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Reelin in the Keys 2

Capt George Clark Jnr hosts this season of Reelin in the Keys and meets up some of the top charter boat Captains in the Florida Keys. With such a huge variety of water available from deep sea, to inshore, the flats and the backcountry channels of the Everglades, there is always a hot bite to be had here no matter the conditions. The Keys is well known as the sportfishing capital of the world and we see a wide range of hard fighting species including Redfish, Snook, Jacks, Sea Trout, Permit, Lemon Shark and Marlin. George is an expert angler and shows just what it takes to be successful here landing some fantastic fish throughout the series.
With windy weather around, Captain George Clark and hi friend, Capt Lain Goodwin decide to venture into the creeks and channels of the Everglades for some sheltered fishing. They start by collecting some bait by drawing Pilchards to the boat with chum and then expertly throwing a cast net to fill the live well. As Lain explains, pretty much every species they can find here is attracted to these Pilchards so they make an excellent bait. They head to the mouth of a creek where the wind is funneling in and cast their live baits into the edge of the mangrove. Lain hooks up first landing a nice Sea Trout which nailed his Pilchard. With no other hits, the move down the creek to try the other end hoping fish will be lying up there and it isn't long before Lain gets a small Snook, quickly followed by a better one. They both get a shock when George then lands a Tripletail which is unusual to find in such shallow water. With a few Jacks to finish the day, the pair prove that a good day's fishing can be had even in poor conditions.
George is fishing with Capt Brian Cone from Contagious Charters today and after picking up some Pilchards with the cast net, head out to the first spot where they've heard there are some Blackfin Tuna around. There's also a good chance of Sailfish, Dolphin fish and Cobia and they start by using Kites to take the live baits out which George explains can give a great natural presentation as there's no leader in the water. After a while of patiently waiting, all three reels start peeling off line, and George grabs the middle one. The fish are False Albacore or Little Tunny and they've found a good shoal of these hard fighting fish. They move the boat a little and Capt Brian spots a nice Sailfish and expertly guides George on to it. A strong fight ensues before George lands a stunning Sailfish to cap a great day.
Today George is hanging out with Capt Jason Johnson who is a tournament angler, charter boat Captain plus runs a lobster trapping business. George has left his rods at home today as he meets up with Jason as he goes out to collect his lobster traps. With a good haul of lobsters, they turn their attention to the Stone Crab traps and Capt Johnson explains how to take legal size claws so that they grow back. Capt Johnson then discusses his involvement in fishing tournaments in the Keys before we round off the show with the Keys Sailfish Tournament and some spectacular big game action.
George is fishing today with an old friend that he grew up with, Capt Tony De La Santos. They are heading into some skinny water in the Everglades, sight fishing for tailing Redfish. After finding a nice flat and seeing some reds, George starts by throwing a white soft rubber jerk bait. But with such calm condition and skinny water like this the fish are spooked when the lure comes by, so George tries a live bait with instant success landing a nice Redfish. George then hooks a big Snook which gives a strong fight before finally throwing the hook right at the boat. Anther tailing Red shows and George drops a Pilchard right in front of it and he soon lands the best Red today. Moving closer to the shoreline and a small inlet and they find big groups of Redfish which provide some excellent sport to end the day.
George is fishing with friend and fellow skipper, Capt Kerry Wingo out of Key Largo. As usual the first job is to pick some bait so they tow a burly bag around and wait til the sardines pick up the trail before throwing the cast net. With the live well full, they head to a quiet spot in the Everglades that Capt Wingo has had some good sessions at recently. He throws out some of the bait along the shoreline to try and get the Snook fired up before they both start working the cover. Capt Wingo gets a small Snapper to start before he has a hard fight with a Jack Crevalle. The action keeps coming as do the species as George lands a Mangrove Snapper and Capt Wingo lands a small Snook. George then has some fun as his bait lands just over the edge of a small twig and the line suspends it enticingly on the surface, with a big Redfish locking on it quickly. A strong fight ensues but the slab of a Red, beats George up and lives to fight another day. Capt Wingo caps his day with a nice slot Redfish which George decides will look good on his dinner plate and George finishes up by landing a nice Snook.
George is heading out with Capt Pablo Rodriguez from Big Pine Key today and with lots of fish around, there are plenty of options. They pick up some live bait from one of Pablo's traps before deciding to start by trying some sight fishing. Pablo spots some Permit far out but moving towards the boat and puts a crab on for George which he presents in front of the shoal. The Permit is one of the most sought after saltwater species, known for its fighting prowess, and George finds out just why that is as he hooks up to one and finally lands a stunning looking fish. They move location and try some bottom fishing, and George quickly hooks up again and this time its a small Brown Nosed Shark. He then sees a couple of Permit near the surface and an accurate cast proves successful. A great day is capped off with another Brown Nosed Shark for George.
Key West is synonymous with Ernest Hemingway and his love of fishing for Blue Marlin which inspired his book, the Old Man and The Sea. Generations of anglers have come here during the season to fish for these incredible sporting fish and in this episode we follow the action at the 2014 Hemingway Challenge Key West Marlin Tournament. Conditions look perfect as the boats head out and start fishing and it isn't long before they find the fish. The scoring system is simple with 400 points for a released Blue or White Marlin, 50 points for a Sailfish and in the Fun Fish Category, 1 point per pound for a Dolphin Fish, Tuna or Wahoo. Plenty of big Dolphin Fish are caught before some Blue and White Marlin are boated bringing day 1 to a close. On days 2 and 3, the action really hots up and all the boats are catching Marlin, Sailfish, Dolphin and Wahoo. The weigh in reveals a tight finish with the top team, Ruckus winning with 490 points.
George is down in Islamorada and heading out with Capt Frank Drudi today and with plenty of Mahi Mahi around, they are the main target. First up, they plan to pick some live bait and George is hoping for some Cigar Minnows which are very effective for Dolphin Fish. 20 miles offshore, they soon find a good area and the bites come thick and fast with George, Frank and the mate catching small schoolies one after another. They move location and find some more  Mahi Mahi but group are a slightly bigger average size and they get enjoy some more fantastic sport. With Capt Frank up top, he's able to spot the bigger fish and guide George on to them resulting in a spectacular end to the day on the water.
George heads back into the Everglades, this time with Capt Chris Hanson in search of Snook, Redfish and Speckled Sea Trout. Chris positions the boat on the point of a bay entrance and chums the water hoping to intercept any fish in the area. With no action coming and their chum being hit by birds, they decide to move to another spot and Chris strikes first with a fantastic Snook. George targets some dead trees by the shoreline and it isn't long before he also lands a nice Snook. He then hooks into another one and its huge, but unfortunately breaks George off near the boat. More Snook follow plus a chrome Redfish for Chris before they move into a small creek and target some Jack Crevalle. Chris ends a spectacular session with yet another hard fighting Snook to cap a brilliant day on the water.
In this show, we see highlights from the 2015 Hemingway Key West Challenge where top teams battle it out to win the coveted top prizes over 3 days fishing. Marlin are the star of the show and worth 400 points but its important for the teams to catch more prolific fish like Dolphin Fish and Wahoo which also add to the overall points tally. With billfish thin on the ground on day 1, the competition is wide open but on day 2 and 3 a few nice Blue Marlin are caught and a couple of teams surge ahead. The prize giving dinner on day 3 reveals all but who will pick up the top prize.
George is meeting up with Capt Chris Johnson of Sea Squared Charters and the target today is Lemon Sharks which they'll be looking for in very shallow water. As Chris explains, the water temperature has been dropping recently which makes these fish more active and easier to tempt. After finding a good spot and putting the chum out, several sharks are seen near the boat so George puts his bait out and a Lemon Shark takes it immediately. After a good fight, George brings the shark to the boat and releases it unharmed. Seeing a bigger fish, George casts out towards it and again it takes without hesitation and George has a tough fight on his hands. With lots of sharks around the boat now, Chris decides to have a go and picks out a huge shark which again aggressively takes his bait. George also finds one and its a double hook up! An incredible session continues with barely a moment without a fish on.
George is out on his own boat today and doing a practice session with his guests for the upcoming 'Take Stock Backcountry tournament which raises money to help economically disadvantage children through education. First up he has to find some bait but the first spot produces nothing so they have to move again. George spots some Pilchards but before throwing the cast net he tries to winkle a few out on a Sabiki rig. He then throws the net and marks the spot so he can use it again for the tournament. George's guests today are tournament veterans and they want to try and find some areas holding Speckled Sea Trout which have been thin on the ground lately. To win the tournament, all 3 species of Trout, Snook and Redfish must be caught so these practice days are invaluable. Finding a couple of Trout, George decides to find some Snook and heads into the Everglades. They see a couple of big Snook and decide to leave them alone for the competition and catch a small shark instead. To end the show, George meets the tournament director who explains how the Take Stock Program works and why funding for it is so important.


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