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Modern Fishing with Jared Jeffries – Season 1

In this action-packed new programme, NBA star Jared Jeffries travels the world in search of the craziest sport fishing. Fuelled by a competitive spirit, Jared and his buddies fish harder than ever alongside some of the best guides and Captains. Guided by die hard lure anglers, we learn the best tackle, tactics and theories behind jigging, popping and spinning artificial baits for a spectrum of species. Giant Dogtooth Tuna in New Zealand, high-flying Tarpon in the Florida Keys or Snapper off the oil rigs of Louisiana, Modern Fishing will inspire anyone to hit the waves!
Opening a new season of Modern Fishing, NBA star Jared Jeffries returns to Panama to fish surface baits for big Yellowfin Tuna. The aptly named paradise lodge is surrounded by palm trees, white beaches and some of the greatest sport fishing waters on the planet. These Tuna are among the most powerful animals in the ocean, but Jared has his eyes on a 100-pounder with light tackle and surface jigs… no easy task! The remote and uninhabited Montuosa Island sets the stage for the session of a lifetime. The crew arrive to birds and porpoises diving on huge balls of bait across the reef, but there’s no telling whether Jared’s light tackle will be enough to land dinner for the lodge.
Jared’s back in his home waters of Tampa Bay, Florida in this episode of Modern Fishing, jigging artificial baits for multiple species in the Gulf of Mexico. Joined by his friend Adrian Michas and charter captain Chris Seger, Jared’s plan is to implement a trending new style of angling called speed jigging. 8 miles offshore the boys drop heavy baits, and rapidly race them off the bottom to induce takes. After some impressive amberjack and a bright Red Grouper for Adrian, Jared gets a chance to break a record when an unfamiliar species rises from the depths.
Our host braves stormy waters in this instalment of Modern Fishing with Jared Jeffries, casting small lures for Roosterfish, Snapper, Sailfish and more in Punta Mita, Mexico. Usually known for its year-round tropical climate, thunder booms along the pacific coast, so Jared begins trolling close to shore and hooks into a confidence boosting Sailfish. But with the fish rattled, a cunning change of tactics is required to snag the occasional Grouper, Needlefish or Skipjack. Once again joined by Adrian Michas, the following day the boys decide to explore the rocky coast of Isabella Island with tiny spinning rods in search of the coolest fish in Mexico, the stunning and aggressive Roosterfish.
Jared Jeffries cast a line in friendly competition with football player Jon Holt in this episode of Modern Fishing, jigging for pelagic fish off the coast of Palmetto, Florida. As Jared and Jon’s home water, it’s the perfect spot for a wager… biggest fish wins a free dinner! Dropping baits around the deep-water structures of the Gulf, a big Amberjack on the first cast is a sign of things to come. As the fish get bigger and the stunning, rod-snapping African Pompano make an appearance, John hooks into something seriously big, which has the boat stumped.
Cape Cod
Jared Jeffries and Adrian Michas hunt giant Bluefin Tuna with captain Dominic Petrarca in Cape Cod. It’s a freezing cold morning as the Modern Fishing crew head out from Plymouth, Massachusetts, but good reports in the area have Jared excited. These 8-foot long specimens don’t get big by being dumb, but they’re feeding hard on the surface, an enticing prospect for any sport angler. Dom spots humpback whales leaping on the horizon and the boys jump into action, but as hard as these fish are to hook, they’re even harder to land. The next day the crew heads 60 miles north, where despite calm conditions thousands of big Striped Bass are feeding on sand eels. When Adrian lure is attacked inches from the boat, he finds himself hooked to one of the biggest fish he’s ever seen.
In this special episode, we take a look at the life and career of NBA star, angler and Modern Fishing host Jared Jeffries. From his early relationship with his parents pulling Bluegill from farm ponds to his rise through the ranks of professional basketball, to his passion for artificial lures and monster fish. We examine the competitive spirit of athletes and anglers alike and check out some of the most memorable catches of the show!
Jared travels south in this episode of Modern Fishing, jigging for Dogtooth Tuna in Vanuatu, New Zealand. Jared and friend James Peters endure 15 hours in the air to settle some unfinished business on the remote islands. After losing big fish on their last trip, the pair are concerned when they arrive to 40 knot winds and stormy skies. After some fun with smaller species like Grouper, Gt and Coral Trout, the crew move to the uniquely jagged cliffs and steep drop-offs that line the coast, the perfect hunting ground for big predators like Dogtooth. When James gets a hit on a special lure, the target species move into the wash.
In Part 2 of their trip to the Vanuatu Islands of New Zealand, Jared Jeffries and James Peters continue their hunt for the giant Dogtooth Tuna of the southern seas. Fuelled by competitive drive after James’ success the day prior, Jared heads for deeper water to try speed jigging over the reefs. Through Rainbow Runner, GT’s, Snapper and Jobfish the prize of the day remains elusive, and when James gets his first chance the Sharks move in for the Kill. With a change of tactics Jared finally feels a familiar heavy strike and buckles in for an hour-long fight with the fish of a lifetime. But will he have something to offer at his party with the locals?
In the second part of his trip to Panama, Modern Fishing host Jared Jeffries returns to Montuosa Island to catch Tuna, Snapper and more on jigs and poppers. This time Jared and the crew decide to begin inshore, fishing small lip baits over the shallow reefs amongst the surf, but when a dangerous predator circles the boat, they’re forced back in to open water. After some luck with small reef species like Jacks and Trevally, a swarm of birds appear on the stormy horizon and Jared soon friends himself attached to something big. But landing a trophy in these conditions is never easy.
Jared Jeffries is back fishing with Captain James Peters in this episode of Modern Fishing, jigging for Blackfin Tuna, Red Snapper and more off the coast of Louisiana. A few miles from the town on Venice are the oil fields of the south. These massive rigs act as man-made reefs home to an entire food chain of fish in an otherwise featureless landscape. But no matter how heavy the gear they use, Jared and James are constantly broken off by the creatures below. It’s clear there’s some big fish to be caught…
In a special episode, Modern Fishing looks at all the awesome inshore fishing of the season. The fertile shores around Florida are home sweet home to Jared Jeffries and many more of the world’s most serious sport fisherman. He begins in Palmetto with friend Sammy and Captain Stacy Capps casting small lures for Speckled Trout and Snook before sight fishing for big Tarpon in the Sarasota Marina. In Venice, Louisiana, Jared and James Peters endure stormy waters jigging for Trout, before heading back to the Keys to throw topwater plugs in search of tasty Dorado and Tuna.
Jared’s back in Palmetto, Florida fishing artificial baits offshore for Amberjack, Cobia and more in this instalment of Modern Fishing. Joined by friend Sammy Ghandour, Captain Chris Seger takes the crew to a secret shipwreck a few miles from the coast. They’re off to a good start jigging for Jacks and Barracuda, but Sammy can’t stop losing lures in the monster filled depths. Further offshore he gets a chance at his very first Cobia, a prized catch to any angler, and the pair even hook double on big Amberjacks. But things turn from bad to worse when a storm moves in and a giant Tiger Shark charges the boat.
As season 1 comes to close, Jared Jeffries takes a look back at the very best action from a year of incredible fishing. From massive Dogtooth Tuna, colourful Roosterfish and gigantic Yellowfin, the show leads Jared to some of the biggest captures of his life, and a chance to experience the planets most vibrant countries and cultures. Sunny seas, friends and very big fish, it’s no wonder Jared loves his job!


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