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Trev Gowdy’s Monster Fish – Season 4

Trev Gowdy and his crew of Monster Anglers travel the world in search of the biggest and craziest fish to be caught on rod and line. Familiar to most anglers, we visit the top fisheries of America home to fresh run King Salmon, majestic Permit and giant Cobia. From there, Trev and the team explore the tribal Amazon rainforest to catch Vampire Fish, battle 1000-pound Tuna in the north Atlantic and track gigantic Great White Sharks for scientific research in Cape Cod. This season shows us anglers that fish beyond our wildest dreams lurk in the waters of our backyard.
For this season premiere of Monster Fish, record chaser Dennis Braid visits the mecca of Bluefin Tuna fishing seeking tonnes of fish… literally! On the edge of the North Atlantic sits Prince Edward Island, historically home to the biggest Bluefin on the planet. Catching 2 tonnes of fish across 3 days may seem unrealistic, but a unique phenomenon is taking place on the Canada coast. These giants have been observed by local captains taking baits from the surface of the water mere inches from the boat. These prospects may seem like the stuff of dreams, but landing a Tuna the size of a car can be a nightmare.
Known as perhaps the greatest winter Steelhead fishery in the world, host Trev Gowdy visits the Niagra River in search of trophy Trout, in this episode of Monster Fish. Boating just below the famous falls, Trev and Captain Danny must dodge impassable rapids and boat smashing icebergs. Such a powerful river can only be inhabited by the most powerful fish, and Trev soon hooks into a beauty. Despite landing the biggest Brown Trout of his life trolling on the nearby Lake Ontario, the big Steelhead are still eluding the duo. Just as Trev feels something big on the end of his line, a murderous whirlpool appears to threaten the crew.
This episode of Monster Fish sees trophy hunter Joe Setti chase giant Mako Sharks off the coast of Southern California. Its August, and the waters surrounding Catalina Island have become a hunting ground for one of the scariest and most deadly species of Shark. These Mako’s are known for their terrifying teeth, speed and aggression, with the potential to grow to over 1000 pounds and even leap 30 feet in the air. Captain Keith Gross suspends bait below balloons at the end of a 6-mile trail of chum, a fishy treasure hunt for these apex predators. After a small fish exhausts Joe with its power, an enormous dorsal fin breaks the surface and the crew get ready for battle.
In a special episode of Monster Fish, host Trev Gowdy travels to Chatham, Massachusetts to find and tag the oceans apex predator, the Great White Shark. Despite captivating the worlds fears on the silver screen, these incredible animals are a vital part of the ecosystem, so Trev and a crew of scientists are attempting to tag a shark to aid worldwide research and conservation. Cruising the coast and the sharks are remaining elusive, but when the helicopter spots something big moving in the distance, a top harpoon thrower gets into position and the chase is on.
The Monster Fish crew return to Canada’s Prince Edward Island for part 2 of their hunt for a 1000-pound Bluefin Tuna. Captain Troy Bruce knows from a lifetime of experience that the Herring and Mackerel now breeding in the area have rung the dinner bell for the ocean giants. We learn about the unique and revolutionary protection laws that have restored the waters to their natural abundance. As Tuna and Whales breach around the boat, Joe straps in for the hardest fight of his life.
Host Trev Gowdy travels to remote Alaska for some father son King Salmon fishing in this episode of Monster Fish. He may be young, but Trevor junior has a keen eye for salmon founded on generations of Gowdy anglers. 500 miles on a plane from Anchorage sits the Goodnews River, and trolling lines behind the boat offers a real chance at a Salmon beyond the magical 50-pounds mark. Trev may have the experience, but it’s the young apprentice that hooks into a trophy.
Monster Fish visits the world-famous Florida Keys with Trev Gowdy in search of trophy Permit. Revered among sport fisherman worldwide, the Keys are an expanse of rich and varying habitat home to some of the most beloved species on the planet, including the prize of the day. Permit are notoriously shy but powerful, making them a highly desirable catch. Using a stealthy punt and a pole, Trev casts crab baits into fast-moving schools of fish hoping for a 40-pounder, but the local sharks have other ideas.
Wolf Fish
The Monster Fish crew venture deep into the Amazon in this episode to fish for predatory Wolf Fish with a local tribe. The Xingu River system in southern Brazil is as dangerous as it is remote. Joe joins adventurer Ian at the invitation of a tribal chief, one of the only people able to navigate this thick jungle. Guarded on the banks of the fabled Dragon Lake, the pair cast lures for colourful Peacock Bass, nibbling Piranhas and the veracious Wolf Fish. But while the villagers prepare dinner, the local predators begin to surround the anglers as they wade through the murky depths.
In part 2 of his Amazon adventure, Joe casts a line for the vampire of the jungle, the terrifying Payara. After adjusting to life as an honoured guest of the indigenous tribe of Mato Grosso, Brazil, Joe and his fishing guide Ian need to up their game. These Payara are capable of reaching 40-pounds, sporting 6-inch fangs and a ruthless hunting instinct, so they ditch the lures for live eel baits and heavy tackle. After landing a fascinating Armoured Catfish and colourful Peacock Bass, they find themselves in the abundant hunting ground of the vampire fish, but it’s Dracula they here for.
In 2010, 500 million gallons of crude oil made their way into the Gulf of Mexico, suffocating an entire ecosystem for years later. In this episode, the Monster Fish anglers make pilgrimage to see if the bounty of the water surrounding the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig has recovered. Trolling lures alongside the artificial reefs of the remaining rigs, the boys begin with some tough fighting Amberjack, but the high-flying Wahoo they came for are nowhere to be seen. Joined by researcher Eric Newman, we learn the importance of balance in this important ecosystem and the structure of a fragile food chain. When line screams from the reel at unnatural speeds, it seems the catch of the day has survived.
In this episode of Monster Fish, Eric Newman looks for 60-pound Cobia in the South Carolina low country. On board with Cobia veteran John Irwin, it’s Eric’s goal as a fisheries researcher to sample DNA from bigger fish to aid conservation of the beloved species. As they move out from the salt marshes, the surface of the Broad River is smooth as glass, disturbed only by the fins of feeding fish. Nevertheless, the giants are nowhere to be found, until Eric spots a dark shadow moving out from under the boat.
In this special finale, Monster Fish counts down the biggest catches and encounters of the series. From stalking silver permit in the Florida Keys and fighting King Salmon in Alaska, to braving the piranha infested waters of the Amazon and tracking Great White Sharks off the Atlantic coast. This series is action packed for anglers and nature lovers alike.


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