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Rae and Keith are targeting Perch this week, one of the most prolific predatory fish in UK waters and they start their quest on the Oak Lake at Alders Farm Fishery in Buckinghamshire. They set up next to each other and discuss tactics before Keith talks Rae through the variety of baits he's brought along. Rae starts with a couple of maggots on a waggler and is focusing on an overhanging tree close in. Both anglers start catching Perch in numbers and there obviously a lot of Perch around but they are struggling to find the bigger ones. Finally Keith hooks a nice Perch but as Rae prepares to net it, the fish slips the hook. Disappointment quickly turns to delight soon after though as Rae lands a lovely Rudd on a medium sized prawn. Rae moves swim in search of a bigger fish but as soon as he's left, Keith lands the best Perch so far and having worked out a formula manages another good sized one. In the second half of the show, the pair visit the Grand Union canal near Tring, on a crisp October morning, and this time are lure fishing for Perch. Whilst Rae uses a spoon, Keith starts on soft plastics using a creature bait that imitates a crayfish. Rae catches a small fish, but Keith isn't having much luck so switches to a small crankbait. Keith catches a lovely specimen near to the bank, before they move down the canal to a boatyard and Keith gets a big surprise when he hooks a double figure Pike.

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