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The sportfishing capital of the world - Florida - home to a dazzling array of incredible species
River Monsters presenter Jeremy Wade on why bull sharks in Florida are travelling miles up-river.  
A fantastic series of 6 shows about fly fishing for tarpon in Florida  
Meet Florida's newest fishing super star. In these two exclusive videos Darcie (aka Darcizzle Offshore) shares her story and takes us out on a shark fishing adventure.
In this first exclusive film for Fishing TV, Darcizzle and her team head out to a known shark fishing mark off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida. The mission is to hook up to some bull sharks, famed for their hard fighting and agression. They also take the time to harvest a bit of shark bait along the way. Darcizzle talks through the various baits, chums and tackle that they use to attract sharks to the boat and entice a bite, and explains how the Gulf Steam makes the coast of Palm Beach county one of the most prolific pelagic fisheries in the world. To watch just login or register  
The Florida Keys offers some of the best sportfishing on the planet. This series explores the vast array of saltwater fishing on offer with some of the best charter boats around.
Hour 22 of World Fishing Day sees the action continue from North America. Gemma Scott is your host and she's joined in the studio with Bojan Lazic and Palle from Fishbrain. On our live locations we catch up with Ashely Rae in Ontario, Canada where she's continuing her hot streak with more fish coming to the boat. We also head to the Florida Keys where Luana Pigatto has reached her first fishing spot. The bait is in the water - are the tarpon there? In Alaska Dallas Baldwin and Dave Lisi are still on the hunt for an elusive King Salmon on the Kasilof.    
With just 2 hours the action keeps on coming and Damon Valentine joins Gemma Scott in the studio to add his fishing expertise. In downtown Denver, Corinne Doctor from Rep Your Water, is enjoying some urban fishing on a restored section of the South Platte river which has been brought back to be a productive fishery by Trout Unlimited. She also meets up with Crystal Woolen who represents Project Healing Waters, a charity that uses fly fishing to help veterans. In Alaska, Dallas and her team continue to fish for the elusive King Salmon on the Kasilof River and guide Dave Lisi, explains how he spey fishes on the river. In the beautiful Florida Keys, Luana arrives at her chosen spot and catches fish almost instantly.
Its the final hour of World Fishing Day and Rae Borras makes it back to the studio after fishing earlier in the day in Iceland. Corinne Doctor is still on the South Platte in downtown Denver hoping to catch a rainbow trout in a restored section of the river. In the Florida Keys, Luana is catching fish but the tarpon are being elusive. Can she catch one of these monsters before the show ends? In Alaska, Dallas and her crew are still looking for a King Salmon, but in the meantime has a chat with a State Park Ranger about the salmon fishery. Finally we have a look back at all of this amazing day's highlights. See you in 2019!


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