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Ultimate Catch

Eric Ciocher is one of the most prolific all-round anglers in Florida. In this series, he samples some of the most exciting lure fishing opportunities in the state with an expert team of captains with lifetimes of local experience. From freshwater species like Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass and exotic Clown Knife fish, to hard fighting saltwater predators like Snook, Redfish and Black Drum, Eric somehow never fails to bring massive specimens to the boat. This show continuously proves why the state of Florida is still considered the epicentre of sport fishing.
In this season 5 premiere of Ultimate Catch, host Eric Ciocher visits Ruskin, Florida for some classic saltwater flats fishing for Redfish and Snook. The show begins at the Pirates Point Resort, where guest angler Kent Hickman’s waiting on the docks among the mangroves. Recent cool weather has brought the fish on the feed, so the crew head out to one of the local deeper holes to fish with jigs. Eric demonstrates how adding fish oil scents to the soft plastic of the lure can work wonders as an attracter, and it’s not long before Snook, Redfish, Speckled Sea Trout and even a surprise Flounder make their way to the boat!
Eric Ciocher’s back in Florida for this episode of Ultimate Catch, as he heads out on the flats of Titusville to lure fish for big Black Drum. Local Captain Mark Wright joins the show and takes mark out to an area of Titusville renowned for its shallow water sport. It’s a Sunkissed flat calm day, perfect for spotting the drum tailing as they feed. Almost immediately, Mark hooks into one of the biggest Drums he’s ever seen on a plastic bait, and the pair get ready for the trophy session of a lifetime.
In this instalment of Ultimate Catch with Eric Ciocher, the show travels to Osceola County, Florida for some good old fashioned American Largemouth Bass fishing. Local guide Captain Jonathon Wilson is on hand at Lake Toho to navigate the biggest and best Bass fishery in the county and he kicks off the day teaching Eric how to drift floated fish baits along the shallow grassy banks where the fish hunt. After some great success in the morning, the boys switch over to jigging worm baits and Eric hooks in to one of the biggest Bass of his life!
In this episode of Ultimate catch, host Eric Ciocher joins Captain Brett Isackson in Delroy Beach, Florida to fish for big Peacock Bass. It’s winter in South Florida, but the backwater urban canal systems have remained a tropical temperature, which makes them perfect for this exotic species. Originally hailing from the Amazon Basin, Peacock Bass now thrive in the state due to exotic fish owners releasing their pets. Similar to their largemouth cousins, Brett and Eric find great success jigging plastic baits against the structures, and finish on a bumper haul of Bass.
Eric Ciocher visits the St Johns Waterway in East Central Florida for this episode of Ultimate Catch in pursuit of all manner of freshwater species. It’s the fall season and the waters of the St. Johns waterway have dropped to reveal shallow pools and grassy margins, where the bigger predatory fish are now cruising looking for bait. Captain Tom Van Horn is an expert when it comes to this kind of fishing, so he and John cast small jigs along the banks from the boat. After catching countless fiesty Bass and Panfish, Eric hooks into what turns out to be the biggest Tilapia he’s ever seen.
In this episode of Ultimate Catch, host Eric Ciocher goes out fishing for a variety of saltwater species in the Marina’s of Sebastian, Florida. Captain Jonathon Wilson returns to show Eric around his hometown waters, where he knows the deep holes that the fish have moved to in the winter temperatures. Casting soft plastics swim baits, the boys catch everything from Speckled Sea Trout to Jack Crevalle, Mangrove Snapper, Snook and Sheepshead. Just as the sun begins to set, Eric hooks into something far bigger than anything they’ve seen.
In this episode of Ultimate Catch, host Eric Ciocher goes out to Lake Garcia in Florida for a Big Bass Bonanza. Local guide Daryl Davis knows the lake better than anyone, and he believes this time of year, as the water warms up, the Bass can be found spawning in the shallower waters. Casting jerk baits between the weeds is the perfect place to pick them off, and almost instantly the waters erupt with hungry Bass. After a few fish come to the bank, it quickly becomes evident how big the average size of fish is on Lake Garcia, but when Eric hooks one of the really big ones, the day reaches new heights.
Kicking off a new season of Ultimate Catch, host Eric Ciocher goes fishing for the Rare and Illusive Clown Knife Fish on Lake Osborne, Florida. Eric’s old friend Brett Isackson returns to lend a hand in finding one of these clowns and takes Eric out to the deep-water docks and canals along the lake shore. Originally found in southeast Asia, Clown Knife fish are one of the most exotic and powerful invasive species in North America. It’s been three days of fun but frustrating fishing catching Catfish, Peacock Bass and Largemouths when Eric finally feels the heavy pull on the line he’s been looking for.
Host Eric Ciocher returns to Ruskin, Florida in this episode of Ultimate Catch in pursuit of big, shallow water Snook. The mangrove lined flats of Cockroach Bay are the perfect hunting ground for these ambush predators, so lifelong guide Jeremy Heimes suggests a live baits approach. In the gin clear water, bigger Snook can be spotted and targeted with small bait fish, leading to some very exciting sport. As the sun gets even hotter throughout the day, captain Jeremy moves the boat closer to the mangroves where the bigger fish hide ready to ambush their prey. His instincts pay off, when one really big specimen moves in on the bait.
Host Eric Ciocher gets a schooling in Largemouth Bass fishing on Fellesmere Lake, Florida in this episode of Ultimate Catch. There’s no better guide than Pro Bass angler Daryl Davis to help navigate this expanse of water. Daryl offers wisdom not just in how to locate these feeding Bass, but how to make a career as a professional angler. The water’s warming up in east central Florida and the fish are coming on the feed in the shallower margins, so the pair jig worms close to the weeds and structures. The fish come thick and fast for Eric, but Daryl proves his pro status when he lands a Largemouth of massive proportions.
Host Eric Coicher tries something new in this episode of Ultimate Catch, as he breaks out a fly rod in pursuit of freshwater Shad on Florida’s St Johns River. Veteran fishing Captain Tom Van Horn knows his stuff when it comes to this river, and he spots an opportunity to catch these saltwater fish as they migrate upstream to spawn in the winter months. After a few small fish on the regular lures, Tom has a go with a fly for a quick catch and Eric follows his lead. The fish quickly begin to grow in size and it’s not long before our host gets his first ever double hook-up!
In this season finale of Ultimate Catch, Eric Ciocher visits Tampa Bay, Florida to hunt for big predatory Snook. Returning guest Jeremy Heimes is the guide for the day, dealing with the massive tropical storm that's just cleared on the south shore. This may however have played into the hands of the anglers, as the winds have stirred up the bait fish and brought the bigger predators on the feed. Almost instantly, Eric starts the day with heartbreak when he struggles to land the biggest Snook of his life. As the day progresses, he gets his revenge with a bumper haul of Snook and Speckled Sea Trout.


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