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Ice Fishing Hardcore

This series of Ice Fishing Hardcore showcases some of the most extreme angling in the world. Their winter tour across the United States takes the crew to Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Montana to the most remote locations off the grid in the country. Sub-zero temperatures, bears, wolves and unpredictable ice only make the catches more rewarding. Jigging and trapping through the ice brings Pike, Walleye, Whitefish Lake Trout and more, in a sport as old as mankind.
Every year a group of friends get together in Burlington, Vermont on the US Canada border to ice fish on Lake Champlain. The quarry is Northern Pike and conditions can be harsh and dangerous so they'll need all of their skills and knowledge to win the friendly competition they aspire to win. We learn about how the guys prepare for this trip and the work they need to put in to be successful.
In this episode of Ice Fishing Hardcore, the crew set up in Maine and Montana for extreme remote sessions. In the Alagash Wilderness of northern Maine near the Canadian border lies Ross Lake, one of the United States best Whitefish fisheries. Four miles off the road by sled through Wolves and Coyotes, you can’t get much further off the grid.Over in Fort Peck Monatana, another crew visit the massive Crooked Creek, 245,000 acres of frozen lake with the fish to match. Known for its big Walleye, a state record is never far behind.
Ice Fishing Hardcore’s road trip continues in this episode as they go chasing Pike, Pickerel, Bass and more in Maine, Montana and Pennsylvania. Back in the wilderness of Ross Lake the Lake Trout are finally making an appearance, whilst some crew members ditch the traps for a jigging rod to catch Cusk. The guys out at Fort Peck go looking for a 30-inch walleye. Finally, the boys take an exploratory trip to Pennsylvania where the flags are popping fast with Pickerel and Bass.
In this episode of Ice Fishing Hardcore, the team continue their sessions in remote Maine and Montana, before live baiting for big Pike in Vermont. The second morning on Ross Lake is more brutal than the last, with high winds and temperatures well below zero, but one of the crew hook into a big, rare Lake Trout to lift the spirits. Over on Missisquoi Bay, Lake Champlain in Vermont the boys have been promised a big Pike, so they experiment with bigger liver baits to single out a monster. There’s more pike on offer in Montana, a rare sight at Fort Peck.
This instalment of Ice Fishing Hardcore takes place back in the wilds of northern Maine and Vermont. Over on Lake Champlain’s Missisquoi Bay, the crew arrive to all the flags up in the air. It’s Pike-a-plenty, but our anglers are shocked to find an unwelcome bonus fish come to the surface. Over in the Allagash wilderness at Ross Lake, a seemingly empty trap reveals a spinning reel attached to a big black Lake Trout. When one of the boys land a famous Ross Lake Whitefish, they fire up the grill for a winter feast on the ice.
In this episode, we head to Lake Ontario in search of Walleye. Its near the end of the season and they're fishing at Chaumont Bay near Sackets Harbor. Before starting, the guys send some considerable time checking and scouting the ice as the thickness can be unpredictable here. Producer, Josh is in New Hampshire fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee, one of his favourite home waters. Its a huge lake covering some 69 square miles which again makes it important to check the ice depths. We join Scott on the ice for some amazing footage as he uses a video camera next to his bait and watches when to move his bait as a nice Lake Trout swims past.
We start this episode in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee with Beau and Jackie, a fishing mad husband and wife duo who have been fishing since kids and love to catch fish for the pot. We meet another local angler, Rick who has a different approach and likes to fish with light tackle and we see him catch a stunning Rainbow Trout. In Fort Peck Montana, the guys settle into a long winters night on the ice and those that put the work in seem to be rewarded as we see some nice Walleye coming up. Local angler Jason, shows us his innovative technique using bright underwater lights to pull the fish in, but will this tactic work?
We start in New York on Lake Ontario at Sackets Harbor where Scott Jamieson is looking for a big Walleye. He's using a Velixar, a sonar device that detects fish movement, and starts with a live Minnow to try and attract one. Switching to a dead stick he gets a bite and after a tricky fight, he pulls in a huge 31 inch, estimated 12-13lbs Walleye which he releases. He's elated at beating his PB by several pounds and so he should be. In New Hampshire, we join producer Josh and his friend Rick Warbin on Bakers Pond for something completely different as they attempt to catch Horn Pouting, a kind of Catfish through the ice.
We start this episode back in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee with husband and wife ice fishing supremos, Beau and Jacqui who are fishing for White Perch which they love to feed their family with. Jacqui gets a good hole and picks up some real chunks on her rod. Beau is also catching on his trap hole and its plain to see why this couple are such revered ice anglers. The next fish Jacqui catches is huge and measured at 15 inches is pretty much a world record but as producer Josh explains can't be considered as her rod didn't meet the IGFA regulations for length. Pretty impressive though as is the rest of this final episode.


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