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Pure Instinct Montana

Pure Instinct Montana is not just a movie about fishing, a tutorial on how to fill your net or where to get a bite. It’s a film about the kind of person that does fish, and why you should. The story’s written and narrated by D.L. Stiffarm, a man on the other side of years of depression and misdirection. He talks of the power of the wilderness and the water on the meaning of life, what it is about the pursuit of a fish that drives a man to obsession and fulfilment. The same story can be seen in the other characters. Elite competition Bass fisherman Zach Lugabihl, Drew Forster and Zach Powell embody the passion and dedication of the world’s best anglers. D.L. meets Blackfeet Native American guide Keith Wolf Tail, a quiet man honouring the traditions and lands of his ancestors fly fishing for Trout. Told amid the vast and beautiful wilderness of Montana, this movie implores us to follow the human instinct to live a wild and happy life.

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