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Our Favourite Fish

Join Keith Arthur and Rae Borras as they take us on a journey through their some of their favourite Coarse fish to catch in the British Isles. Each hour long episode takes the pair to some fantastic waters where they focus on a particular species with Pike, Perch, Roach, Chub, Bream and Tench being their choices in this 6 episode series. Fishing a mixture of lakes, canals and rivers, the pair draw on over 130 years of fishing experience between them to tempt the bigger specimens and they explain just why these fish have a special place in their hearts. The series also features some fantastic underwater footage of each species from well known wildlife cameraman, Jack Perks.
Keith and Rae meet up on one of Rae's favourite stretches of the Great Ouse in an area he knows holds plenty of Pike. Its a cold morning and as Keith sets up a rod with a dead bait, whilst Rae decides on a mobile approach seeking out some likely looking spots with his lure rod. Rae finds some small Pike immediately, but the dead bait rod isn't working yet so Keith joins Rae in some lure fishing. Wandering the banks, they meet a local club member, Darren who has is into a fantastic Pike and Keith helps him by netting a cracking twenty pounder. In the second part of this show, Keith arranges for them to meet up with former Tight Lines colleague and fellow Talk Sport presenter, Nigel Botherway, Nigel is an avid Pike angler and has got them onto Orchard Lake in Oxfordshire, a renowned Carp fishery, it is rarely fished for Pike but Nigel knows its a real haven for them. Again the 3 anglers split up, trying a mixture of dead bait and lure methods to find the fish. Plenty of Pike start showing up but can they find a specimen?
Its late Spring and Keith and Rae meet up on Smallford Lake, a small gravel pit owned by Verulam Angling Club in St Albans. Tench are on the agenda in this episode and its therefore an early start as these fish are often best targeted in the early mornings and evenings. The lake is well known for having some big Tench in it and despite a little too much sun for Keith's liking, conditions look perfect. Whilst Rae tries the margin, Keith uses a 20ft rod to reach a shelf in open water and he's the first to strike landing a beautiful female specimen. Rae moves to another swim to try his luck but it isn't long before he's called back to help land Keith's second Tench, and its another stunner. In the 2nd part of the show, the pair visit Milton Lake on the Bury Hill Fishery which predominantly holds some beautiful Crucian Carp and Tench, and the pair are hoping for a more prolific session. They set up in adjoining swims and discuss tactics before Rae starts with some luncheon meat as bait on the advice of the fishery owner. Keith is using a pole today and is starts by using expander pellets and it isn't long before he lands a handsome Crucian Carp. Keith continues to land numerous Crucian and a small Tench, but Rae is struggling so decides to fish a little finer and he then too starts to have success. Mr Tench begins to show up now too and the guys enjoy a memorable session at Bury Hill Fishery.


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