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Fishing the Flats

Fishing the Flats follows ex pro football player and mad keen angler, Henry Waszczuk as he takes on some of the best inshore fisheries in North and South America. In this series, you’ll see him in Florida, North Carolina, Costa Rica and the Bahamas seeking out some of the hardest fighting fish around including species like Redfish, Tarpon, Sharks, Bonefish, Tuna, Dorado and Cubera Snapper. Henry brings tons of passion and a wealth of saltwater fishing expertise to the party and you’ll see some stunning fish captures throughout the series. There are plenty of tips on tackle, rigs, and baits and lures so this is a show you can really learn from. Each show also features a section called Fish Eye, anglers will learn crucial advice on fish habits, reading the water and tide tactics to maximise success. There’s also a culinary section where Chef Brad  cooks up some fantastic recipes that will transform your catch into restaurant quality fare. Fishing the Flats is a fantastic action packed series and full of useful tips and tactics to improve your own saltwater outings.

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In this FREE episode, host Henry Waszczuk shows us what's in store in the forthcoming season of Fishing The Flats. In this exciting season, Henry will be visiting some of the hottest saltwater fishing destinations including the Bahamas, Costa Rica and around and of course Florida and targeting some of the flat's hardest fighting saltwater species. First up we see Henry targeting Redfish in North Carolina and he gets the season off to a flier with a giant 50 inch plus red which for many would be the fish of a lifetime. In the Bahamas, Henry is fishing for Bonefish when a shark takes the Bonefish he is playing literally a few yards from his feet...exciting stuff indeed. Each show features a segment called Fish Eye, rammed full of tips and tactics to improve your saltwater outings and there's also a recipe section where you can learn to prepare some stunning fish dishes that are sure to impress. In another interesting segment, Henry discusses how he became a fishing TV show presenter after a highly successful career as a pro football player in Canada. Enjoy this taster episode and then get stuck into the full season! To watch just login or join
In this episode, Henry is in North East North Carolina fishing amongst the numerous flats and creeks of the Pamlico Sound for hard fighting trophy  Redfish. Starting in a small creek, Henry targets the shoreline with soft plastics under a popper float and is soon into a nice 25 inch red, which isn't the monster he is after but a good start for sure. In the Fish Eye segment, we find out about how to fish Redfish habitats successfully, by finding the right areas and using stealthy tactics to approach the fish as this shallow water species is extremely spooky and sensitive to boat noise. In open water, Henry's guide spots a huge swirl as a Red chases Pogies, a popular baitfish for Reds, and Henry casts his popper perfectly towards the fish and the fight is on. This is a huge fish and exactly what Henry came for! Chef Brad Townsend presents this week's recipe, featuring Redfish of course, and his stunning Rum Raisin Redfish Rundown will have you running to the kitchen! To watch just login or join now
Henry is out with the fly rod in this episode as he targets Bonefish on Long Island in the Bahamas. After locating a nice area to wade fish, Henry spots a good sized school of bones and manages too pick one off straight away. In the Fish Eye segment, we explore how important the tides are on the shallow flats and the effect they have on water temperature, which in turn affects the Bonefish and their movements. This knowledge will help you find the right areas at the right times of day and conditions, to maximise success. Conditions aren't ideal today as the sky is overcast and there is a brisk breeze which makes fish spotting harder but by focusing on the right areas, Henry finds consistent success. There's some big fish in the school he's near but its proving difficult to pick them out with so many smaller fish around. To watch just login or register
Henry is on the Western Coast of Florida in this episode chasing Redfish with Capt Jim Huddleston in the Clearwater area. The tide is coming in so the pair start fishing on the Mangrove Islands where they expect Reds to be feeding. The fish are close in to the trees which also means snags so Henry needs to bully the fish out quickly and does a great job, landing of good sized Red to get off the mark. In the Fish Eye segment, we look at the mangrove habitat the Reds feed in how they use it to ambush prey. Finding Mangrove holes, which can be fish magnets, and 'skip' casting is key to success here. As the tide pushes out, its timeto fish the adjacent grass flat waterways and again Henry finds almost immediate success hooking a good red. Clearwater certainlyshows why its upthere as a Redfish hostpot as Henry goes on to enjoy a fantastic session. There's also some useful tackle tips in this episode including end tackle and bait preparation, plus don't miss the recipe section for another stunning way to cook up acatch of Redfish. To watch just login or join
Henry is down in Costa Rica sampling some of the amazing deep sea fishing to be found there. What's unusual in Costa Rica is that often the best fishing is close to the shoreline with big predators feeding in the deep water and structure here. The skipper starts by trolling along the shoreline and Henry is soon into a big Roosterfish of around 75lb, a great way to get off the mark. Just as a storm starts rolling in, Henry hooks up again with another massive Roosterfish, this time the skipper estimating it be around 90lb. As the weather clears, the crew see a Sailfish cruising on the surface and when Henry gets his lure in front of it, a spectacular aerial fight ensues. In the tips section, Jamie from Big Fish Charters, shows us how to correctly set the drag on these saltwater reels which is crucial to get right when targetting big game fish. In the recipe section, Chef Brad Townsend cooks up a sumptious Jerk Rub Mahi Mahi. Once you watch this episode, you'll soon realise why the deep sea fishing in Costa Rica is simply world class. To watch just login or register
St Augustine in Florida is one of the region's most historic towns but its also a saltwater fishing hotspot and in this episode Henry is fishing with local guide Capt Jason Keating. The many oysterbeds in the area and fast falling tides make this a fantastic place for catching Redfish and Henry starts with some wade fishing for tidal Reds. He makes a great start, carefully wading on to some feeding fish and hooking up with a stunning fish. In the Fish Eye section, we learn more about the unique habitat in this area, with its oysterbeds,  flats, creeks and gullies and how anglers can  find the drop offs where predators like Redfish will often patrol. In the backwater lagoons of St Augustine, the tide drops fast so you may only have 20 mins or so fish before moving to a new spot but with a few mins to go, Henry shows his skills and hooks and lands another lovely Red. He then takes to  the flats boat with Capt Keating and the focus on one of the channels near the oysterbeds with immediate success. Later Henry lands a lovely 5lb Flounder, a real 'doormat', before ending the episode with another chunky Red showing what a great location for fishing, St Augustine in Florida really is. To watch just login or join
Henry is back in the Bahamas again on Long Island and fly fishing for Bonefish and anything else that comes along. This time he's fishing from a skiff and his guide gets him straight on the fish with Henry hooking into a strong Bonefish which gets him snagged in some Mangrove. In Fish Eye, we look at the various kinds of flast to be found here, with both inshore or backwater and offshore flats which means that you can cover many areas on a single tide. Next, Henry tries some wade fishing with his friend Oliver and spots of pod of 5 bones which Oliver quickly covers and hooks a good sized fish. Henry then shows us the various outfits that he likes to takes with him when Bonefishing as there are often other fish like Barracuda, Sharks and Jacks around so having some other rods set up and ready can really pay dividends. And this is exactly what happens next as they spot a Barracuda which Henry hooks into with his spinning rod. This is quickly followed by a Mutton Snapper, one of Henry's favourite eating fish and Chef Brad then shows us a great fish and chips recipe using Snapper. Enjoy the spectacular fishing on the flats Long Island in this action packed episode. To watch just login or join
We're in Henry's homewaters of Charlotte Harbour in South West Florida as he shows us how to catch some Winter time Redfish with local guide, Capt Dan Latham. Between December and March the tides are lower and the water gin clear so things can be trickier but they set out early and find a school of Redfish in some very skinny water and Henry duly hooks up. In the Fish Eye segment, we look at some of the best holding spots for reds in winter, plus how to approach them and cast in the right areas. This is classic Redfish fishing with very skinny water and plenty of tailing Reds in the Turtle Grass and it isn't long before Henry gets into a lovely 9lb fish which gives him quite a tussle. Henry talks through his lures and how he adds jig heads to his scented soft plastics. Back to the action and Capt Dan spots some more tailing reds in just a few inches of water and Henry delivers the perfect cast again. In the recipe section, we are treated to Redfish Tacos. To watch just login or join
Henry's back in Flamingo Bay in Costa Rica and is fishing an inshore reef for a variety of stunning saltwater species. Gently drifting small live fish baits along the reef and first up is a particularly toothy critter as Henry lands a good sized Crocodile Needlefish also known as Houndfish. The Cubera Snapper is another inhabitant here and these hard fighting fish grow to prodigious sizes. We see IGFA record holder, Sjon Harless hooked up to a big Cubera Snapper and you'll see what hard fighting fish they are. In the tips section, Henry shows us how to use a Vent Tool which is essential when pulling big fish like Amberjacks up from depth. Henry then gets into a good Cubera Snapper of his own of around 35lb. Another common species on these reefs is the Rock Snapper and Henry is soon fighting and landing a stunning looking specimen. In the field kitchen, Chef Brad cooks up Cajun Fried Fish Fritters which is great recipe that can be done with many fish. To watch just login or join
It's late Spring, the temperature is on the up, so host Henry Waszczuk heads down to the Florida Keys hoping to catch some monster Tarpon. He joins top guide Chris Morrison, based in Marathon, a city in the Keys set over 13 islands, known for their beaches and barrier reef. The gulf side here is a bit deeper than further north, so the larger fish tend to hold up during migration. Their choice of bait for the day is live mullet and crab and they're quickly into a fish. Tarpon are incredibly strong, hard fighting fish, so there are plenty of jumps in an attempt to throw the hook. But it is the second fish of the day that provides the most excitement, hooked amongst the pillars of the road bridge where it was lying in wait for food, this Tarpon leads them a merry dance, in and out of the pylons, under and around the bridge a few times, calling on great boat handling skills from Chris. And it pays off as they are able to land this monster in the shallows and get a great up close look at it. Henry's tip of the week is to show you how he ties his favourite knot, the Bimini Twist and chef Brad Townsend's recipe is a grilled crab crusted Cobia steak. To watch Marathon Tarpon now, just login or join
With his sights set on a Big Bull Shark, Henry heads to the Crystal River area in Citrus County, north west Florida, known as the 'Nature Coast'. He joins local guide and expert Capt. Billy Henderson. Using live mullet for bait with wire leaders, the guys have one target in mind and its large with sharp teeth. The Bull Shark is unique in that it can survive in both fresh and salt water and it is attracted to the Crystal River area by the migrating Tarpon that it loves to eat. Capt. Billy regularly encounters specimen to over 300lbs and although Henry isn't lucky enough to hook anything quite this big, he does see plenty of action. In his tip of the week Henry talks you through his rod, reel and tackle preferences when targeting big shark. There's also another delicious harbourside recipe from chef Brad Townsend, Sea Bass grilled in parmesan and prosciutto. To watch this video now, just login or join
Henry's back in the Bahamas and this time he's in deeper waters off Long Island, reef fishing. He's out with guide Bert Adderley, and they're dropping pilchard and squid deadbaits down to the bottom in about 25 feet of water. As they are not targeting one particular species, it's a pot luck kind of day where they are happy to hook whatever may be down there. First up is a beautiful Triggerfish, with amazingly vivid colouring, then a Nassua Grouper, a decent Baracuda and a bright pink Rock Grouper. But the catch of the day is a Black Tip Shark that tests Henry's lightweight tackle to the very limit. There are plenty of tips on how to make the most of a reef or bottom fishing day and chef Brad Townsend shows how to prepare crispy coated, pan fried grouper. To watch Long Island Reef Fishing now, just login or join
Henry has been invited to join Capt Chris Morrison to fish the Marathon Sharkathon Tournament in the Florida Keys. The winners are the pair that catch the most sharks over 5ft in a one day event. Tiger, Hammerhead, Bull, Black Tip and Lemon are the five shark species that qualify. The pair get off to a flying start as Chris hooks a nice Bull Shark with his first cast, but then things slow down so he decides to move to a new marque. It works and Henry gets into a hard fight with a Black Tip, and after Chris nabs one of his own the day just gets better and better with the highlight being a double hook up of giant Bulls, will all this be enough to get Henry and Chris into the prizes? There are also plenty of facts and figures in an 'everything you want to know about sharks' section and chef Brad Townsend shows how to prepare Curry Crusted Snook. To watch Keys Shark Tournament now, just login or join


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