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Finesse Tactics for Bass

from Fisherman’s Handbook – Series 2

While most Bass anglers will admit to preferring the no nonsense tactics of flipping and spinning, the best ones will have mastered Finesse Tactics on lightweight line and tackle. Clark Wendlandt shows how he ties his dropshotting rig so that he can jiggle a rubber worm 18 inches above the bottom. John Crews matches his hook size to his bait when using smaller rubber lures. Gerald Swindle shows how to tie the Red Phillips knot he uses when he wants to fish a sensitive, lightweight flourocarbon leader on his braided mainline. When conditions get tough this is a go to set up for a lot of the pros and the bait that a lot of them like to use is the Shakey Head. Just throw it out, let it sink to the bottom and then slowly retrieve, allowing it to bounce and hop over the contours. It's the bait that gets a "ton" of bites in all conditions.

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