in America. In this beautifully crafted film by Robert Thompson, we meet just a few of the anglers who have been captivated by its mystique, its legendary hatches and its fickle brown trout. We also meet some of the people who have devoted their lives to the preservation and conservation of the AuSable river as a truly wild fishery. Its history includes disputes over stocking and catch and release, the birth of Trout Unlimited and its battles with the large corporations over mineral rights and pollution. You can see why the river's devotees have been so passionate about taking care of such a special place, its hatches have become things of legend and folklore, the season opening "Hendrickson" mayfly quickly followed by the "Hex", attracting anglers from all over the world, hoping to hook a hungry, giant Brown Trout. To watch The River now, just login or join
In Spey Daze, award winning film maker Robert Thompson takes on the story of Steelhead in America's Great Lakes. He joins the fishing enthusiasts who revel in catching them and talks to some of the scientists and conservationists who are constantly working at maintaining their existence. Steelhead are a migratory form of Rainbow Trout that were introduced to the Great Lakes at the end of the 19th Century, around the time that the Atlantic Salmon, indigenous to Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River were being catastrophically over fished. Their numbers are maintained by constant restocking, but there is an established population of 'wild' fish, particularly in Michigan and Ontario, that are regarded as the ultimate prize. The migratory nature of the fish, means they travel along the rivers and tributaries flowing into the lakes, to reach their spawning grounds, and so it's these journeys that present the angler with their opportunity. 'Stripping' the fly with a traditional trout fly rod works, but 'swinging' the fly with a two handed Spey rod seems to be the ultimate way to go, after all these are large fish that can grow to over a metre. To watch Spey Daze now, just login or join
In Summer Haze, acclaimed film maker Robert Thompson takes a long, indulgent look at the joys of fly fishing in warm water for predatory species such as Musky, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. The Upper Mid West of America is widely regarded to have some of the best freshwater fishing to be found anywhere in the world, but until recently the cold water species of Trout and Salmon have been thought of as the ultimate target for fly anglers. This is changing and in Summer Haze we join some local guides and enthusiasts who are blazing the warm water trail. They share their thoughts and reasoning and its easy to see why this type of fly fishing has taken a hold on their hearts. Summer Haze has been beautifully shot and crafted by Robert Thompson, it is split into two parts, both nearly 2 hours in length, so if this doesn't satisfy your desire for warm water fly action, we don't know what will. To watch Summer Haze now, just login or join
The Wild River Bass series - Get a friend to drop you and your mates off with your kayaks on a remote, upstream stretch of river in the Australian wilderness and then spend a day or so drifting downstream on the current, casting your lures into what would otherwise be unreachable overhangs and snags and you too will catch some record breaking Australian Bass. But if you can't quite make it, let Dave Seaman show you how its done, he's the expert and he's been paddling his way down most of the rivers on the eastern seaboard of Australia for quite a few years now and has made these 3 films along the way. He and his buddies catch a lot of large fish and take time to show you the gear they are using and the best tactics to employ. There's plenty of explosive action, especially when the fish hit those surface lures. But it's not just about the fishing, it's also about enjoying the journey and everything nature has to offer. To watch the Wild River Bass series now, just login or join
In this their 20th Anniversary year, host Jim Hoey and the Dimestore Fishermen team travel the length and breadth of Canada, visiting some of their favourite fishing communities and destinations. Jim obviously enjoys learning about the people he fishes with, as well as getting the low down on the lakes and rivers they hold dear to their hearts. And across Canada there is a wide variety of fishing to be had, from ice fishing for Walleye on Tobin Lake in winter, to dry fly fishing in the beautiful Kootenay Rockies for Cutthroat Trout. There are also some monsters to be found on the bigger waters, including Chinook Salmon off the coast of British Columbia and a giant Wild White Sturgeon in the Fraser River. Jim is a very proud Canadian and takes great delight in showcasing all the great fishing his great nation has to offer. To watch The Dimestore Fishermen now, just login or register
In Fly v Spin for Tarpon, host Randy Bowser, a spincast enthusiast who loves nothing better than chucking a soft rubber lure at those Snook and Tarpon, challenges his good friend and Fly Fishing expert, Alvaro Abreu to a two day Fly v Spin challenge. Day one sees them fishing off the same boat in the marina at Progresso, where there are plenty of Tarpon rolling. Randy is using a new small rubber DOA lure and Alvaro a bright green streamer, both get an early hook up, with plenty of aerial action, but the day is emphatically won by Randy nailing a mighty 60lb specimen. Day two sees them head to the ria or inshore lagoon behind Progresso, again there is plenty of action and the honours are shared with both of them catching a decent fish. To watch this video now, just login or register
Alpine Carp
In the latest of their Carp Travels, Robert Rakowicz and Przemysław (Pep) Pająk make a 3,000km round trip from their home in Poland to the French Alps in search of their first Alpine Carp. They are staying on a small private lake at an altitude of approximately 1000m, its September, but the sudden changes in weather can best be described as dynamic, if not dramatic. After an extensive recce by boat on their first day, they decide to fish a few meters out from their swim, but after a fruitless night decide a more radical approach is required. They liked the look of an underwater ridge, 500m out, in the middle of the lake, so decide to take the boat out there again, bait the area, drop their hookbaits and a marker and return with their rods to the swim. The tactics eventually pay off and the guys' hard work is eventually rewarded with some magnificent carp. Robert breaking his PB. As a diary of their expedition, the film is beautifully shot and conveys the joy of bivvying up in such a stunning location, surrounded by the mountains and its wildlife on all sides. And to affirm that it's not just about the fishing, the guys share a visit they made to nearby Grenoble providing a chance to do a bit of sightseeing and to sample the local culture. This film is in Polish with English subtitles To watch Alpine Carp now, just login or register
More Saltwater action from the Florida Keys, as the Fish Guyz, Captain George Clark Jr. and Captain Lain Goodwin are back for series 2, doing what they do best and that's heading out in a boat for a day's fishing. They're based in Key Largo on Florida's Atlantic coast and they always have the choice of heading out into open water for some deep sea fishing for species such as Sailfish, Mahi Mahi and Tuna, or travelling along the sheltered flats that run up to Biscayne Bay and include the mangrove line shallows of the Everglade National Park. Here they can find plenty of Snook, Snappers, Jacks and Yellowfish as well as Tarpon and Permit. There plenty more banter between the two of them and George seems even more obsessed with filling the cool box with edibles to take back for his favourite fish tacos. To watch Fish Guyz - Series 2 now, just login or register
In this Alaskan Trophy Adventure, Paul Worsteling, Cristy and Jet are on the trip of a lifetime, staying at the ATA Lodge on the Alagnak River in Alaska. In this episode local guide Jacob McGee, takes them a few miles downstream to a stretch of the river known as the Braids. Here there are lots of deep holes, all holding massive numbers of Salmon. They expect to find Chum, King and even Pink Salmon, a variety that only returns every two years to spawn. Paul's convinced that the only colour fly or plastic lure worth using is pink, as it emulates the salmon roe, so his tacklebox is full of it. However there are so many fish in the river, it looks like you could catch with just about anything. To watch Alaskan Trophy Adventure now, just login or register
The Summer Hunt
Top UK carp angler, Adam Penning returns to Fishing TV in The Summer Hunt,  a new film about a 3 day fishing sesssion on Fryerning Lakes in 2019. This was filmed in one the hottest periods of the summer and meant Adam could adopt numerous tactics and this 90 min film dives deep into his though processes about what to do. If you've seen Adam before, you'll know how much he loves surface fishing and the fish don't disappoint but he also finds a lot of success in the margins too. There's plenty to admire here from one the best carp anglers around who'll show you all the tips, tactics and rigs he employs in adverse conditions like this. To watch The Summer Hunt just login or register
Paul Worsteling is back with some more fantastic adventures, as he visits a number of iconic destinations around his native Australia. He concentrates on the huge variety of saltwater action there is to be found around its coastline, but also tries his hand at fly fishing for early season Goulburn River Trout and takes a helicopter into the hills to catch Sooty Grunters. There are also a few shows that cover the trip he made with wife Cristy and son Jet to Alaska, where they were fishing for the various species of Salmon to be found there. To watch iFish - Volume 3 now, just login or register


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