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Deep Water Bass Fishing

Host Clark Wendlandt thinks that Deep Water Bass Fishing in the summer is something we could all be a little bit better at. So here he talks through all aspects of deep offshore fishing from the use of electronics, to the different baits and techniques that can be used. He starts off by giving us a guided tour of his boat, the Ranger Z520L, with a look at all the features and what he keeps in all his compartments. Because using your electronics correctly is key to success in deep water, he talks us through how he sets up his screens and what he expects to use each of them for. The first bait he turns to is a deep diving crankbait, one of his favourite lures, but stresses how important it is to use this on the right rod and reel. You need to be able to cast it as far as possible. Another option he likes is a jointed structure head with a rage bug rubber body, dropped to the bottom and moved slowly this looks just like a crawfish and can be very effective on flat ledges. The last thing he goes through is finesse fishing with a drop shot, for this he likes to use a spinning rod and reel, his choice of hook will depend on whether he is fishing in cover or not.

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