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Fishing the Flats – Series 3

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Host Henry Waszczuk introduces another action packed season of Fishing The Flats. Each episode contains 3 main adventures from different saltwater fishing locations, plus the regular Fish Eye section which provides some fascinating details about specific fish species. There's also a regular cooking section, which showcases some mouth watering dishes you could try. Henry's in some of his favourite locations like Ascension Bay in Mexico, Charlotte Harbour, The Bahamas and Mosquito Lagoon and catches a huge variety of inshore species including Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Black Drum, Bonefish and Sharks. As well as the exciting action, there's plenty of tips and tactics to help you catch more fish too.
Henry kicks off the new season from the Grand Slam Fishing Lodge in Ascension Bay, New Mexico, one of his favourite destinations. His guide spots a big Barracuda and Henry expertly covers it with spectacular results. Ascension Bay has one of the largest Permit populations and it isn't long before Henry's guide spots one. Henry hooks up and the Permit tears line out before Henry lands a stunning 20lb fish. Next we see Sebastian Melani in Florida as his boat locates a huge shoal of Rooster Fish in a top water feeding frenzy, and he hooks up with one of these incredible fish. In the final part of the show, we visit Henry in Stuart, Florida where he tussles with the Goliath Grouper. After several failures with rod and line, Henry tries a baited rope and a tug of war ensues to bring one of these beasts to the surface.
Henry joins Oliver Rogers in the Bahamas to start this show and this time they are looking for Sharks that feed on the numerous inshore species. Seeing a Shark coming in on their chum slick, Henry casts out a bait in front of it and hooks into a good sized Blacktip Shark which is brought to the boat and released. In Fish Eye, we take a deeper look at the two predominant species of shark in the Bahamas, the Blacktip and the Lemon Shark before its Oliver's time to hook and fight a good sized Blacktip. In the final part of the show, we join Andy Eggebrecht in the Florida Keys as he enjoys some fantastic Tarpon fishing.
Henry is joined by Oliver Rogers in this episode and they're fishing for trophy Snook in Stuart, Florida in a spot called 'the hole in the wall'. Using a Threadfin Shad as bait, Henry is the first to strike landing a beautiful big Snook before Oliver gets a another 30 inch specimen. In Fish Eye, we learn more about the Snook which has fast become one of the main Florida sporting species with specimens reaching up to 50lb. Next up we visit Ben Chancey on Sanibel Island near Fort Myers, to see him fishing under a causeway for Goliath Grouper, one of the toughest challenges you can get as an angler. Ben has caught over 200 Goliaths but it certainly doesn't look any easier the more you catch as he endures a back breaking battle to land this giant fish...and a broken rod to boot! He estimates it to be around 500lb and barely has the strength left to unhook it. In the final part of the show, Henry is with Capt Dan Latham in Charlotte Harbour, looking for some big Sea Trout. Dan is using a Mirrodine lure and is the first to hook up and its a lunker of a Sea Trout. After Henry catches another, we end up joining Chef Steve Adams as he shows us how to cook Banana Leaf Sea Trout.
Henry starts this episode down in Ascension Bay in Mexico where is is targetting big Barracuda on the flats by sight fishing them. In Fish Eye, we learn more about the Barracuda, often called the 'tiger of the sea', how it hunts for prey and the areas it lives in. Henry then hooks and lands two spectacular big Barracuda in the clear waters of the flats. Next up we visit Puerto Rico, and the capital city San Juan, whose lagoons are loaded with Tarpon. Local guides, Magic Tarpon start by trolling live baits close to a tree lined shore they quickly hook into a smallish fish and go on to explain how best to fight and handle these powerful fish. In the final part of the show, Henry returns to his hometown area of Charlotte Harbour looking for big Snook and the first fish of the day is certainly that, estimated at around 37 inches. Oliver is the next to strike, also getting a sizable Snook which puts up a great fight on his light tackle.
Henry is on the east coast of Florida off Jensen Beach and fishing for Goliath Grouper. After being smashed up a few times on rod and line, Henry resorts to using a handline and using a whole Bonito as bait prepares for a tug of war. As the fish reaches the surface after a tough fight, they now realise why they couldn't bring it up by rod and line. In Fish Eye, we learn more about the Goliath Grouper and how they became a protected species with no harvest allowed. On the Pacific Coast of Mexico, we visit Banderas Bay which at certain times of year holds big populations of Rooster Fish. As you'd expect the action is fast and furious here as anglers cast into the big shoals that are hitting sardines on the surface. In the final part of the show, we look at the Lobster migration in the Keys during July and how to make hay when the Lobsters are in town.
Fishing the Flats, team member, Oliver Rogers kicks off the show from Long Island in the Bahamas, and he's fly fishing for Bonefish. His guide spots a pod and expertly directs Oliver on to the fish before the Bonefish takes off to the sound of a screaming reel. In Fish Eye, we learn more about the Bonefish, the habitats they reside in and their feeding patterns. Oliver now wades the flat and again his guide finds a small pod which Oliver covers and another strong fish takes off for the horizon. Next up we're in the mangrove areas around Fort Myers, in Florida and Ben Chancey is fishing from a Kayak and hoping for some Snook. He fishes tight in to the edge of the mangrove and having noticed some nervous bait fish, casts his bait in, hooking up into a big Snook. He manages to land it despite worrying it might tip the Kayak over during the fight. But his next fish is even bigger which Ben estimates around 20lb. Finally, we join Henry in Ascension Bay in Mexico where he's after some shallow water Mutton Snapper which may be small but put up a great fight.
The shows kicks off in the world famous Mosquito Lagoon, part of the Indian River system on the East coast of Florida, and often knows as the Redfish capital of the world. The lagoon has very shallow water and often the fish are found in just 18 inches so being stealthy and quiet is critical for success. Capt Mike Mann guides his skiff near a tailing Red and Henry lands his bait on it with instant success. In Fish Eye, we take a look at the Redfish and why they are such great sporting fish and such a popular gamefish. As they move on, the pair spot a hole which appears to holding some Redfish, which Henry covers and another strong Red is soon hooked. Next up Henry is in Florida's Panhandle, out of Carrabelle and meets up with Billy Clyde to take on some Goliath Grouper. Billy hooks into one but it soon looks like the fish has hold of him instead, as a backbreaking battle gets going. With the skipper holding Billy and Henry also pushing up the rod, Billy gets control and finally lands a fish that weighs three times as much as him! In the final part of the show, Henry is fishing off Long Island in the Bahamas and starts things off with a nice Mahi Mahi before his fishing partner Dave Rogers catches a nice Grunter.
Its mid Winter and Henry is in Sarasota Bay on the West Coast of Florida, looking for some quality Redfish and Trout that are honing in on the vast shoals of Mullet on the flats. Henry is using a Mirrolure Provoker and soon hooks up and lands a chunky Trout. In Fish Eye we take a look at the Sea Trout in more detail which can be one of the easiest fish to catch on the flats given good conditions. Capt Billy Clyde then lands himself a slab of a Sea Trout in the 24-25 inch class. Next up we're in Ascension Bay in Mexico where Henry is targeting Snook in the mangroves. There's some big fish here and Henry has to hit and hold them quickly as they try and get him tied up in the mangrove. He loses a couple before getting a nice Snook on his Livetarget Herring lure. Finally we're in Charlotte Harbour where we see an innovative technique to attract big Jacks to your boat.
Henry is fishing off Anna Maria Island in Florida and is targeting Gag Grouper. At this time of year, the Gag Grouper moves into shallow water often just 15ft deep and Henry has some great success using live Whitebait. Next up, Henry is back in the Panhandle near Carrabelle and Capt Billy Clyde spots some fish following behind the boat which Henry casts to and gets into a big and hard fighting Cobia. As they approach a lighthouse, Henry then hooks a big Barracuda which puts up a strong fight before landing a croc of a fish. Finally, we visit Ben Chancey in Tarpon hotspot, Boca Grande but today he's after something bigger. With the bait in the water, its' not long before they get some interest and Ben is hooked into a huge Hammerhead Shark and a long endurance battle begins. 2 hrs in and finally a 14ft and probably 1200lb Hammerhead is brought to the boat!
Henry joins Oliver Rogers in Stuart on the east coast of Florida and they are targetting Jack Crevalle which like to hide around docks and other structure. They're using Whitebait under a float and Oliver's is the first float to tear away and he's into a nice fish. These fish fight hard and stout tackle is needed to subdue them and in Fish Eye, we take a look at Jacks and some of the characteristics that make them such a great sport fish. They move to Hooker Cove and Oliver seems some activity around his Mullet bait before the line rips off again. In the second half of the show, Henry is back in Mexico at the Grand Slam Fishing Lodge and targeting Bonefish along the shoreline with his fly rod. Its a small one to start but even a 2lb fish can give you the runaround.
Henry is in the Bahamas doing a spot of reef fishing for species like Grouper and Snapper. You never know what you're going to get on the reef, and Henry starts off with a beautiful Mutton Snapper. In Fish Eye, we take a longer look at the Snapper and its family of fish and why they are such a sought after fish both for their sporting and culinary characteristics. Oliver then hooks up, just managing to get the fish off the reef before landing a nice Rock Grouper, perfect table size. Next up, we're in Mosquito Lagoon and Henry is going after Black Drum in the skinny water here. Spotting a big school pushing water, Henry covers them and hooks up with a nice fish which puts up a nice fight. Later, Henry jumps into a Kayak and finds another school and again gets into a nice battle with a Black Drum. Finally we're in Sarasota Bay with Henry and Billy Clyde, wading the flats and picking up some nice fish.
In this final episode of the season, Henry is with Billy Clyde in the Panhandle off St George Island and they're fishing for King Mackerel on light tackle. Billy hooks up and the fish smokes his reel and the fight it is on. In Fish Eye, we look at the King Mackerel in a little more detail before its Henry's turn to get into the action, again hooking a nice fish. In the Florida Keys we join Capt Rush Maltz as he takes some kids out on his boat to experience a fun day of fishing. By chumming the water a little , he brings some fish to the boat for the kids to cast at. In the final part of the show, Henry is back in ascension Bay in Mexico and Henry is fishing for juvenile tarpon in heavy cover. He spots a couple of fish tight against the bank and casts his bait to them getting a nice aerial fight from a small Tarpon.
Henry is down in the Everglades looking for backcountry Tarpon today and is joined by Oliver Rogers. Oliver starts with live baits whilst Henry uses a LiveTarget lure that looks identical to the bait fish. Oliver hooks up first and although just a juvenile fish, it puts up a terrific fight on Oliver's light tackle. In Fish Eye, we take a look at Tarpon, their amazing fighting characteristics and how to catch them. Henry then gets a Tarpon on his new Livetarget lure which again puts up a strong fight. Next up the pair are in the Bahamas and fishing for big sharks in the deeper channels off Long Island. In the final part of the show, we visit Sarasota in South West Florida where Henry is out trolling the shallow waters for Gag Grouper which average 10-20lbs.


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