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Texas Team Trial 2019

The Texas Team Trail is one of the most popular Bass circuits in the States, regularly attracting fields of over 200 teams. In 2019 it was unlucky to be on the receiving end of some awful weather, causing the rescheduling of the season opener at Sam Rayburn Reservoir and raising doubts over the staging of a couple more. Despite all this the pairs of anglers were as competitive as ever, desperate to come out on top no matter what the conditions. The qualifying events were at Lakes Travis and Texoma as well as two at the legendary Sam Rayburn, all leading up to the season finale Championship weekend at Belton Lake, renowned for its double figure Bass.

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The 2019 Texas Team Trial kicks off at Lake Travis, a highland reservoir on the Colorado River in central Texas. It's early March and the lake is transitioning into a Springtime pattern, but the large females have been put off moving up into shallow water to spawn by a series of cold fronts. 220 two man teams have gathered for this one day event, looking to fill a 5 fish limit and take home a share of the $100,000 worth prizes that are up for grabs. Because of the colder than normal conditions there is a difference of opinion on the best tactics to use, whether to fish the rocks and docks along the shallows for the spawning fish or to head out into deeper water looking for the pre-spawn Bass. Either way, it's not going to be easy and a bag over 20lbs can expect to be in the mix. To watch 2019 Lake Travis now, just login or join
Into April and the second stop on the 2019 Texas Team Trail is at Lake Texoma. With the temperature in the 60's the Bass have moved up on to the beds and are in full spawn, but a rain storm with 30 mph winds is forecast, so conditions are going to be interesting. Over 200 teams are once again competing, all with their own theories on where best to find the big Bass. There are plenty of docks and marinas on Texoma and these prove to be very popular with teams sight casting soft plastic and crank baits to the large fish that have already moved up. The shoreline proves even more popular late in the day once the heavens open and lightning strikes are seen in the area. No one w To watch Lake Texoma Bass Fishing now, just login or join ants to be stuck in the middle of the lake in weather like this.
The Sam Rayburn Reservoir is arguably one of the best Bass fishing lakes in the States and The Texas Team Trail was scheduled to visit it twice in 2019. The February event had to be postponed because of severe flooding, so it was moved to coincide with the meeting in mid May, taking place on the Friday, with the second, totally separate competition taking place the day after. It seems that the weather just doesn't want to play ball this year as one of the pre-fish days was interrupted by a hail storm unloading rocks of ice the size of tennis balls all over the lake. On their early morning arrival at the ramps for event 1 the teams are greeted by strong winds and heavy rain. The tournament officials are happy to give it the green light, so with their waterproofs about to be well and truly tested, it's game on. The consensus is that with all the rain there won't be any topwater action with the fish moving out to a depth of 14-20ft. But despite this there are going to be some big Bass caught and there will be some heavy bags at the end of the day. To watch 2019 Sam Rayburn Bass Tournament now, just login or join
The second of back to back tournaments at the world famous Sam Rayburn Reservoir on the 2019 Texas Team Trail, this is the the last qualifier before the season finale Championship at Belton Lake. Fortunately the wind and rain have eased off, so the 247 teams competing for over $100,000 of prizes will have a lot more options available to them. Yesterday they were all catching plenty of fish, but only small ones, in the 2lb mark, so with the water more accessible they are hoping they will be able to locate something a bit bigger. But its seems that the fish are all over the place and the teams have to be versatile and adopt a variety of patterns. Its looking like anything over 20lbs may win it. To watch 2019 Sam Rayburn 2 now, just login or join
The biggest event of the season and the climax to the 2019 Texas Team Trail is the Championship, this year at Belmont Lake. This is a rocky clear water impoundment in central Texas that holds some big Bass, the last time the tour stopped here a Largemouth over 13lbs was caught. The 116 teams competing over the two days will be hoping to find something similar, but the water levels are high after recent rain and the currents are stronger than normal as the water is being released. It's also fairly cloudy, so expect a lot of finesse tactics over rocky ledges and teams targeting the many docks and marinas dotted around the lake. As well as the Championship trophy, there's also the Team of the Year award to be decided, so everyone will be hoping to put themselves in a good position going in to day 2. To watch Texas Team Trail Bass Championship 2019 Day 1 now, just login or join
Day 2 of the Championship Tournament provides the most exciting action of the 2019 Texas Team Trail season. 116 teams are competing at Belton Lake in central Texas and after a first day that proved tough for most of the pairs, struggling to bag over 16lbs, one team, BJ Carothers and Thomas Wells have a commanding lead. The rest have to hope that these guys come up short today, whilst bagging a big limit themselves. There is great tournament coverage with cameras out on the boats of all of the top 3, so enjoy every twist and turn. As well as the Championship Trophy, the Team of the Year Award will also be decided, this rewards the most consistent pair over the course of the whole season and as we enter the last dat only 1 point separates the top two. To watch the 2019 Championship Day 2 at Belton Lake now, just login or join


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