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Bass Fishing Near Dams

from Fisherman’s Handbook – Series 2

Host Wade Middleton believes that fishing for Bass on or near dams is always a great idea. Whether the dam in question is a small earthworks on a pond or a huge concrete structure on a big reservoir, you will always find plenty of fish holding up next to it. As with any new water the first thing to do is check it out, use your electronics at assess the drop off, look for any signs of baitfish, see what sort of vegetation there is on or near the bank. Quite often dam walls will be made of piles of rocks and the edge of these and other riff-raff areas can be very productive. Wade and some of his fellow Bass professionals offer up great advice on what types of lure work best in these conditions and what rods, reels and line to use with them. They also talk about how to make the most of the currents and winds that can are usually be quite unique to the larger man made structures.

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