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iFish – Volume 2

More great action from iFish, Australia's most popular fishing show. Host Paul Worsteling visits some of the country's most iconic and prolific locations and demonstrates what a huge variety of species there are to be found. He concentrates on Saltwater fishing, and is just as happy flicking his lures into the mangrove lined creeks and islands of a river estuary as he is trolling a downrigger with freshly caught deadbait in 60 metres of ocean. His enthusiasm and joy of the sport are shared by wife Cristy and son Jet who are quite often on board with him.

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Watch Boat Fishing off Fiji - Paul, Christy and Jet are back on Namotu Island, off the east coast of Fiji. They're out for the day on Ben Wilson's boat, trolling some freshly caught bait on down riggers. First to take is a lovely Spanish Mackerel that will be taken home for supper. Next up, attracted to a popper Paul has cast out is a Red Bass, a fish very similar in appearance to the Mangrove Jack. Jet hooks a Bluefin Trevally with his sinking Rapala lure, before they go deep, 295 metres deep to be exact using their electric reels, to a place where you're not quite sure what you're going to find. Sometimes a beautiful fish, sometimes something from another planet. To watch Boat Fishing off Fiji now, just login or register
Paul is with Charlotte Klose in this episode and they take an overnight charter boat out of Cullen Bay, Darwin in the Northern Territory looking for some big reef fish and in particular, Nannygai. These stunning fish can grow up to 13kg and prefer reefs and structure at depth so the guys are fishing  in around 60m today using soft plastic jigs and squid baits. After seeing some good looking shapes on the sounder, they drop their lines and are soon into Nannygai.  After catching some nice ones in the darkness, they retreat to their cabins and make an early start in the morning, but their plans are thwarted by sharks as any fish they hook are quickly attacked by pack of sharks. Moving to a new location, Charlotte quickly lands a beautiful looking and highly prized Red Emporer fish and soon after Paul gets in on the action too. To watch just login or register
Jet, Cristy and guide, Shane Compain take a trip up the Daly River in the Northern Territory, in search of Barra. After a slow start, Shane sees a fish hanging around a snag on the sounder and soon hooks and lands a superb Barramundi. Cristy soon gets into the action too landing a lovely chrome coloured Barramundi. In the afternoon, Jet meets up with Dad, Paul for an offshore trip where they get into Golden Snapper, Nannygai and Red Emporer in the seas around Darwin. The fishing in the Northern Territory is simply superb with a host of river fisheries such as the Daly for Barra as well as an excellent marine fishery for a variety of exciting sport fish. To watch just login or register    
In "Jervis Bay Kingfish" Paul, Cristy and Jet head to Jervis Bay in New South Wales, 200km south of Sydney. It is a drowned river valley formed 15,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. On board with them is local guide Ian Olsteroh and he suggests that first up they catch some Calamari Squid for fresh bait. Even though the bay is sheltered there is a choppy swell to start with, making things quite tricky. But once they've reached their mark, and the day progresses, conditions settle down. So they enjoy a fantastic session, catching some very hard fighting Yellowtail Kingfish. To watch Jervis Bay Kingfish now, just login or register
Fishing the Kimberley Coastline - On their recent trip to Horizontal Falls in Kimberley north Australia, Paul, Cristy and Jet spend a day cruising the shallow creeks and islands that form the coastline in the area. From the back of their boat they cast an assortment of lures and deadbaits, they share an amazing day's fishing, catching a huge range of species. Hard fighting Barramundi, Golden Snapper, Blue Salmon, Black & Gold Spotted Cod, Mangrove Jack, Slatey Bream and Giant Trevally all find themselves on the end of a hook at some point in the proceedings. To watch Fishing the Kimberley Coastline now, just login or register
In "Bemm River Black Bream" Paul heads out 400km east of Melbourne to the Bemm River township which is situated on a natural coastal inlet stretching to the sandhills of the Tasman Sea. He has been coming here since he was 13 years old and it provides some of his earliest fishing memories. In this episode he joins up with local expert Frank Milito and as the two launch the boat into the lagoon, the sounder shows there are plenty of Bream to be had. The Bream have conventionally been caught on a prawn or worm but here the guys are using lures, which they cast out as they drift across the water, and they are soon into the fish. A good Black Bream will be over 1kg and 40 cms in length and if you're lucky you would hope to catch 2 or 3 this size on any trip. To watch Bemm River Black Bream now, just login or register
Watch Cullen Bay Sailfish, as host Paul Worsteling joins skipper Alastair Lau's boat, for a 5 hour overnight trip to some excellent Sailfish waters north of Darwin, Australia. Also on board is local guru Doug Saunders who has recommended this mark, as he has caught Sailfish up to 20kgs in theses waters. From the back of the boat they are trolling streamer lures, made from a Gar deadbait covered with a bright skirt and are soon into their first fish. Sailfish are the fastest fish in the seas and can travel at speeds of 110kmph, so provide plenty of airborne action. To watch Cullen Bay Sailfish now, just login or register
Watch Paul Worsteling go Beach Fishing for Australian Salmon, in this episode of iFish. Paul is in Port Lincoln and heads over to the National Park, a protected headland which overlooks Boston Bay, the largest natural harbour in Australia, where he has been told there are shoals of Salmon to be found. His local expert guide is 11 year old Archie Coote, who first takes Paul to a highpoint above the beach, so that they can spot exactly where the Salmon are shoaling. The technique is to cast a lure out as far as you can and then retrieve it quickly, hoping the Salmon chase it towards shore. Young Archie shows Paul how it's done, landing a beautiful trophy Salmon "the coolest fish I've ever caught". To watch Beach Fishing for Australian Salmon now, just login or register
The Fins with Teeth here are Mako Sharks and Paul Worsteling has travelled to St Helens in Tasmania, sport fishing mecca, where the Makos are prolific. He's onboard with Josh Hammersley and they're heading out to the shelf. Paul's decided to try something a bit different and wants to catch a Mako on the fly, Josh says "I think you're crazy, but we'll give it a go". First up is to get the burley or chum in the water, Josh uses frozen pieces of Salmon which, as they slowly melt leave a lovely scent trail. Paul has made his own flies using lots of multicoloured shiny tinsel to imitate a slimy Mackerel, a bait the sharks just love. However when a Mako at well over 200lbs appears he decides that it might be better not to risk his lightweight fly gear but to trust the heavy tackle and a conventional mackerel head. The ensuing battle is still titanic and Paul is rewarded with a magnificent catch. To watch Fins with Teeth now, just login or register
Paul is in Port Lincoln, known as 'the seafood capital of Australia', and is heading offshore on a 24hr charter fishing trip to target some King George Whiting and well, whatever else comes along. At their first mark, it isn't long before Paul hooks into some nice Snapper on his Paternoster rig. Next up they drift onto some Nannygai and Paul inexplicably manages to land 3 fish with just 2 hooks on his rig! As evening falls, the move into a prime spot for King George Whiting and Paul soon lands a nice one, followed by a Blue Spot Flathead, 2 of the finest eating fish you could imagine as as Paul continues fishing, the skipper cooks up his catch. The following morning they first target some squid around the boat, before finding a fantastic Whiting spot and catching some very good sized ones. On the way back, they decide to do some trolling with Rapalas and hook into some Southern Bluefin Tuna, just proving how rich with sealife these waters around Port Lincoln are and how incredible the fishing is. To watch just login or register
In "Fishing the Falls" - Paul, Christy and Jet are on a 4 day trip out of Broome in Kimberley, Western Australia to the wondrous Horizontal Falls, a white water tidal phenomenon. The floating hotel there, provides a great base for an angling trip, as it offers a wide variety of fishing styles and a great range of species. Here they start by cruising around the inshore lagoon and river system with the aim of catching some large Barramundi and Jacks, but the first bite, on their freshly caught bait, is a stunning Queenfish. Paul and Jet then have a double hook up, two stunning Golden Snappers and at slack tide they're able to fish inside the falls, where Christy catches a Cod. Setting off on a jetski, Paul tracks down a shoal of GTs before hooking a White Tipped Reef Shark which almost pulls him in. A deep water excursion lands some more Snappers including a couple of Saddletails and finally a trolling session brings some GTs and a large shark. To watch Fishing the Falls now, just login or register
In "Fishing out of Townsville" - Paul heads to Townsville, Northern Australia with all sorts of fishing in mind. First up he joins local expert Derek Maynard for a cruise around the mangrove lined islands and creeks where they hook Black Spotted Cod, Barramundi, Queenies and of course Mangrove Jacks. As always the mangroves provide natural cover in which the fish lurk as well plenty of snags, which make playing them very tricky. He then heads out into the channel with Tony Mossop, where they use freshly caught bait to target Golden Snapper also known locally as Fingermark Bream. Finally he trolls the bay with Roly Newton who's had 50 years in which to perfect his Spanish Mackerel fishing technique. He uses a 6 hook herring deadbait held down in the water by his trusty old down rigger. Its very effective. To watch Fishing out of Townsville now, just login or register
Paul is joined by Chris Cleaver from Shimano as they take a trip in the Botany Bay estuary for a mixed bag fo species but  in particular some Mulloway, otherwise known as Jewfish. They start by putting out some crab pots out as Paul is keen to eat a Blue Swimmer for his dinner  before moving out on to a sandbank where they catch a variety of species like Flathead, Trevally, Flounder and Tailers on soft plastic lures. After seeing some Mulloway on the sounder they change tactics and start to target them. Botany Bay is of the most iconic places in Australia as this is where Captain Cook first landed in 1770, but as Paul shows, its also a pretty good fishing spot for Mulloway. To watch just login or register


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