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Great Rivers of Britain

Join FishingTV's Rae Borras, star of Game Fisher's Diary, as he travels to Britain's great rivers to explore the social, cultural and angling stories of these historic waterways. Making his way from source to the sea, he meets with local experts who (hopefully) show him the best of the fishing and share some tales of days gone by.
Join Rae Borras as he explores the magnificent River Severn in the first of a new series, Great Rivers of Britain. Along his journey from source to sea, he finds out why the Severn is such a special river, with fishing opportunities for every type of angler. He looks at the history of the river, how the river has shaped human history far beyond its banks, and the relationship that people have had with it through the ages - whether as food source or transport route - and meets some fascinating characters on his journey..... and of course finds time to do plenty of fishing.
The River Thames
Join Rae Borras as he takes a source to sea  journey down one of Britain's most famous rivers, the mighty River Thames. Starting at the source near Cirencester, Rae travels downstream and meets many people working and fishing on the river, explores the river's great history in trade and leisure pursuits, and examines its current environmental state. He of course samples the myriad of fishing opportunities the river can still offer anglers from fly fishing in the upper Thames, to fishing from a punt in Oxford and fishing for large Roach in the centre of London with old pal Keith Arthur. Rae also experiences some urban fly fishing on the River Wandle with Damon Valentine, before ending up with sea fishing expert,  Dave Barham in the Thames estuary.


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Journey of the river

Rated 5 out of 5
22nd January 2024

Very cool to see how a river changes from the start to finish . with some good fishing in both episodes

Sean Mcparland

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