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Expert angler Mark De La Hey visits a number of fantastic locations along the stunning coast of eastern South Africa. He shares his fishing expertise offering tips and advice on... where and when to rock and surf fish from the beach, how to avoid sharks hitting your gamefish, options when targeting Yellowfin Tuna... and much much more.
The waters off the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal provide rich pickings as the migrating game fish arrive. Host Mark De La Hey with skipper PJ Botha target the Yellowfin Tuna to be found around the local wrecks, but although their jigs and live baits prove to be successful, their efforts attract the interest of some hungry sharks. By keeping on the move, they are finally rewarded.
The changeable microclimate around Richards Bay means that Mark De La Hey has to change plans, but fortunately there is enough sheltered water to provide a day's entertainment, surface lures and poppers attract the Yellowfin Tuna and then with live bait he targets Garrick. But as the winds strengthen he has to head inland to Midmar Dam for a spot of bass fishing.
Mark De La Hey revels in the unspoilt wilderness and diversity that his native South Africa has to offer. On a trip inland to the Karkloof Safari Spa, he enjoys lure fishing for Largemouth Bass whilst herds of buffalo, rhinos and hippos keep a close eye on him.
Mark De La Hey enjoys the offshore game fishing on offer at Tinley Beach SA. Plenty of Yellowfin Tuna to be found. Then a spot of nighttime beach fishing in Mozambique, where a huge Blacktip Shark provides Mark with a battling test of endurance.
The remote island of Bazaruto off Mozambique provides the latest destination for Mark De La Hey. He's fishing for the giant Black Marlin which can be found here.
A chance to see some huge shark being caught, as Mark targets Blacktip off the beach and Grey and Hammerheads out in the deep. Fantastic action from Mozambique.
In the last few years the number of Yellowfin Tuna to be found in the waters off South East Africa has grown enormously, which is good news for Mark De La Hey, as he likes to catch them and then eat them. Here he shows 3 different techniques and styles of fishing that can be used.
As the large swells in January & February churn up the waters at Mtunzini, South Africa, it creates great conditions for rock and surf fishing from the beach. Mark De La Hey and friends offer up some great tips and advice on how to use fresh deadbait to catch large flatfish such as Brown Skate, Sand Shark or Diamond Rays.
One of Mark De La Hey's favourite locations is Cape Vidal in Eastern South Africa and its easy to understand why. It offers a great variety of excellent saltwater fishing - with King Mackerel, Oceanic Tuna, and Bull Sharks just a few of the species to be had.
Mark heads out of Richards Bay for another great offshore trip where he isn't targetting any one species in particular but just wants to see what turns up. First he catches a trophy sized shad before looking for other species.
Mark and the guys are in Mozambique where the annual migration of black marlin to their spawning grounds brings in many other apex predators. In this episode, Mark is targetting big sharks and soon finds a grey shark before getting into a huge hammerhead. Maintaining a good supply of live bait is crucial to keeping the action going, especially when you have several large Zambezi (Bull) sharks around the boat. Later in the show, Mark targets sharks from the shore and discusses techniques to hook and land them.
In this episode Mark discusses the rigs and knots he likes to use to when fishing for deep water big game fish such as marlin, wahoo, queen mackerel, tuna and marlin before tackling a sand shark from the shore.
Mark discusses the importance of maximising fishing activity in weather windows as he heads out from Shelly Beach in changeable conditions.  Despite the high winds, the guys use the sonar to find fish and then by using a  burly trail, drift over them hooking into some nice yellowfin tuna before Mark catches a fantastic Green Jobfish. After returning to shore they head up to Durban making an early start as they head out again using livebait to tempt some bigger fish.


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