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The latest additions to the Predators Channel
In Summer Haze, acclaimed film maker Robert Thompson takes a long, indulgent look at the joys of fly fishing in warm water for predatory species such as Musky, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. The Upper Mid West of America is widely regarded to have some of the best freshwater fishing to be found anywhere in the world, but until recently the cold water species of Trout and Salmon have been thought of as the ultimate target for fly anglers. This is changing and in Summer Haze we join some local guides and enthusiasts who are blazing the warm water trail. They share their thoughts and reasoning and its easy to see why this type of fly fishing has taken a hold on their hearts. Summer Haze has been beautifully shot and crafted by Robert Thompson, it is split into two parts, both nearly 2 hours in length, so if this doesn't satisfy your desire for warm water fly action, we don't know what will. To watch Summer Haze now, just login or join
The Wild River Bass series - Get a friend to drop you and your mates off with your kayaks on a remote, upstream stretch of river in the Australian wilderness and then spend a day or so drifting downstream on the current, casting your lures into what would otherwise be unreachable overhangs and snags and you too will catch some record breaking Australian Bass. But if you can't quite make it, let Dave Seaman show you how its done, he's the expert and he's been paddling his way down most of the rivers on the eastern seaboard of Australia for quite a few years now and has made these 3 films along the way. He and his buddies catch a lot of large fish and take time to show you the gear they are using and the best tactics to employ. There's plenty of explosive action, especially when the fish hit those surface lures. But it's not just about the fishing, it's also about enjoying the journey and everything nature has to offer. To watch the Wild River Bass series now, just login or join
In this their 20th Anniversary year, host Jim Hoey and the Dimestore Fishermen team travel the length and breadth of Canada, visiting some of their favourite fishing communities and destinations. Jim obviously enjoys learning about the people he fishes with, as well as getting the low down on the lakes and rivers they hold dear to their hearts. And across Canada there is a wide variety of fishing to be had, from ice fishing for Walleye on Tobin Lake in winter, to dry fly fishing in the beautiful Kootenay Rockies for Cutthroat Trout. There are also some monsters to be found on the bigger waters, including Chinook Salmon off the coast of British Columbia and a giant Wild White Sturgeon in the Fraser River. Jim is a very proud Canadian and takes great delight in showcasing all the great fishing his great nation has to offer. To watch The Dimestore Fishermen now, just login or register
In this episode host Jim Hoey visits the town of Nipawin hoping to catch a Saskatchewan Walleye. Nipawin sits on the Saskatchewan River between Codette Lake formed by the Francois-Finlay dam and Tobin Lake created by the construction of the E.B.Campbell dam. The whole area of water is one large reservoir with a channel running through it and with plenty of structure it creates some great fishing opportunities. Jim's out with local expert and marine owner Ray Lamy, who knows the water pretty well. If one spot is a bit quiet, he moves the boat to another of his favourite marks. They are bottom bouncing using a spinner with a leech bait and there are plenty of Walleye to be had. The lake record is over 18lbs. Jim also takes a trip to the local museum to discover a little bit of the history of this fascinating place. To watch Saskatchewan Walleye now, just login or register
Charlie is in dreamland, as he's spending a day Fishing with Wade Boggs, Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer, with one of the best batting averages ever. Definitely one of Charlie's all time heroes. They're cruising up and down the Charles River through downtown Boston, flicking out a few lures in an attempt to catch some "Larrys". But somehow you get the feeling that the fishing isn't top of the agenda, Charlie's very excited and just wants to talk baseball the whole time and Wade, or The Chicken Man as he is known, is very obliging, with lots of great stories, including the one about how he got his nickname. Luckily the fish do make an appearance and as well as a few Largemouths, Charlie catches a nice Striped Bass. To watch Fishing with Wade Boggs now, just login or register
Hosted by Mike De Avila, or Mike D as he's commonly known, hit US fishing show, Lunkerville comes to Fishing TV. This long running show (15 years) isn't like most fishing shows as Mike tours around the USA meeting local anglers and fishing with them in their honey holes. Anglers are invited to be on the show via Mike's popular Facebook page so this really is a show for the everyday angler. Lunkerville packs in some good banter and some brilliant bass fishing from a variety of different locations and watercourses all over the USA. To watch just login or register
iFish is Australia's longest running and most popular fishing show which features expert fishing host Paul Worsteling as he explores the best fishing action Australia has to offer.  With Australia's vast coastline, its no surprise that the inshore and offshore saltwater opportunities are second to none but there's also some great inland fishing action to be found from Barramundi in Queensland and the Northern Territory to Brown Trout in Victoria. Throughout the series, Paul is joined by local experts and guests who help him find the best spots and trophy fish. Providing top tips and expert tackle advice, this series of iFish will definitely help you put more fish in the net. To watch just login or register
Join host, Craig Thomassen as he brings you some of the best fishing action Africa has to offer with Inside Angling. With a mix of saltwater and freshwater episodes from giant Tigerfish in Tanzania to Sailfish and Wahoo in the Seychelles and everything in between, this series is spectacularly shot with some brilliant action plus loads of great tips and tactical advice from expert angler, Craig. Equally at home fly fishing or spinning, Craig rarely fails to deliver and you'll witness some great catches throughout the series.  So sit back, enjoy the majestic scenery and wildlife Africa has to offer and watch Craig as he seeks out some truly exhilarating sport on Inside Angling. To watch just login or register
The Mynera River Blue Tigerfish reputedly grow to over 20lbs, presumably because they are only found in remotest Tanzania and are very rarely fished for. The river flows through the Selous National Park, its virgin waters are host to a myriad of exotic species and Craig Thomassen has been invited to spend a few days fishing there. If he's able to land one of these monsters, it would be a PB, but like all other Tigers they aren't easy to catch, their boney mouths mean it's very difficult to get a hook to set. After a couple of fruitless days, Craig reties one of his trusty old lures, how satisfying would it be to land a PB on that? To watch Mynera River Blue Tigerfish now, just login or register
Yucatan Anglers TV host Randy Bowser is based in Progreso on the Gulf Coast of Mexico and there's nothing he likes better than to hook up with a few friends and spend a day lure fishing for the giant Snook and Tarpon that can be found in his local waters. During the series he visits a number of locations in Yucatan, each offering a variety of fishing opportunities. Randy's expert knowledge and boundless energy means that there are plenty of great lure fishing tips and a load of exciting big fish action. He's also pretty good at cooking what he catches as well. To watch Yucatan Anglers TV now, just login or register


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