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“Take Stock” Tournament Pre-Fish

George is out on his own boat today and doing a practice session with his guests for the upcoming 'Take Stock Backcountry tournament which raises money to help economically disadvantage children through education. First up he has to find some bait but the first spot produces nothing so they have to move again. George spots some Pilchards but before throwing the cast net he tries to winkle a few out on a Sabiki rig. He then throws the net and marks the spot so he can use it again for the tournament. George's guests today are tournament veterans and they want to try and find some areas holding Speckled Sea Trout which have been thin on the ground lately. To win the tournament, all 3 species of Trout, Snook and Redfish must be caught so these practice days are invaluable. Finding a couple of Trout, George decides to find some Snook and heads into the Everglades. They see a couple of big Snook and decide to leave them alone for the competition and catch a small shark instead. To end the show, George meets the tournament director who explains how the Take Stock Program works and why funding for it is so important.

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