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The Hunt for Monster Bass – Season 5

Season 5 of ‘The Hunt for Monster Bass’ takes viewers on an exhilarating journey with Bassmaster champion Ott DeFoe as he pursues the biggest and most elusive bass in America. From the flooded marshes of Louisiana to the crystal-clear lakes of Vermont, Ott's relentless pursuit of trophy bass leads him to confront challenging conditions and employ innovative techniques. With each episode, viewers witness the highs and lows of competitive angling as Ott reflects on his strategies, shares his wealth of knowledge, and showcases the thrill of landing some of the biggest bass on film! Get ready for heart-pounding action, stunning scenery, and unforgettable moments in the quest for the ultimate catch.
Ott DeFoe embarks on a fishing expedition for Largemouth Bass in the mountain lakes of North Carolina in fall season. The remote waters of Blackwater Lake are deep, cold and somewhat mysterious after recovering from a major pollution incident, but an abundance of bait fish has Ott intrigued. He experiments with crank baits and umbrella rigs, showcasing how to find fish feeding spots in changing conditions. A storm disrupts plans, leading Ott to Lake Lure, where an innovative bait change unveils exciting results, showcasing his resilience and angling prowess.
Join Ott DeFoe in Tennessee, chasing Largemouth Bass amidst spring flooding that's burst the banks of his home river. With just a two-hour window, Ott sees opportunity in disaster, discovering new pools and structures harbouring hungry fish. Armed with colourful and aggressive spinnerbaits for the muddy waters, he casts between submerged forests and docks. Despite fishing blind, Ott's expertise leads him to the fish, culminating in an intense battle as he hooks one of the hardest bites of his life with a bladed jig. Perhaps the rain has shaken up a monster bass?
Ott DeFoe fishes for trophy Largemouth Bass in the marshes of Louisiana, where unpredictable conditions test his skills. Despite the setbacks, Louisiana's vast expanse of canals, marshes, and wetlands promise bass fishing paradise. Ott's experimentation with a special Tokyo rig yields action, but he's determined to hook something bigger. As rain pours down, Ott shifts to a more aggressive approach, leading to a thrilling discovery—a massive bass lurking in a hole by the marshes. Will Ott's bold tactics pay off in landing the trophy catch?
Join Ott DeFoe as he embarks on a northern adventure to Vermont, New England, in pursuit of Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. With hundreds of lakes and ponds harbouring monster bass, Vermont offers new water for Ott, who quickly discovers its fish-filled allure. In the crystal-clear depths, he stumbles upon a Smallmouth paradise, where the slower growth rate of northern fish presents a challenge. Undeterred, Ott's expertise shines through as he outwits these strong, smart, and elusive predators with jigs and spinnerbaits, even amidst pouring rain. Will Ott's mastery unlock the secrets of Vermont's bass-filled waters?
Ott DeFoe navigates turbulent waters in his home state of Tennessee in this episode, targeting both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass with spinnerbaits. Despite the challenge of bright skies and frost, the lake has been exceptionally productive. Ott's expertise pays off as he hooks into a massive Smallmouth, showcasing the lake's potential. While casting spinnerbaits under docks proves effective, Ott seeks the elusive trophy Largemouth. His perseverance leads him to a rocky shoreline beneath the trees, hinting at the possibility of a thrilling encounter with the bass he's been searching for.
Ott DeFoe braves the frigid waters of a cold Tennessee lake, determined to hunt down monster winter Bass using jerk baits. Among the few anglers willing to face the January chill, Ott targets prime spots like bridge tunnels, cliff faces and vegetation, but he finds himself puzzled as the fish seem to have vanished. In a stroke of serendipity, an accidental change of approach leads Ott to a breakthrough, proving that even seasoned Bassmaster champions like him can still learn something new in the pursuit of giants.
Ott persists in his quest for big bass on the small waters of Vermont, New England. The bass up north aren't typically large, but Ott suspects a monster lurks beneath the surface. Exploring yet another new body of water, he encounters ideal conditions with flat calm waters and sunshine. However, his day takes a turn when a nightmare scenario unfolds as a big fish tangles him in a submerged tree. Undeterred, Ott spots interesting baitfish around the docks and structures, prompting him to experiment by painting one of his swimbaits. Will this be the key to catching the elusive northern giant he's been pursuing?
Join Bassmaster champion Ott DeFoe as he hunts for giant bass in Raleigh, North Carolina, using swimbaits and spinnerbaits on a lake teeming with tales of monsters. Despite the challenges of fall fishing, Ott remains resolute, casting across the cold and misty waters. Observing baitfish near the surface, Ott demonstrates his favourite crankbait setup. However, as the fish suddenly vanish, frustration mounts, compounded by an unexpected rainstorm. With a strategic shift in tactics, Ott entices something massive lurking beneath the lily pads, setting the stage for a thrilling battle with a potential monster bass.
Ott DeFoe embarks on a mission to catch a true monster bass on Chickamauga Lake, Tennessee. Despite waking up to horrendous conditions of cold rain and fog , Ott exudes confidence in his ability to land a giant with his decades of experience. Reflecting on his incredible session last year, he discusses his philosophy of fluorocarbon versus braid line. Casting spinnerbaits and umbrella rigs into the fog, Ott achieves a rare feat, almost never caught on camera. But the action doesn't end there, as this session evolves into one of the most memorable days of the Bassmaster champion's career.
Join Bassmaster champion Ott DeFoe as he reminisces on the season's monumental catches. Beginning in Kissimmee, Florida, Ott recalls his most remarkable session where he attempted to lure giants from the thick grass, marking a high point in his career. Transitioning to Millers Lake, Louisiana, Ott targeted monster bass in its narrow channels, utilizing swimbaits to great effect. Finally, on the legendary Chickamauga Lake, Tennessee, Ott experienced the thrill of a double hook-up, reeling in not one but two monster bass using umbrella baits. Ott's reflections offer a glimpse into the triumphs and challenges of elite bass fishing.


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