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Lunkerville Get Folks Fishing

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Mike D is back with 9 new episodes of Lunkerville Get Folks Fishing that he produced in 2020 and 2021  during the pandemic. Unable to travel to film too much last year, Mike wanted to promote the social and mental benefits of fishing through this series and show just how easy it is to pick up a rod and go outside to fish. As Mikes say's himself "I'm on a mission to get folks out of the house, off their devices and on to fishing! It's always been the idea behind Lunkerville but now it's more important than ever. I want to do everything I can to actually make it happen." This 4 part series draws on some of the best bits of Lunkerville from its long broadcast history and is a great watch.
Its the Lunkerville Christmas special and Mike is reflecting on a tough year for everyone and how fishing has provided some respite from all the depressing news that we have endured. There's some expert ice fishing tactics and tips using the Deeper fishfinder as well as a look back to Mike's trip to a Lake Champlain where huts are positioned on the ice and anglers sit around, fish and drink beer with some home comforts. We also visit some of Mike's viewers in Colorado and Canada who also show off their ice fishing skills.
Mike looks back at some of the incredible kids he's met over years through Lunkerville, who have impressed with their passion for fishing and their angling skills. In fact, quite a few of them have taught Mike some great tips too as you'll find out. Most of all though, Mike just shows how inspiring these keen young anglers can be and how important it is that encourage more of them to take up fishing and enjoy the outdoors.
This episode features some of the best bits of Mike D fishing in his native New York and showing how you can find some great fishing on your doorstep if you're willing to look hard enough. There's the well known section when he meets up with a New York Post journalist and successfully catches a Bass in Central Park as well as other features where he meets up with local New York anglers and Lunkerville fans and fishes with them in their hotspots.
Mike D celebrates families who fish together in this episode. He looks back at some of the families he's met over the years who share their leisure time together out on the water. First up he enjoys some Crappie fishing with the Daddio family aboard their boat on Lake Candlewood in Connecticut. Next up, Clay and Cindy Roberts from Colorado, introduce Mike to fly fishing, something he's never tried before. After some initial casting tuition, he goes out on their boat and hooks and lands his first fly caught Rainbow Trout. Next he's ouut with Bass fishing fanatics Kaz and Isumi Ota on Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey, before ending the show out with the Vargo family on Lincoln Pond in New Jersey.
Host Mike De Avila celebrates the little things in this episode of Lunkerville, as he joins the anglers that love chasing panfish. Whether it’s Perch, Bass, Crappie, Walleye or Pike, a panfish is simply any catch that can fit in a frying pan, the kind of stuff we all grew up catching. First up, Jerome Simms chases multiple species on swimbaits from the boat on Rockland Lake, New York. Lifelong pals Ron and Dave scare off a skunk with a panfish party on Atwood Lake in Ohio. Back in New York state, we check back in with fisher mom Susan and daughter Celeste jigging for urban river Bass. Finally, Mike Cusano proves you can catch every species with just one killer lure over on Oneida Lake.
In this special episode of Lunkerville, Mike De Avila travels around the country learning from the women that love the sport of fishing. First up, Mike travels to Amelie Island in Florida, where Katie Corgiat’s hosting a fishing trip for her friends chasing Redfish and Sea Trout close to shore. Up the coast in Naples, Debbie and Nathalie teach Mike how to dodge stingrays and Fish for Snook in the surf. Far north in up-state New York, ‘Fisher Mom’ Susan and her daughter Celeste jig for Smallmouth on the urban rivers. Finally, we join famous Canadian angler Heather Kuntz, who shares her secret swimbait techniques for catching big Bass in Minto, Ontario.
In this episode of Lunkerville, Mike De Avila’s out to prove that you don't need a boat to enjoy the beautiful, cheap and effective fishing that the United States has to offer. First up to prove that point is Jeremiah Lowe, who’s on hand to help Mike catch Largemouth Bass right in the centre of Brooklyn on plastic worm baits. In another world, Mark White’s testing out his homemade ceramic lures on some Smallmouth Bass in the clear blue waterfalls of Hawaii. Debbie and Nathalie return in search of Snook at their beachfront Paradise in Naples, Florida. Fish whisperer Ray Scully’s finessing small grub baits for Creek Smallmouth in the Hudson Valley of New York State.
There’s no dispute among Bass anglers as to which member of the species fights the hardest, so in this episode of Lunkerville, Mike De Avila and the Lunkers travel around the states in search of Smallmouth Bass. Paul Ritchie’s jerking for early spring Bronze Bass at a small lake in West Chester County, New York. Noel ‘No Good’ Goode is real good at jigging spoons for smallies on Lake Eerie outside of Buffalo. Lunker girl Stacey tries out her shakey head lures for Fall Creek smallies on the Hudson River. Finally, reservoir dog Vick Vega is swimming a grub on a spider head in the New York City watersheds.
In this episode of Lunkerville, Mike De Avila showcases America’s most popular freshwater sport fish, the Largemouth Bass. The folks from Lunkerville are here to prove just how easy and fun it is to catch these aggressive little predators. Nfl quarterback Kevin Kolb has some great sport with crank baits close to shore in Texas. Captain Dean throws creature baits among the reeds on the Saint Lawrence River in New York. Nearby, Big Dennis Garibaldi teaches Mike his power drop shot method on his favourite lake. Finally, famous outdoors writer Rich Zaleski’s chasing pre-spawn fish on a small Connecticut pond, which he quickly finds out contains Bass of massive proportions.
Mike De Avila likes to keep things simple on Lunkerville, casting little baits for bass on calm lakes and rarely venturing out beyond the waves. In this episode, salty dogs from around the east coast are on hand to get our host his sea legs back. First up the show heads out to Mike’s home water of New York Harbour where Joey Leggio’s catching ‘Fluke’ on a high-low jigging rig. Tim Rushing is in Cabbage Key Florida, fishing under the submerged docks for big Snook with live Grunts. Rich Zaleski’s back on the show, fishing brackish waters for hard fighting winter Striped Bass in Connecticut. Last up, we head back out on the Harbour with Joey, where he shares his secret spot absolutely loaded with fish.
In another compilation episode of Lunkerville, host Mike De Avila visits some old friends to find out how effective fishing from small boats can really be. Marty the lunker-boss is tossing spinner baits for ginormous Bass in an NYC reservoir. Jerome Simms makes a return, this time trolling soft plastic baits from his unique foldable boat for Smallmouth and Perch in New York State. Oliver Hughes is on the prowl for Largemouth in North Carolina, slinging stick baits and top-water poppers from his special made kayak. Finally, ‘Jighead’ Ronnie choses a classic rowboat to seek out bucket mouthed Bass on his favourite springtime venue.
In this episode of Lunkerville, Mike De Avila breaks into the world of one of the biggest competitive pass times in the United States; tournament Bass fishing! Each of these returning guests has a unique perspective on success in the sport. Lunker girl Stacey takes a break from catching big Bass on Catskills Creek to talk about her experiences as a woman in a male dominated sport. Bass fishing hall of famer Paul Ritchie gives us some tips and how and why you should join your local Bass club, while sight fishing for Smallmouth in suburban New York. Three-time Bass Master qualifier Pete Gluszek takes on Mike as his partner in the Hudson River Bass Tournament, fishing worms and jigs for Largemouth.
Lunkerville goes international in this very special episode, as Mike De Avila travels out in search of exotic new species across the water. Rick Clark targets huge, rare, prehistoric White Sturgeon at the infamous Fraser River in British Columbia. Mike joins Newfoundland locals out to catch prized and protected Atlantic Cod out of St. John’s Harbour. Down in sunny Port Antonio Jamaica, the locals share how they forage for bait and food in the island’s jungles. Finally, Olympian Yuri Orlov risks it all in search of supersized, mutated Chernobyl Catfish on the Pripyat River, Ukraine. What a way to round off the season!


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