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Fishing and Hunting Texas – Series 2

With Fishing and Hunting Texas - Series 2, Clark Wendlandt is back with some more great Bass fishing action from his home state. The three times FLW Angler of the Year is now a veteran of the pro circuit and one of its most accomplished members, so he's got plenty of experience to lean back on when he's offering up tips and advice. The subjects he covers in this series include deep water Bass fishing, fishing in grass, which bait for which situation and how to fish on a new water. He visits some of his favourite lakes in Texas, including Choke Canyon, Brandy Branch and Sam Rayburn reservoirs. He delivers his tips clearly, in a way that's easy to follow with a few insights into the mind of a pro angler. All the time finding it impossible to disguise his love and passion for the sport.

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In the first of a new series host Clark Wendlandt spends a couple of days Bass Fishing on Brandy Branch reservoir. Its a typical east Texas grass lake, with plenty of submerged vegetation and timber. Because he hasn't fished here before Clark has to rely on his instinct and of course his sophisticated array of Garmin electronics. He starts by vertical jigging in about 20ft of water, right on the edge of an area of grass that he has seen on his PanOptix. It works, he lures a fish out of the cover with just about every cast. The following morning he adopts a different approach, casting surface lures with a slow retrieve. The secret here is to stay alert, constantly looking out for rising and breaking fish that you can cast to. Again he is spot on and bags a load of good looking Bass between 3 and 6 pounds. To watch Bass Fishing on Brandy Branch now, just login or join
Choke Canyon Reservoir in south Texas is one of host Clark Wendlandt's very favourite places to fish. Sometimes it's "on" and sometimes it's "off", he's heard that it's on an upswing, so is relishing his chance to get out on the water again. As usual he's come armed with a deckful of pre-rigged rods, so that he's always got an alternative bait ready to use if he needs to swap tactics. He knows there will be a lot of grass to fish in or around, but as the water is quite warm he starts on the top skipping a super soft plastic gurgle toad across the surface. First cast he's into a lovely big Bass. Because the water is clear we switches to a swim bait and gets that wiggling just above the hydrilla, its predominantly a visual bait and it seems the Bass just can't resist it. Choke has plenty of cover, there's reeds, brush, wood and loads of hydrilla, so plenty of places for the bass to hold up, Clark explains how choosing the right bait on a lake like this is vital. To watch Choke Canyon Reservoir now, just login or join
Host Clark Wendlandt thinks that Deep Water Bass Fishing in the summer is something we could all be a little bit better at. So here he talks through all aspects of deep offshore fishing from the use of electronics, to the different baits and techniques that can be used. He starts off by giving us a guided tour of his boat, the Ranger Z520L, with a look at all the features and what he keeps in all his compartments. Because using your electronics correctly is key to success in deep water, he talks us through how he sets up his screens and what he expects to use each of them for. The first bait he turns to is a deep diving crankbait, one of his favourite lures, but stresses how important it is to use this on the right rod and reel. You need to be able to cast it as far as possible. Another option he likes is a jointed structure head with a rage bug rubber body, dropped to the bottom and moved slowly this looks just like a crawfish and can be very effective on flat ledges. The last thing he goes through is finesse fishing with a drop shot, for this he likes to use a spinning rod and reel, his choice of hook will depend on whether he is fishing in cover or not. To watch Deep Water Bass Fishing now, just login or join
Most anglers hate being cooped up over the winter months and Clark Wendlandt is no different, he can't wait to get out and do a bit of Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing in early Spring. Here he gives tips and advice on how to make the most of the chance to catch some big Bass. Use your electronics, the Bass will tend to hold up on the edge of a grass bed before they spawn, so find the edges and use a sinking bait that will get down to the fish. Make sure the bait has plenty of action, the Bass are in an aggressive mood, so make it easy for them to see and attack your lure. Be prepared to change tactics, as always Clark comes armed with a load of pre-rigged rods so he can easily swap when something isn't working, he's got plenty of tips on which lure to use with which which rod and reel for a whole host of conditions. To watch Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing now, just login or join
Host Clark Wendlandt maintains that topwater must be everyone's favourite way of Bass fishing. The excitement of the water exploding as the Bass hits your bait can not be matched. He's also certain that some big fish can be caught this way. He talks us through his rod, reel and line selection, how to get the best combination for the distance he is casting and the type of lure he is using. He's fishing on Lake LBJ, post spawn in lovely clear water and has some early success with a popper, then switches to a popping perch bait to skip it in under some of the boat docks and nabs a nice 4.5 pounder. Other baits he uses with great success are a sexy dog junior walking bait and a frog lure. The secret seems to have a number of options rigged and ready to go, so that you can quickly change tactics to match the conditions. To watch Topwater Bass Fishing now, just login or join
In this episode Clark Wendlandt offers up plenty of advice on Bass Fishing in Grass. Grass is good. Bass thrive in grass, but conditions will dictate where in the grass you will find them, on sunny days they will tend to sit low, looking for cover, whereas on cloudy days you may find them cruising around the top. The time of year will also affect where in the grass Bass will hide, in colder winter months you might find them under thick matting in very shallow water up against the bank and in summer when the grass is at its longest and deepest, the only way of presenting a bait might be by vertical jigging. Clark has a favourite lure for all of these scenarios and he shows you how to use them once you have found the fish. He's also got some great tips on how to use your boat electronics to do just that. To watch Bass Fishing in Grass now, just login or join
Host Clark Wendlandt has plenty of tips and advice on Which Bass Fishing Bait to use in any situation. First up is his Carolina rig, not the sexiest of baits but very useful when fishing big flat bottomed lakes or flat hard areas at the edges of a grass bed. Next is a Tube bait where he mounts the hook just showing through the surface of the rubber, this he uses in grass beds where the Bass will be a bit finicky. In pre-spawn he likes to fish lakes with a lot of boat docks, the big Bass will hole up under or around these and the best bait to tempt them out is a skipping jig, which is very versatile and can be cast into various awkward positions. For fast, power fishing he likes to use a square billed crank bait, its irregular movement through the water makes it irresistible to the Bass. There are loads more options in Clark's bait box that get a mention and he also shows how to use a pole lure retriever when your favourite bait has got hung and you must get it back. To watch Which Bass Fishing Bait? now, just login or join
The general consensus is that Sam Rayburn Reservoir is the the Best Bass Fishing Lake in the country and Clark Wendlandt isn't about to disagree. He hasn't fished it for a while, so he's treating it like a new water, fishing familiar looking features, such as the overhanging vegetation on a shallow bank. He's got plenty of lure baits rigged up and ready to go, a swim jig, a buzz bait, a popping perch as well as a few baits to flip with, so he's keeping his options open and waiting to see what works. He starts off skipping a 1.5 crankbait in under the cover and manages to tempt a few Bass. As things go quiet he switches to a buzz bait which he likes to use as a search bait, covering a lot of water. Sure enough it finds him a bigger Bass. Plenty of tips on how to make the most of your Power Poles to position the boat correctly and on how to fish in lakes with a lot of grass or other deep vegetation. To watch Best Bass Lake in the Country? now, just login or join
Whenever Clark Wendlandt comes across a new body of water, whether it's a large lake or a small pond, he's immediately wondering if it's holding Bass and how he could go about catching them. It's a fascination shared by all avid fishermen. In this episode he's taking his boat out on a small lake in north Texas and sets about explaining his thought processes on how to find the fish and how best to catch them. The water temperature is cold so he starts with a jerkbait just above the top of the grass. As he moves around the lake he obviously relies heavily on his electronics and finds some fish out in open water near the dam. He uses a swim bait to cover the area quickly and is encouraged when he quickly hooks one. He's now thinking there are probably some bigger Bass to be had. As he starts reeling in 8-10 pounders he knows he's hit the jackpot with this new water. To watch Catching Bass in New Water now, just login or join


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