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Fish Guyz – Series 2

More Saltwater action from the Florida Keys, as the Fish Guyz, Captain George Clark Jr. and Captain Lain Goodwin are back for series 2, doing what they do best and that's heading out in a boat for a day's fishing. They're based in Key Largo on Florida's Atlantic coast and they always have the choice of heading out into open water for some deep sea fishing for species such as Sailfish, Mahi Mahi and Tuna, or travelling along the sheltered flats that run up to Biscayne Bay and include the mangrove line shallows of the Everglade National Park. Here they can find plenty of Snook, Snappers, Jacks and Yellowfish as well as Tarpon and Permit. There plenty more banter between the two of them and George seems even more obsessed with filling the cool box with edibles to take back for his favourite fish tacos.

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Everglades Snook - Captains Lain and George head out to one of their favourite areas, Florida's Everglade National Park which has hundreds of miles of mangrove covered shoreline, creeks and bays. They like the look of a mud strip feature in the shallows and when George catches with his first cast, he's sure it's going to be a good day. They're targeting Snook, but there are plenty of decent Jack Crevalle around to keep them occupied to begin with, but as they always say 'where you find Jacks you find Snook' and so isn't long before theses hard fighters make an appearance and they catches seem to get better and better. The day is spoilt slightly by Lain being bitten on the finger by a Catfish, George doesn't notice the blood all over the boat, as he's into his biggest fish of the day. With Lain patched up they head back to base where chef Luigi shows them how to prepare George's favourite Fish Tacos. To watch Everglades Snook now, just login or register
In 300 Fathoms the Fish Guyz, captains Lain and George head a few miles off shore in to open water. With them they have Sammy Milazzo, who as well as being a deep water specialist is also a marine artist. They start by targeting Blackfin Tuna around a wreck in about 60 meters of water, using fairly light tackle. There are plenty to be had and they fill the cool box with and George landing the largest at around 30 Tacos. Then they head further out and Sammy shows them how to use the motorised reels to lower a bait down to 300 Fathoms where the Sailfish should be lurking. Back on shore Sammy shows the Guyz around his studio and challenges them to a paint off. Lain wins, but you get the feeing he was given quite a bit of help. To watch this video now, just login or register
In 'Shallow Water Shenanigans' Captains Lain and George are joined by fellow local guide and good friend Brian Gwilliam, who takes them a couple of hours north to one of his favourite spots, just off the coast of Miami. In about 8 feet of water they're not sure what you might catch, as this area on the edge of the bay attracts both inshore and deeper water species. Scattering a mixture of live and dead baits on the surface, the Guyz attract a lot of interest and are very quickly in to some Mutton Snapper and Yellow Jack. Brian even gets a large Snapper to take a fly. He then recommends a move to a spot where he thinks they might catch a Permit, probably the pinnacle of all the sight fishing species in South Florida, as they are pound for pound one of the hardest fighting fish. With Lain spotting from the roof of the boat, looking for the tell tale Black tails, Brian manages to hook a decent fish, which puts his skills thoroughly to the test, as he is only using a 20lb leader and lightweight tackle. To watch Shallow Water Shenanigans now, just login or register
In 'Free Jumping Sailfish' it's a beautiful calm day in the Florida Keys with cobalt blue skies, so Captains George and Lain are heading out into deep water, happy to catch whatever comes their way. They're fully prepared, with some freshly caught live bait and a cool box full of ice, and George would like to take something tasty home for dinner. He's not disappointed, over one of the wrecks he has marked, they find a shoal of Yellowfin Tuna and each manage to catch a decent fish. After a very large predator chews away the bottom half of an Albacore Jack they decide to move further out to sea. George then hooks a large Sailfish, they can travel at 70mph and always put up a great fight. There's plenty of aerial action and after 30 minutes, he manages to bring it alongside the boat. As the Guyz head back to chef Luigi Maestri with their Tuna, they agree it has been a fantastic day's fishing. To watch Free Jumping Sailfish now, just login or register
Captains George and Lain try something a bit different today, they head west, over to the Gulf of Mexico for a bout of Cobia Chaos. Its a beautiful slick, calm day, perfect for sight fishing, but the Guyz start with too smaller bait so they're catching little Jack Crevalle's. These in turn are then being taken by sharks on their way to the boat, so the Guyz have some great tussles coping with these on their light gear. As they move up to a bigger bait, they spot a shoal of Cobia and once they hook one they are surrounded by a load of them. Plenty of double hook ups and the chance for Lain to get greedy and try to target the biggest one of all. To watch Cobia Chaos now, just login or register
In Mahi Mahi Madness, the Fish Guyz, Captains Lain and George decide to try something new. They head out oceanside to have a go at kite fishing. This is where you quite literally fly a kite away from the boat and from it suspend your hooklengths, so that the bait is presented on the surface of the water. They are are joined by local buddies Trey Zoeller and Carlos Padron and the constant offshore breeze makes for perfect conditions. First catch of the the day goes to Trey and its a Mahi-Mahi that George weighs in at around 25 tacos, but there are plenty of other species around such as Triggerfish, Skipjack Tuna and Grouper. A couple of smaller Mahi are being played when Trey hooks the monster bull of the shoal and an epic battle ensues. To watch Mahi Mahi Madness now, just login or register
In this 'Best of...." episode the Fish Guyz, captains George and Lain revisit some of the highlights of the series. Days out with special guest such as Trey Zoeller on a very exciting Mahi Mahi day, marine artist Sammy Milazzo wreck fishing for Blackfin Tuna and Sailfish and Brian Gwilliam who caught a monster Crevalle Jack in the mangrove lined shallows of Biscayne Bay and followed it with a strong fighting Permit. We also get another look at some of the best days that the Guyz have had out together, including a trip to Everglade National Park where to Lain's amazement, George catches with his first cast and then Lain gets bitten on the hand when releasing a baby Catfish and bleeds all over the boat, great memories. There's plenty of trophy fish making an appearance Snook, Cobia, Sailfish and also some edibles in the cool box to be taken back for George's fish tacos. To watch Best of Fish Guyz series 2 now, just login or register


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