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Barra Time

The period of February through to May in the Northern Territories is Barra Time, when anglers travel from all over the world hoping to catch a mighty Barramundi, Australia's favourite fish. Paul Worsteling has made the pilgrimage and is up at the crack of dawn to join local guru Shane Compain, who promises Paul he has picked the right time, on the right tide. They're fishing the Daly River at Nauiyu, about 250kms south of Darwin. The river is tidal at this point and the water brackish, and at this time of year the Barra are moving up stream to feed on the mullet that are here in numbers. They start by trolling lures, green seems to be the most effective colour, and Paul's rod doesn't take long to bend over. The Barramundi are a fantastic looking silver scaled fish, they are always measured in length and anything over 1 metre is considered a monster.

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