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Maximum Limit Fishing – Season 4

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In this fourth instalment of Maximum Limit fishing. Host Maxim Bloudov and friends document a years fishing in the remote wilderness of the Northwestern Territories of Canada. Whether it’s huge surprise Inconnu on the Yellowknife River, ancient Lake Trout at the Namushka Lodge, or record-breaking Whitefish at the Wilderness Resort, fishing with Maxim always delivers. This season is a perfect exhibition of the true wilderness that still exists in this part of the world, and the unbelievable sport fishing there is to be had.
This episode kicks off a brand-new season of Maximum Limit Fishing, as Canadian master angler Maxim Bloudov goes looking for big Predators in the Northwest territories. It’s May, and while the big lakes are still frozen over, the Yellowknife River has finally thawed out ready for fishing. The water’s still Ice cold, which means fat fish and hard fights, so Maxim breaks out the light Jigging gear to make things a little more interesting! Drifting through Yellowknife Bay, the small Pike and Whitefish are coming thick and fast, but Maxim gets the ultimate surprise when a rare monster Inconnu or ‘coney’ fish takes the line.
The fishing gets crazy in this episode of Maximum Limit Fishing, as host Maxim Bloudov goes creek fishing for Pike in the Northern Territories of Canada. After a great session on the Yellowknife, Maxim pushes north to Duck Creek, a small shallow tributary of the river known to be a breeding ground for predators. Pulling up, he notices clouds of minnows breaking the surface and the underwater camera confirms swarms of Pike laying in wait. The regular jigging techniques start getting too easy, so Maxim pulls out the fly rod for some of the best sport an angler could hope for.
Host Maxim Bloudov is back in the northern territories of remote Canada for this episode of Maximum Limit Fishing, this time looking for deep water Walleye on lures. Namushka lodge near the town of Yellowknife is as secluded a fishing location as anyone could wish for. Harding Lake is at last warming up after a cold winter, so Maxim’s friend Dan Weissenberger joins the party for a little friendly competition. Using different approaches of jigging and trolling, the boys quickly get hooked up with some good-sized fish. This is remote Canada, so fish means food. Back at the lodge, after a quick lesson in fish gutting, the crew serve up everyone favourite treat…deep friend Walleye cheeks!
Once again exploring the remote Lakes of the north western territories of Canada, host Maxim Bloudov visits the Blachford Lake Lodge in search of Walleye and Pike. Not far from Maxim’s home of Yellowknife, Blachford is one of the thousands of lakes in the area filled huge predatory fish. Joined by friend Pete Brunette, the duo hit the Lake early to look for schooling fish. Walleyes are sensitive to light, so the boys troll the shore where the wind is blowing looking for deeper holes where these fish like to hunt. After constant frustration with small jack Pike, the chosen quarry soon begins to make an appearance…
Host Maxim Bloudov’s on another big fish lake in this episode of Maximum Limit Fishing, looking for Pike and Lake Trout on lures. Maxim’s still staying at the Namushka Lodge deep in the Northwestern Territories of Canada, this time fishing right out from the dock on Harding Lake. It’s summer now, but the water’s still freezing cold, so friend Danny Weissenberger is again on hand to help with fishing the downriggers. Maxim covers how to use these complex deep water trolling systems, and quickly proves how effective they are in catching these big wild Trout. Before the sun sets, the boys head for a shallow weedy bay, where the flat calm conditions make for incredible sport fishing top water lures for Pike.
Maxim Bloudov and the Maximum Limit Fishing crew are back chasing Lake Trout in this episode, trolling lures on the mighty Blachford Lake. It’s moving into summer in the Northwestern territories of Canada, so the waters around the Wilderness Lodge are starting to warm up. As the Trout push deeper in the water, Maxim and Pete break out the downriggers to troll lures across the bottom. As the boat approaches an underwater ridge, the duo locate a massive pod of fish, and the fishing becomes all too easy. When the conditions are this good in the remote reaches of Canada, it’s hard to imagine a better place to fish.
Once again fishing the Northwestern Territories of remote Canada, host Maxim Bloudov is searching out big Pike and Walleye on the mighty Mackenzie River in this episode of Maximum Limit Fishing. Joined by friend and new fisher Erika Nyysonen, the pair hit the water looking for bait sholes. As one of the biggest rivers in North America, the Mackenzie is also one of the deepest, so vertical jigging with heavy soft plastics is the best way to get down to where these predators hunt. After spotting Seagulls feeding on the surface, Maxim and Erika can barely get their rods in the water without catching one of these massive Pike and Walleye.
Maxim Bloudov heads back to Canada’s Yellowknife River for this episode of Maximum Limit Fishing, fishing for trophy sized Whitefish. It’s September, which means spawning season in the Northwestern Territories, so Maxim and friend Erika Nyysonen head for the shallow bays on the river where the fish lay their eggs. Spinning and bobber fishing with egg replicas quickly brings Whitefish and Lake Trout to the boat, but as a massive Pike steals Maxim’s prize catch at the last moment, they quickly realise they’re not the only ones hunting in these spawning grounds. At the end of the day, the one time Maxim doesn’t bring his scales, he catches a Whitefish of what he thinks might be record proportions.
Maxim Bloudov sets himself a challenge in this episode of Maximum Limit Fishing, trying for a Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout grand slam in the Northwestern Territories of remote Canada. Back on the home water of Blachford Lake at the Wilderness Resort, Maxim and friend Pete Brunette set out to net five fish of each species with three different methods by the end of the session. After quickly bagging up on Lake Trout by trolling with the downriggers, the pair locate a pod of fish in a deep hole close to shore. Casting small jigs and spinners, Pike and Walleye of huge sizes come on the attack!
In this episode of Maximum Limit Fishing, host Maxim Bloudov goes downrigging for Lake Trout on the remote Harding Lake. Bordering the famous Namushka lodge, Harding Lake is only accessible by floatplane, making it one of the most remote fishing lodges on the planet. It’s September, so as the Trout begin to spawn, Maxim and friend Erika Nyyssonen line up the boat to troll along the shallow shoreline. After a few quick bites, the pair soon realise that the fish are hugging tight to the boulders and structures, so an adjustment of course soon has the lines tight! As the boat fills up with fish, Maxim cleans his catch and fries up some breaded Trout right there on the boat…It doesn’t get any more Canadian!
Host Maxim Bloudov returns to Harding Lake in this episode of Maximum Limit Fishing, hunting out Pike and Pickerel in the remote Northwestern territories of Canada. Maxim’s once again joined by friend Erika Nyyssonen, who visited Namushka lodge with him and Danny back in June in search of Pickerel, a close relative of the Pike. The pair go straight to a hole where they caught the last time, but the fish have moved on, so they head for a line of bubbles close to shore that indicates a concentration of bait. It doesn’t take much time of trolling and jigging with soft plastics before the fish begin to reveal themselves…
In this big fish instalment of the Maximum Limit Fishing show, host Maxim Bloudov and Erika Nyyssonen return to the Namushka Lodge to try out some flatline spooning for trophy sized Lake Trout. It’s autumn in the Northwestern territories of Canada and the Trout of Harding Lake are moving into the shallows to spawn. As Maxim and Erika approach the flats, they spot several old lakers over the monumental 30-pound mark, and the excitement begins to build. After trolling their way past a few nuisance jack Pike, both anglers hook up with some world class Trout.
In this special season finale episode of Maximum Limit fishing with Maxim Bloudov, we take a look back at some of the best moments from this year’s fishing in the Northwestern Territories of remote Canada. Whether it’s huge surprise Inconnu on the Yellowknife River, ancient Lake Trout at the Namushka Lodge, or record-breaking Whitefish at the Wilderness Resort, fishing with Maxim always delivers. This season is a perfect exhibition of the true wilderness that still exists in this part of the world, and the unbelievable sport fishing to be had. Stay tuned for season 5!


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