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Mark and the guys are in Mozambique where the annual migration of black marlin to their spawning grounds brings in many other apex predators. In this episode, Mark is targetting big sharks and soon finds a grey shark before getting into a huge hammerhead. Maintaining a good supply of live bait is crucial to keeping the action going, especially when you have several large Zambezi (Bull) sharks around the boat. Later in the show, Mark targets sharks from the shore and discusses techniques to hook and land them.
River Monsters presenter Jeremy Wade on why bull sharks in Florida are travelling miles up-river.  
This amazing film follows Capt Mark Martin as he attempts to catch a mako shark on a fly rod off the San Diego coast. At the same time we get an insight into how attitudes are changing in the world of shark fishing: where once sharks were killed, now catch and release is gaining ground.  
In this first exclusive film for Fishing TV, Darcizzle and her team head out to a known shark fishing mark off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida. The mission is to hook up to some bull sharks, famed for their hard fighting and agression. They also take the time to harvest a bit of shark bait along the way. Darcizzle talks through the various baits, chums and tackle that they use to attract sharks to the boat and entice a bite, and explains how the Gulf Steam makes the coast of Palm Beach county one of the most prolific pelagic fisheries in the world. To watch just login or register  
Dave Barham joins up with skipper Craig Deans for a trip in search of some record breaking shark off the coast of South West Wales.  
Great tope, smoothound and bull huss fishing off Scotland, and an education in the need for conservation of these wonderful species.  
Catching Mako Sharks is a risky venture at any time, but in Bass Strait those crazy Tasmanians catch some ridiculously big sharks out of trailer boats. Peter Morse joins Mason and some local shark fishermen and uses fly rods and big game fishing tackle on a couple of Bass Strait monsters. Turns out those Tasmanians really know what they’re doing and he experiences some great fishing."  


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