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Madfin Shark – Season 10

Dive into the heart-stopping action of the 2016 Madfin Shark Series as four teams battle across the Gulf of Mexico waters from Venice, Louisiana. Witness the adrenaline-fueled quests of Team Journey South, Team R.E.O, Team Vicious, and Team Pescador as they face off against the ocean's apex predators in a relentless pursuit of victory. From daring tactics to unexpected twists, each episode captures the highs and lows of the intense competition, culminating in a thrilling finale where one angler's life changes forever with the hook of a lifetime. Who will conquer the seas and emerge as the ultimate Madfin Series Champion?
Join the action as the 10th annual Madfin Shark Series kicks off with a bang! Setting sail from Venice, Louisiana, four teams embark on a thrilling quest through the vast Gulf of Mexico in pursuit of the most massive and elusive sharks. As the competition heats up, Team Journey South faces a daunting challenge as they navigate empty waters, while Team R.E.O experiments with unconventional float fishing techniques to entice their prey. Meanwhile, Team Vicious strategically positions themselves at the mouth of the Mississippi River, while Team Pescador takes a daring approach by trailing a commercial fishing vessel. With the pressure mounting, one team makes a jaw-dropping comeback in the closing moments, securing the ultimate catch and dominating the leader board.
The opening leg of the 2016 Madfin Shark Series continues as teams battle it out from Venice, Louisiana. Team Vicious grapples with formidable Bull Sharks at the mouth of the Mississippi River, testing their skill and determination. Meanwhile, Team R.E.O strategically anchors to an oil rig in the gulf, creating a prime hunting ground. Team Pescador remains steadfast in the wake of a commercial fishing vessel, luring a monstrous shark with bait-filled nets. As Team Journey South continues their winning streak with another impressive Hammerhead catch, a twist unfolds when one team unexpectedly gets the chance to rescue a shark from a perilous fate, adding a compassionate touch to the fierce competition.
In the tense conclusion of day one, tensions rise as Journey South aims to solidify their lead with a third Hammerhead catch, only to face disappointment with a meager find. Meanwhile, Team Pescador ventures away from the trawler boat in pursuit of fiercer prey, encountering a group of formidable Spinner Sharks and Bulls. Unaware of their chance to dethrone Journey South, Team R.E.O engages in a fierce battle beneath the oil rig. And in a last-ditch effort to climb the leader board, Team Vicious shifts tactics to fish deeper in the Mississippi mouth. With the stakes higher than ever, will their new strategy be enough to lift them out of last place?
As the second leg of the 2016 competition kicks off, Team R.E.O seizes the lead with a strong start. Meanwhile, Team Journey South strives to capitalize on their previous success with Hammerhead Sharks, yet they struggle against relentless Amberjack. Team Pescador reverts to their proven strategy of trailing commercial fishing vessels, hunting for that elusive first fish bonus. In a daring move, Team Vicious adopts a dangerous handlining technique for extra points, leading to chaos when both Mike and Stephen hook into a fish at once. With tension mounting and the stakes higher than ever, it’s neck and neck as we head into the second half.
As the 2016 Madfin Shark competition nears its final day, the pressure intensifies with mixed fortunes for the teams. Team R.E.O aims to solidify their lead with a swift Bull Shark catch for bonus points. Despite Team Pescador's optimism when their bait disappears, they find themselves surrounded by smaller sharks. Inspired by their competitors, Team Journey South adjusts their strategy, fishing in the chum slick of a shrimp boat in a bid to reclaim the top spot. However, tension mounts for Team Vicious as a disastrous session unfolds, culminating in a rod vanishing overboard. Forced to resort to handlining, they desperately seek a high-scoring catch to escape last place. Will the competition unravel in the face of mounting challenges?
In the heart-pounding final day of the Venice, Louisiana waters, the Madfin Shark Series begins its climax with all four teams vying for victory. Team Vicious faces immediate setbacks but clings to hope for a game-changing first fish bonus. Meanwhile, Team Pescador fights tooth and nail for the lead, with Charlie's epic battle against the largest shark of his life. Team R.E.O, in the lead but not comfortable, strives for a massive haul to rectify past errors. Battling relentless amberjack, Team Journey South scrambles for crucial points. As tensions peak, an angler's rod explodes in a thrilling finale, hooking the competition's biggest shark and a once-in-a-lifetime catch.
As the clock ticks down on the 2016 Madfin competition, the intensity peaks with four teams locked in a fierce battle against the ocean's giants for the coveted championship title. Team Vicious takes a daring leap with high-risk handlining tactics, aiming to surge up the leader board. Team Pescador, buoyed by optimism but facing fierce competition, grapples with yet another massive Bull Shark. Team Journey South shifts tactics, heading inland after exhausting their shrimp boat strategy. Offshore, Team R.E.O struggles with empty waters near the oil rigs. With the outcome hanging in the balance, one angler hooks a colossal fish, setting the stage for a nail-biting conclusion. Who will emerge as the ultimate Madfin Series Champion?


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