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Yucatan Anglers TV – Series 4

Fanatical angler and guide, Randy Bowser returns for a fourth series of Yucatan Anglers TV from the tropical waters of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. With such an array of amazing inshore sport fishing species such as Tarpon, Speckled Sea Trout, Snook and Jack Crevalle, Randy is rarely off the mark and the action comes thick and fast. In this series, Randy also ventures out of his comfort zone, heading offshore for species like Snapper and Spanish Mackerel and finding some good fishing.
Join Randy Bowser as he explores the coastal waters off Celestun in Yucatan, Mexico, in search of big catches on light tackle. In this episode, Randy teams up with local guides to fish for Speckled Trout, venturing 1km offshore into 30 feet of water where big fish have been spotted feeding. As they reel in some nice trout and a surprise exotic giant, the excitement builds. Moving inshore for an even bigger prize, they cast between the boats in Puerto Abrigo, targeting aggressive Snook and high-flying Tarpon with shallow lures. With even the smallest of fish putting up a fight, chaos ensues when Randy hooks a silver giant.
Randy Bowser’s fixin’ to go fishin’ for Mexican Tarpon and Jack Crevalle in this episode Yucatan Anglers TV. Joined by Captain Gary Lira, the group begin 20 miles offshore from Sisal, jigging over an underground cave system for reef species like Pompano on light tackle. Back at the marina in Progresso, Randy notices hundreds of Tarpon rolling as they hunt bait fish amongst the boats, so he and Gary search for the bigger specimens with surface baits. After sharing their most tried and tested lures, they decide to troll the length of the world’s longest pier where the true monsters like to hunt.
Captain Randy Bowser is back for another season of Yucatan Anglers TV, kicking off with some harbour hopping for Snook in Progreso Mexico. Randy is joined by fisher friends Chris and Kim to enjoy the sunny Gulf of Mexico that surrounds Progreso in the Yucatan region. Usually a hotbed for big sporting predators like Snook and Tarpon, the Progreso Harbour has been illegally netted on this morning, so Randy and the crew have to be a little more cunning to find the fish that usually hang out deep under the docks. Casting lures between the boats, Kim quickly puts her renowned luck to good use, landing the first Snook of the day, while Chris hooks a very surprising Speckled Sea Trout. After venturing out to the backwater lagoon, the group head back for some classic Mexican Snook Ceviche.
In this episode of Yucatan Anglers TV, Captain Randy Bowser tries throwing lures for Tarpon in beautiful Sisal in Yucatan, Mexico. Tarpon are known to congregate around the safety of underwater structure, so the Puerto De Abrigo harbour is the perfect spot. Randy visited two years ago without much luck, but this time the Tarpon gods are in his favour. Joined by Captain, local expert and friend Gary Lira, the crew quickly hook in to plenty of acrobatic baby Tarpon, affectionately known locally as ‘Sabalitos’. However, something goes dangerously wrong and Randy hooks into an apex predator that no fisherman wants on the end of his line.
In this episode of Yucatan Anglers TV, professional angler and host Randy Bowser goes fishing around the Chabihau shoreline of Yucatan, Mexico for Barracuda, Speckled Sea Trout, Snapper and more. Friend and local expert Captain Gary Lira joins Randy to kick off the session in the shallow waters just off the coast. Sitting a mere four feet over a bed of long, submerged grass, this is the perfect spot for any predator fisherman. The pair then head back into the mangrove-lined canals and port entrances that provide cover for the bigger fish to attack their prey. In true Mexico fashion, every cast seems to bring a new species on the boat, and such a session can only be celebrated with Randy’s famous Margarita’s!
In this special episode of Yucatan Anglers TV, die-hard inshore fisherman Randy Bowser heads out off the coast of Yucatan, Mexico to go fishing for Jack Crevalle and Spanish Mackerel. Randy may love his mangrove Snook and Tarpon fishing, but Captain Alex Peniche persuades him to go in search of something bigger. The crew hop aboard the ‘Tintonera’ (Tiger Shark) and head down the coast to pick up some live sardines, before travelling over 15 miles into the Gulf of Mexico. Jigging lures amongst the rich waters provides some great sport with Jack Crevalle and Spanish Mackerel. Perhaps Randy has been persuaded?
Host Randy Bowser goes fishing on the world's longest pier in this episode of Yucatan Anglers TV, as he joins Captain Gary Lira to chase Jack Crevalle, Barracuda and Snapper. Standing at a monumental four miles long, the Progreso pier sits in Randy’s back yard. The massive structures act like a highway of safety for bait fish and predators alike, making the pier a fisherman's dream. The duo begins by trolling along the length of the pier for Jacks, before flicking small lures underneath the pillars to try and tempt a boisterous Barracuda. After a tangle with the Military Police, they're forced to head even further off shore, where they come into contact with some lovely Snapper on light tackle, making for awesome sport.
Host Randy Bowser returns to his old stomping ground in this episode of Yucatan Anglers TV, as he joins top fisherman Gary Lima and Bob Thomas to try fishing for Tarpon and Snook in Progreso, Mexico. The location for this trip is Puerto Abrigo, where the hundreds of boats, piers and million-dollar yachts act as a natural reef for all manner of local species. By casting with small lures and light tackle, Randy kicks off the session with a real monster of a Snook. Later on, the crew find a hidden gem, the perfect hiding place for Tarpon. A massive shoal is sat between the bows of a massive catamaran style yacht, and with the right cast, the guys stand a chance at tempting one of these acrobatic beasts.
Host Randy Bowser is back to his favourite spot in Mexico, Puerto Abrigo in Chuburna, Yucatan in this episode of Yucatan Anglers TV, fishing for Speckled Sea Trout with lures. Joined as usual by friend and captain Gary Lira, the pair begin by targeting fish around the boats, piers and mangroves surrounding the port, earning Gary an unexpected Barracuda. In a sudden change of plans, they head out just beyond the entrance of the Port to try and find some bigger fish, and quickly spot some good specimens of Speckled Sea Trout flashing beneath the water. This is the kind of fishing that Randy lives for!
Host Randy Bowser is fixin’ to go fishin’ in Celestun in Yucatan, Mexico in this episode of Yucatan Anglers TV, casting lures for Speckled Sea Trout with Gary Lira. In part one of this adventure, these two friends have travelled east on the coast of Yucatan to their destination for the week, hoping to make an improvement on a disappointing session the previous year. By the end of a morning’s fishing in the mangroves, it looks like they might be in for repeat of last time, but Gary has an idea to travel a mile offshore to a grass-bed area where the Trout love to hunt. Pretty soon, both men make contact with some of the biggest Speckled Sea Trout they’ve ever encountered!
In this final episode of season four of Yucatan Anglers TV, Randy Bowser and Gary Lira enjoy another session in Celestun, this time fishing the narrow inshore canals for Tarpon and Snook. After great success with some incredible Speckled Sea Trout offshore in part one, the pair decide to switch it up and head into the Punta Kanbalam Canal. As they chase the swirling Tarpon in the distance, they find themselves deeper and deeper into the Mexican jungle, jigging small lures between fallen trees and ducking under low hanging branches. Just as they think they can’t travel any further, both men get hooked into some high-flying silver Tarpon.


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