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Fins with Teeth

from iFish – Volume 2

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The Fins with Teeth here are Mako Sharks and Paul Worsteling has travelled to St Helens in Tasmania, sport fishing mecca, where the Makos are prolific. He's onboard with Josh Hammersley and they're heading out to the shelf. Paul's decided to try something a bit different and wants to catch a Mako on the fly, Josh says "I think you're crazy, but we'll give it a go". First up is to get the burley or chum in the water, Josh uses frozen pieces of Salmon which, as they slowly melt leave a lovely scent trail. Paul has made his own flies using lots of multicoloured shiny tinsel to imitate a slimy Mackerel, a bait the sharks just love. However when a Mako at well over 200lbs appears he decides that it might be better not to risk his lightweight fly gear but to trust the heavy tackle and a conventional mackerel head. The ensuing battle is still titanic and Paul is rewarded with a magnificent catch.

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