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In Tarpon Madness in the Bocas, Randy heads along the Gulf Coast of Mexico to Dzilam de Bravo, where the National Parque, that is made up of mangrove lined lagoons, rias and channels is known as the "Bocas". It's a nature reserve that's full of exotic wildlife and spectacular scenery and is also known to hold a lot of large Snook and Tarpon. Randy's using his favourite soft rubber lures and there is no need to search too hard as the fish are jumping. There are plenty of near misses, one's that get away, as well as some exciting catches. To watch Tarpon Madness in the Bocas now, just login or register
Captains George and Lain try something a bit different today, they head west, over to the Gulf of Mexico for a bout of Cobia Chaos. Its a beautiful slick, calm day, perfect for sight fishing, but the Guyz start with too smaller bait so they're catching little Jack Crevalle's. These in turn are then being taken by sharks on their way to the boat, so the Guyz have some great tussles coping with these on their light gear. As they move up to a bigger bait, they spot a shoal of Cobia and once they hook one they are surrounded by a load of them. Plenty of double hook ups and the chance for Lain to get greedy and try to target the biggest one of all. To watch Cobia Chaos now, just login or register
More Saltwater action from the Florida Keys, as the Fish Guyz, Captain George Clark Jr. and Captain Lain Goodwin are back for series 2, doing what they do best and that's heading out in a boat for a day's fishing. They're based in Key Largo on Florida's Atlantic coast and they always have the choice of heading out into open water for some deep sea fishing for species such as Sailfish, Mahi Mahi and Tuna, or travelling along the sheltered flats that run up to Biscayne Bay and include the mangrove line shallows of the Everglade National Park. Here they can find plenty of Snook, Snappers, Jacks and Yellowfish as well as Tarpon and Permit. There plenty more banter between the two of them and George seems even more obsessed with filling the cool box with edibles to take back for his favourite fish tacos. To watch Fish Guyz - Series 2 now, just login or register
Red Emperors - Once again Paul is on board the Wai Nawana skippered by Alistair Lau heading out of Cullen Bay near Darwin in North Australia. He fishing with local guide Tom Hughes and the pair are targeting Red Emperors. These fish aren't true Emperors, they are a member of the Snapper family or Sea Perch and they are regarded by Australians as one of the finest food fish to be had. Tom joined the iFish team two years ago ago as the "Apprentice" and has rapidly worked his way up the ranks to the point where he is now giving Paul as good as he gets in both the banter and fishing stakes. In about 20m of water they are dropping either squid or sardine deadbait down to the bottom, but there are other species lurking there and they catch a nice Mulloway and a Nanygai before Tom lands his first ever Red. They then switch, with some success, to squidgy plastics before Paul catches a Barracuda with the bacon left over from breakfast. To watch Red Emperors now, just login or register
Paul Worsteling is back with some more fantastic adventures, as he visits a number of iconic destinations around his native Australia. He concentrates on the huge variety of saltwater action there is to be found around its coastline, but also tries his hand at fly fishing for early season Goulburn River Trout and takes a helicopter into the hills to catch Sooty Grunters. There are also a few shows that cover the trip he made with wife Cristy and son Jet to Alaska, where they were fishing for the various species of Salmon to be found there. To watch iFish - Volume 3 now, just login or register
Meet Capt Lain Goodwin and Capt George Clark Jr. aka, the Fish Guyz. These experienced professional guides have teamed up to show the world some amazing fishing action from arguably, the sport fishing capital of the world, the Florida Keys. Not only are these guys great anglers, but they're also great friends and as well the fishing, you can expect a lot of banter and laughs along the way. In fact they're more like an old married couple with Lain being the tidy, organised, professional and punctual angler and George being well... lets just say a little more carefree and often more worried about where his next meal is coming from.  In fact, while many anglers judge the quality of fish caught by the universally accepted measurements of length or weight, George prefers to calculate how many fish tacos he can get out of one! But there's plenty of excellent fishing to behold here from both the flats in the Everglades for species like Snook, Speckled Sea Trout and Jack Crevalle to inshore areas where they fish for Lemon Sharks, to offshore areas for hard fighting sport fish like Amberjack. The Fish Guyz is an excellent saltwater fishing show with plenty of technique and tips and from 2 of the best guides you could find in the magical Florida Keys. To watch just login or register
Jon travels down to Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico. In the 1950's it became the sport fishing mecca for Hollywood super stars such as John Wayne and Bing Crosby and it still attracts its fair share of celebrity A-listers. But its unique diverse marine ecosystem and a huge variety of species, makes it a must visit destination for any serious sports fishing enthusiast and the venue for some of the richest tournaments. Jon's spending a couple of days on board with skipper Grant Hartman, of Baja Anglers and he's set himself the target of catching a Roosterfish on the fly. To help him, Grant suggests they use the "Bait and Switch" technique whereby a member of the crew casts a hookless live bait to attract the fish, Jon casts his fly close to this, then the live bait is quickly reeled in on the first sign of a fish leaving it with only the fly to take. Other species seem to fall for this and Jon is quickly in to a few Sierra Mackerel as well as a decent Jack Crevalle before achieving his goal. To watch Cabo San Lucas now, just login or register
More great action from iFish, Australia's most popular fishing show. Host Paul Worsteling visits some of the country's most iconic and prolific locations and demonstrates what a huge variety of species there are to be found. He concentrates on Saltwater fishing, and is just as happy flicking his lures into the mangrove lined creeks and islands of a river estuary as he is trolling a downrigger with freshly caught deadbait in 60 metres of ocean. His enthusiasm and joy of the sport are shared by wife Cristy and son Jet who are quite often on board with him. To watch iFish - Volume 2 now, just login or register
A look at the varied fishing South Africa has to offer, from the rolling beaches of KwaZulu Natal where Sharks, Kob and Black Musselcrackers thrive, to a new specimen lake on the outskirts of Johannesburg where 20lb plus Carp can be bagged plus a trip to the Barotse Floodplains for monster Tigerfish and Bream.
Join host, Craig Thomassen as he brings you some of the best fishing action Africa has to offer with Inside Angling. With a mix of saltwater and freshwater episodes from giant Tigerfish in Tanzania to Sailfish and Wahoo in the Seychelles and everything in between, this series is spectacularly shot with some brilliant action plus loads of great tips and tactical advice from expert angler, Craig. Equally at home fly fishing or spinning, Craig rarely fails to deliver and you'll witness some great catches throughout the series.  So sit back, enjoy the majestic scenery and wildlife Africa has to offer and watch Craig as he seeks out some truly exhilarating sport on Inside Angling. To watch just login or register


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