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Celtic Sharks

In this episode Des is joined by his good mate Keith on an adventure into the Celtic Deeps in the Irish Sea fishing for sharks. They're onboard The Antlantic Blue, skippered by Andy Truelove out of Dale, a beautiful village on the Pembrokeshire coast. It's a two and a half hour trip out to the Deeps where Andy thinks they will have a very good chance of catching a Blue Shark or two and possibly a Porbeagle. But the journey isn't dull, as there's quite often dolphins and whales to be seen. Andy recommends drift fishing, letting the boat follow the wind and the currents, hoping he can attract the sharks with the scent trail he is leaving with the chum in his 'Rubby Dubby' bag. They are using mackerel deadbaits, with the tails chopped off to stop them spinning and the bellies cut open to create as much scent as possible, dropped to a depth of around 50 feet. They've got four rods out at various distances from the boat and its one of Des's that's first to go. it's not one of the monsters they are hoping for but a nice 'bluey' none the less. The sighting of a Fin Whale creates some excitement but not as much as the bend in Keith's rod as he's into his first ever shark. The successful boating off a bluey in the region of 50lbs leaves him "chuffed to bits". Des adds another blue shark but is desperately hoping he can hook a Porbeagle Shark. His dream comes true towards the end of the day as he boats a lovely fish around the 40lb mark. Then Keith hooks the biggest Blue Shark of the day, just as they are about to head for home. To watch Celtic Sharks now, just login or join


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