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Bass Fishing from Top to Bottom

from Fisherman’s Handbook – Series 2

Whenever you turn up at a body of water one of the first things you need to assess is where in the water column you are likely to find the Bass. Your electronics can help with this, but so will years of experience. Wade Middleton has just that and here he passes on some tips and advice. He starts off fishing a small pond in late summer where he is expecting to find the Bass on the top, so he uses a floating frog bait and jumps it across the surface. You're quite likely to find a lot of vegetation in a pond, so might need to use a lure that will get you through that. When trying to locate fish at the bottom of a bigger lake he relies heavily on his electronics to spot any potential baitfish as well as the Bass, but also uses the feel of his lure as he pulls it over the contours. He and Jeff Reynolds discuss their favourite bottom lures, Jeff is a big fan of the MVP Football jig because of the way it moves across the lake bed and you can see why here.

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