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Madfin Shark – Season 8

This show follows the exhilarating 2014 Madfin Shark series competition, as four couples battle to catch Lemon, Bull, Blacktip and Hammerhead sharks in Key West, Florida. Over three days, Bo and Dierdre of team blackjack, Carter and Heidi of team obsession, Steve and Melissa of team cool change and Patrick and Larya of team bass pro shops employ handlining and balloon techniques in shallow water, an incredibly exciting way to catch these big predators. A looming storm threatens the competition, but when no one manages to build a decisive lead, one giant fish could mean the difference been victory and defeat.
The 2014 Madfin Shark Series competition opens out of Key West, as 4 couples compete to catch Lemon Shark, Blacktips and more in the Florida Keys. The morning of day 1 is windy and wild. Bo and Dierdre of team blackjack fight to extend their lead with bonus points, handlining for lemon shark next to the boat. Carter and Heidi of team obsession employ unique tactics to attract the biggest fish. Steve and Melissa of team cool change venture north in search of Lemon’s, but encounter a rare and unbelievable new species. Offshore, rookies Patrick and Larya of team bass pro shops target bigger Blacktips with chum.
The Madfin teams frantically chase Bull and Lemon Sharks as an impending storm threatens the competition. While team cool change look for their Lemon Shark limit, team obsession play a dangerous game attempting a 300 point handlining bonus. Blackjack travel north and begin catching barracudas to lure in a fearsome Bull Shark, but Bo needs to look after his fingers when a giant fights back. Team Bass Pro Shops need their limit if they’re to be in with a chance, but it’s a race for shore when the storm finally arrives.
After a hectic first day, our Madfin Shark Series competitors look to bag up with Lemon Sharks out of Key West Florida. With high winds and cool water following the storm, strategy is going to be important going into the second half of the series. While Patrick and Larya of team bass pro shop and Steve and Melissa of cool change try to catch their lemon limit quick, Bo and Dierdre get a little too close for comfort handlining for extra points. When team obsession’s Heidi tries the same, she’s in for a battle when something far too big takes the bait.
One team aims to extend their lead beyond all doubt in this episode of Madfin Shark Series, fishing for Lemons, Blacktip and Hammerhead out of Key West, Florida. Patrick and Larya are having a rough time in last place as they continue to fish for their first limit. Teams obsession and blackjack are tied for second place, but one couple gets a chance to pull ahead when they spot a big Blacktip. Steve and Melissa’s dominance may to be too much for the other teams when a high value Hammerhead moves behind the boat.
As the final chapter of the Madfin Shark Series competition begins, the battle for first place is closer than ever. The waters of Key West have calmed since the storm, setting the stage for an eventful finale. Team obsession hit the waves quick looking for a first fish bonus, but one giant could seal the deal. Team cool change need something bigger, yet a double hook-up pumps their numbers and they’re back in the game. While team bass pro shops struggle with a difficult fight, Blackjack hit the jackpot when a high-scoring species bites the hook.
Emotions are running high in this penultimate episode as four teams battle to secure victory shark fishing in Key West, Florida. Teams obsession and bass pro make a bold move handlining for big fish, but it’s not for the faint of heart, as Heidi risks her fingers retrieving a bad hookset. Across the bay, two-time champions Bo and Dierdre of team blackjack struggle to contain their emotions chasing a big bull.
Four couples make a final bid for victory as the 2014 Madfin Shark Series contest comes to a close. With mere hours remaining, it’s a game of seconds and inches as teams obsession and blackjack go shark for shark to take the lead. Adding to their bad luck, Patrick and Larya’s boat comes under attack, while Steve and Melissa try to build on their big fish bonus since their incredible hammerhead. With only seconds left on the clock, one team has a chance to steal the show.


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